Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sleep, Desk Work, The Weather, The Wolf

I was going to get myself organized first thing this morning, do some necessary desk work, go to town to run a few errands, and stop at the local greenhouse to pick up some herb plants. Then, of source, be back in the garden by 10 o'clock. (Hahahaha!)

The alarm went off at 6, and I promptly fell back asleep and didn't wake until 8!!! I guess I needed those extra couple of hours of sleep but they were the heavy, drugged ones that leave you feeling like you just crawled out from under something heavy when you finally do get up.

So much for my running start to the day.

I made us some breakfast, then fixed my morning latte and sat down at the desk. It's now 12:10 PM and I've cleared my desk (finally) except for one little project that requires research before I do some ordering. Okay, I had been letting the desk work pile up because of my desire to be out int he garden as much as possible, but I'm still a smidge frustrated that the day is half gone and I haven't done my errands or been outside.

And what a gorgeous day it looks to be out there. Sunshine, a lovely breeze, and temp in the 70s.

Late yesterday afternoon we had what looked as if it was going to be an awful storm. Out of nowhere, huge winds came up (and I mean HUGE, scary winds), the sky got ominously dark. I was working in the garden and hubby was working in the garage. I started grabbing equipment to take in and closing cold frame tops so the wind didn't snap them off. The garage door had been open so hubby saw what was happening. He came running out into the garden and helped me corral things.

We had some terrific thunder and lightning but just a little rain. Enough to give everything a good wetting but not the deluge it looked as if we might get. Then the sky cleared. The temp had dropped 20 degrees in a matter of minutes (it was really eerie) so the rest of the evening was quite pleasant after the hot, humid day we'd had.

Truth to tell, I could have used a rainy day today to get completely (Completely? Come on, girl, get real!) caught up inside.

Now I'm rethinking the half day I have left. I'll get us a little lunch and spend the rest of the day in the garden. I can put my errands off until tomorrow. (I do that a lot.)

I can't believe I did it on May 25th, but I put a shade-cloth top on my main bed of salad greens yesterday.

Even though I've been watering in this unseasonably hot weather, the plants were starting to look a little scorched to me. They look much better today. (Or is it my imagination?)

Any rain we might get goes right through onto the bed which is a good system.

About 8:30 last night, we saw the wolf lurking around the fence line again. It's apparent that he/she is staying in the area. There are folks a ways down the road from us who keep poultry that runs free, isn't contained by any fencing. I wonder if the wolf has been getting "food" there?


Erin said...

That's a little concerning that he hasn't moved on by now, I don't know if I'd much like looking over my shoulder all the time! Keep Zoey safe! That shade screen looks fantastic, I know I would love walking around your garden to see what ideas I could get! Sounds like a very cool storm to have watched! I used to like days like that until I moved somewhere with hurricanes and shingles and gutters that fly off! Take it easy the rest of the day and "make lists", that always makes me feel like I actually did something, LOL!

LindaCO said...

Just got myself caught up - I love the pictures of your garden.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, the best laid plains of mice and men huh? Hehe, I didn't get much done today either, but mine is because we still have the horrid heat.

Are those screen covers just regular black plastic screening? I have never seen that used before, that is a great idea!

Susan said...

Shade screen in May - will wonders never cease! What an interesting day - given the headline! Desk work is my bugaboo, too.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Erin - No, I'm the one who wants to walk around your garden! Yours looks so structured, so park like. How do I achieve that?

I did run up to the greenhouse (no herb plants until Friday -- grrr!) and planted a bit of stuff in the garden. I was surprised how dry everything seemed so I stood and watered for an hour.

Tomorrow will a more productive day . . . or else maybe I'll just drink a lot like Rhett.

Hi, Linda - Thank you! How 'bout some current ones of yours??

Hey, Stephanie - The shade cloth is made specifically for garden shading and I ordered it from a garden supply place a couple of years ago. You can order it in different percentages of shade cover -- this is 50% -- and it's very flexible but not flimsy. I'm sure it'll last for a long time with a little care.

Hi, Susan - Yeah, I'm bad on desk work. I avoid it until it reaches critical mass . . . or my hubby says, "I wonder why (such and so) hasn't come yet? You ordered it a long time ago, didn't you?" Whoops.