Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Good (Albeit Sweaty) Morning

Omigosh, what is going on? It was over 80 degrees out in the garden by 10 AM this morning! Northern Minnesota in late May is not allowed to be this warm.

Even though we were struggling under such difficult conditions (any sympathy?), we did get a bit done.

We've been slowly replacing the wood framing of our raised garden beds that we constructed 12-13 years ago. There was one really bad one that I told hubby to ignore for this year because I didn't really need it to plant in. But he kept looking at it, and it kept bothering him so he decided to replace it this morning.

First he had to remove a lot of the soil before he could pull the old frame out/off. Say this with a low, gravelly voice: "It was a three wheelbarrow job!"

Good-bye old frame. You served us well.

A few years ago, we built some "risers" out of tamarack because it was the only wood we had to work with. Tamarack is a dense, VERY heavy wood, and the choice turned out to be a BIG mistake. Each riser weighs about 600 pounds (give or take a few), and they are a bear to move. So we decided to use this one for the new bed frame. Here hubby is taking off the handles that were handy when we had to move it.

And there it is in place.

Whoops, not quite. Minor adjustments needed yet.

Ahhh, leveled, dirt back in place and finished. Good job, honey!

I did a double-take when I walked by these honkin', big radishes sticking out of the soil. They're Easter Egg and Crunchy Royale. (I'm glad to report that they're still nice textured and mild, not woody or too strong. I don't think I've ever grown better radishes than this year.)

I got a 35 foot row of sunflowers planted this morning. (Sure am glad he took this shot from the front!)

Only 32 more feet to go. Ugh.

It was 1 o'clock before I checked the time. We'd worked right through lunch, but neither one of us felt hungry . . . too hot! But I knew we'd soon be running on empty unless we ate something so . . .

I went in and made us just small salads complete with homemade (slightly burned) croutons. (Hey, a little charcoal cleans out the system!)

Now it's mid-afternoon, I'm in for a sit down lemonade break and hubby had a pick-me-up cuppa java and is now getting the mower ready for our small hay field.

I've got a plot all ready for some green beans, and I'd like to get my dill planted yet today.

Get back out there, Mama Pea. No rest for the wicked.


Susan said...

Feel free to wheel three of those wheelbarrows-ful of dirt right down to upstate NY! Those radishes are amazing! I am now inspired to go home and finish filling my raised bed!

Conny said...

I'm cheered by your progress in your gardens today. It is a wet, cold day here and there's not much to cheer about (except that the chickens were released from the brooder cage into the new deluxe coop on Sunday afternoon). That offers this ol' gal some relief.

Hope you have a wonderful evening.

beth said...

That salad looks like the perfect lunch for hot, hungry workers! You're doing great with that garden!! wow! And the radishes look fabulous!

Erin said...

Wow, handles on the beds... so simple, yet... GENIUS! I'm going to try those Easter Eggs next year, I am not a huge fan of whatever I am growing out there in the form of radishes, but I remember loving them as a kid on my grandma's relish plates, so I keep trying! The past 2 years mine have been kind of earthy tasting and not in a good way, musty maybe? Hard to describe, although I do like peppery ones. I am amazed at how much sun you have in your yard up there in the ol' North Woods - glad you are having some great weather, although I'm with you, anything over 80 for me starts getting uncomfortable, which is probably why I don't like VA much. Congrats on a full day's work, it shows! And I still say you look like a teenager with your kerchief on your head!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Susan - Don'tcha just wish all of us bloggers lived within easy distance of each other? We're of such like minds that I know we would all get on so well together. And what a total blast we'd have getting together for "work days!" (With wine, of course! Okay, near the end of the day.) ;o)

Hey, Conny - It's always so good to free chicks from the brooder into the "real" world! A lot less trouble for us chicken mamas, that's for sure!

My evening is gonna end early, I think. That heat and humidity today took the stuffin's right outa me!

Hey, Beth - Thank you, thank you, thank you. Why do I forget every year how much TIME the garden takes? Especially to get it all planted. I am soooo needing some time in my quilt studio! Soon? I hope so!

Hi, Erin - Ya know, I don't know what it is that sometimes makes radishes "taste like dirt" as my daughter says!

When we came to this piece of property, we took down some gorgeous, big pine trees which almost broke my heart but knew it had to be done if we were going to create the gardening space we needed.

As for me looking like a teenager . . . HAHAHAHA! (And where was it you said I should send the money to you??)

Erin said...

Why is it that we plant things in dirt and then wonder why "they taste like dirt"? hahahaha, looks like Chicken Mama is keeping herself very busy, the blog is silent!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Erin - Chicken Mama was out of town for a three-day weekend but she's back now . . . and busily back at work. She's someone who has PLENTY of things to blog about . . . but hardly time enough to sit and type the blog!

I miss her posts, too, because it keeps me up-to-date with what's going on with her!

Erin said...

that's why I am trying to be better about blogging regularly, it's how hubby keeps up with things at home!

Katidids said...

Garden look great, I've been kicking aroung doing raised beds....do you reall gain more? I think they would be much easier to keep weed free but...Ahem, didn't you say you were cutting down on the garden space? lol!

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathy Mama Pea...it is in the 90's here in the Northeast too (ugh). Garden is looking fabulous!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Erin - And WE all benefit from it, too!

Hi, Katie - Yes! The raised beds are easier for keeping down weeds. But I think that's mainly because I plant so intensively in them, there's no room for weeds!

Thanks for bringing up the fact that I was going to cut down on gardening this year. My husband questions me on that very same thing nearly every day. What can I say? So many seeds, so little time. :o)

Hey, Stephanie - I know I have no reason to complain about our hot weather. Gardeners seem to handle it in much warmer parts of the country than ours. (But we're just not used to it!!)

Jody M said...

I planted my sunflowers today. Well, finished planting. Fingers crossed they come up alright, it's been a few years since we've had any and I'm dying to see them.

Got the beans planted, finally, and a few more tomatoes. Still a few to go, cukes, and squish. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow or Friday to get online and get some pics up.

Possibly shingling the roof this weekend!!!! With that mystery shingle material!!!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jody - I missed my sunflowers last year, too. Not that they mature enough to actually provide us seeds to feed the birds, but I sure do love seeing their smiling faces out there are the far end of the field garden.

Shingles on the roof this weekend!? Woo-hoo. Now that's progress.

Do try to get some garden pics up . . . we all love seeing other people's gardens!