Friday, December 1, 2017

A Resolution Before The New Year

Bad habits are hard to break and all changes, even good ones, don't come easily.  I'm finding my "down time," my long, slow winter zooming past me with alarming speed.  'Tis time that I find time to be "in the moment," breathe deeply and possibly even figure out what in my life needs to be omitted, added, rearranged, moved to a higher priority, or simply changed.

No, I'm not going to stop blogging or give up reading blogs and staying in touch with all of you.  That's a good thing and not one I want to change.  However, I do need a hiatus of sorts to detach myself from this computer on my desk.  My plan is to "disappear" for the month of December which will, hopefully, give me some extra time to revamp, reorganize, take the time to find out what's really important to me and boot out the door some habits (the bad ones, of course) I've fallen into without even realizing it. 

Yeah, I know, the weeks before the holidays might not be the best time for me to spend hours each day (ha!) in a meditative position on the floor (which I actually won't be doing as I've never been able to sit cross-legged), but I've been yammering about needing these winter months for myself for a while now.  (Look out, Papa Pea, your "keep-plodding-along-in-her-same-old-rut" wife may actually be making some changes!)

No sense getting stuck in the past:  "But I've always done it this way."  Or living in the future:  "I'll make the changes when I have time."  I'm gonna do what I need to do now, busy holiday season looming on the horizon or not.

Life is short.  We only have so many hours in a day.  (No surprise there, eh?)  I am blessed with so many advantages in my life, excellent health, a loving family, friends and an enticing list of "wanna-dos."

Bottom line, I'm going to carve out time to take an objective look (wish me the strength and fortitude to do so) at my daily routines and habits with the thought of making some changes. 

We all know how quickly these weeks of December before the holidays go by.  There may be a silence (((crickets))) on my blog, but I'll be back before you know it.

May your holidays be filled with
the joy of living and the
love of giving!