Thursday, May 30, 2024

Busy Summer(?) Has Begun

I woke to 36° this morning, a temperature which definitely does not qualify as summer time.  However, it's not unusual for this time of year for those of us living up here near the Arctic Circle.
The past few days have been lovely (except for the on and off showers on Tuesday) and much has been accomplished out in the garden.  Dear daughter has been helping me and to paraphrase (badly) the old saying, "Two people working together more than double the efforts of one."
I'm staying ahead (almost) of weeds springing up in still yet to be planted areas.  Our asparagus patch is flourishing as is our giant rhubarb plant.  I simply cannot indulge in another fresh rhubarb pie.  (Okay, maybe just one more.)
Our hens have finally (we hope) decided we are not letting them go broody and hatch out chicks quite yet this season and the egg production is climbing again.  Hooray.
As I was finishing the task of getting our strawberry bed ready for the season, I noticed the planting of comfrey was ready to be cut.

Although Papa Pea dries a lot of it each summer to use as a supplement to our chickens' feed during the winter months, I decided to steal some.

Since comfrey is said to be a great addition to compost piles and also adds lots of nutrients (fertilizer) to the soil, I cut it to lay between the double rows of strawberry plants before covering the same area with mulch.

The strawberry plants are now completely ready for the season.  I've already seen some white blossoms, harbinger of berries, on many of the plants.  Can hardly wait for those first, fresh strawberries! 


Aimee said...

Good job with the comfrey! I recently bought root cuttings to start my own patch.

Mama Pea said...

Aimee - You probably already know but watch where you plant your comfrey as it can get wild and overtake an area where you don't want it to! I've got the bulk of ours in a raised bed and that stays pretty well contained but 2 years ago hubby bought two different varieties of roots and I put them in front of the asparagus patch and they are s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g. :o\

Michelle said...

The chickens! It's been awhile since you've shared anything about them. Your strawberries look grand. Our new plants are putting out leaves; don't know if we'll get any berries from them this year or not.

SmartAlex said...

38F and light frost here this morning. Not summer quite yet

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Well I did not know about comfrey adding nutrients to the soil. I have a much smaller plant here. Very interesting. I came by for a visit, as I am most likely going to put my own blog to bed soon.

Rosalea said...

Everything is looking very good. There have been a couple of frosty nights lately. Amazed at how well corralled the comfrey is!