Thursday, May 27, 2010

Apple Blossom Time and A Picnic

Our little orchard of apple trees is in full blossom right now.

This little tree could hardly have more blossoms on it.

I think this is the fullest we've ever seen it. May the Good Apple Spirits bless us with RIPE apples this year!

I've not been out in the garden today which is a shame as it's another gorgeous day. Oodles of sunshine, a delightful breeze and temp in the 70s.

My kitchen has been humming all day as I prepare for a picnic supper tonight to take to a very deserving young family. The mama (of a 21-months old little charmer and his little sister due in less than three months) is our daughter's oldest friend. They met on the first day of kindergarten and both being such weird ducks - and I say that lovingly, of course - struck up a friendship that clicked, and they've been best buds every since through a lot of thick and thin. And believe you me, they've both become beautiful, intelligent, accomplished women while overcoming more than a couple of challenges in their lives! I'm very proud of them both.

Anyway, C and her hubby P and Little E are here for a week working on their little cabin they're constructing about halfway between here and Chicken Mama's homestead. They have no electricity or water so all of the construction is being done with hand tools and supplies trucked in.

I offered to bring the picnic supper out tonight, and Chicken Mama will be there, too, stopping on her way home from work in town.

We're having hot dogs and buns, chips, a fruit salad, a tossed salad, deviled eggs, lemonade for Pregnant Mama and other choices of libation for us non-pregnant adults. Oh yeah, and a blueberry pie (still have some frozen berries from our bushes from last year) for dessert.

Can't wait to get out there and see the progress. Might even get some pics to post tomorrow.


Susan said...

What a lovely idea! I wish you were my neighbor....not just for your apple trees... It's not often that you hear about two people who are fast friends from kindergarten on. That's very uplifting. Have a great evening - and pictures would be nice ;o)

Erin said...

Now it's my turn to mess it up, I thought you wrote, "we still have frozen berries in our bushes"....LOL brrrr! Now that's a northern climate! Your evening sounds fantastic, you are a good mama and friend! The apple trees look awesome, I always think they can't get any prettier than at blossom time, until you walk up close and see all those little apples, hope you have a long season and get lots of ripe ones.

Katidids said...

What a wonderful gift! It sounds like the kind of friends you have a good time with no matter the situation. Those blossoms are beautiful and promise much! Lets hope the season is long enough for you

Judy said...

Sounds like a good time. Blueberry pie Mmmm! I still have a few blueberries frozen from last year. A strawberry and blueberry shortcake will be very patrotic this weekend. Have a wonderful time and a great weekend!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Susan - I wish you were my neighbor, too! :o) I had a little "trouble" with my picture taking last night. Some dummy forgot to engage the flash on most of the pictures and they turned out very dark. (Hmmm, wonder why?) But I think I have a couple that are "postable."

Hey, Erin - Thanks for the good apple wishes. I left the remainder of the pie with C & P last night, and I had a husband who was a little sad that he didn't have some to have for breakfast this morning. Poor guy had to settle for scrambled eggs with sauteed mushrooms, onions and ham. It's a rough life.

Hi, Katie - We did have a nice time last night. Daughter was late arriving because of work responsibilities so hubby and I had C & P (and their little guy) to ourselves for a while. Very nice visit.

Hi, Judy - Mmmm, strawberry and blueberry shortcake sounds PERFECT for this holiday weekend. We have strawberries in the store but ours are still at the blossoming (like crazy!) stage. Best weekend wishes to you, too!

MaineCelt said...

Do you know about the Apple Tree Wassail? There's an old song they would traditionally sing to all the apple trees each year to keep them growing and bearing. It's a lot of fun to sing. I sing it to saplings when I plant them and then again when I prune the trees or just whenever I think they might like a little song. (I think traditionally they also would splash them with hard cider, but I leave that part out!)

Val said...

That is so sweet of you to do that. It sounds like a great picnic. I would love to see pictures. Thanks for the visit and I love your blog. I am going to read more. I will be adding you to my blog list. You have a great blog.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, MaineCelt - Do you make house calls to apple trees?

Hi, Valerie - Thank you so much for your nice words. Isn't it always good to know that someone is actually reading your blog? But in truth, I'd probably keep blathering on anyway!