Friday, June 10, 2022

Calling Time Out

Our very busiest time of the year and we're experiencing some unexpected, unplanned for interruptions that are causing us to place our time and energies elsewhere than we would usually do.
I know that in this crazy, fouled up, disconcerting time we're all currently trying to make our way through, Papa Pea and I aren't the only ones facing one dilemma or another.
No worries, we're good.  Just so short on time for our usual routines and wondering how we can possibly "get it all done."
I'm going to have to step back from posting here until the dust settles.  I am trying to squeeze in time to read your blogs as I sip my morning latte but even that's not always successful.  Know that I'm thinking of you all even though I'm not taking the time to comment.


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Let The Harvesting Begin

The asparagus is coming in like gangbusters.  It's by far our first veggie to be harvested from the garden, if you don't consider rhubarb a vegetable.  Some folks do, you know, but it will always be a fruit in my book.
(Oops, correction on the asparagus being the first vegetable harvest.  I already have half my supply of frozen chives put by.)

I harvested this bunch of lovely asparagus spears yesterday which was almost too much to stuff into a gallon bag for transport to a friend.  Apparently, asparagus likes to grow in cool, wet weather about as much as grass and weeds do.
I'm still working on getting the garden in.  Our frequent rains this year are making it difficult.  A couple of days ago I had a window where the soil in my raised beds was dry enough that I planted beets, lettuce, radishes, spinach and Swiss chard.  Shortly thereafter, the skies opened up and it rained again.  Hard.  The just-planted beds looked like miniature swimming pools.  Did all those little seeds survive?  Time will tell.
Yesterday we had no rain but high winds.  I was in the kitchen when I heard a loud crash out on the deck.  Our all-wood, heavy, old clunker of a glider blew over.  Couldn't believe it.  But the amazing thing was that I had twelve pots of veggies and flowers on the deck table that didn't get blown into the next county.  Needless to say, I didn't waste time retrieving them and have let them stay the night here in the kitchen.  Our temp this morning is only in the high 40s so they've yet to go out into the calmer weather today. 

Last year my daughter surprised me by planting these two clumps of daffodils by the well pump.  They haven't bloomed yet this year.  Maybe I should put a little heater out by them?  Might be worth a try.  ;o)