Monday, September 25, 2023

Can You Stand One More Trip Through The Garden?

My second planting of lettuce still looks good, 
but is becoming a titch on the bitter side.

The coloring on the strawberry plants 
could hardly be more in fitting with 
this beautiful fall season.

With all our rain the last couple of weeks,
these slicing cukes got away
from me.  These are so big they're
bitter tasting. 

I purchased a special packet of
colored gourd seeds that
promised a big variety of
different shaped and colored
gourds for my
decorating purposes.

Ninety-nine percent of them are
either this or the above shape.
(Yes, this one seems to be
growing upside down.)

Look at the mum sunflower that
just bloomed on one of
the stalks.

Our pumpkins are finally doing a
good job of turning orange.  
So far, names 
of four kiddles are
taped on ones they've picked
out for their own.

We're getting gorgeous red
peppers on our 
green pepper plants.

Last but not least, not in the
garden but cooling
on the back porch, is the 
first apple pie of the
season made with our
own apples. 


Michelle said...

It all looks wonderful, Mama Pea!

gz said...

Always worth a trip through your garden...and kitchen too of course!! X

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Oh yes, I’ll take another trip through the garden! Aren’t peppers beautiful right now! And pumpkins- I love pumpkins. I have some potato digging to do soon! How about you? - Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Thank you, friend!

gz - Glad you came along for the look-see! I'm always eager to be taken on a tour (virtual or otherwise!) of others' gardens. (I learn so much from everyone else.)

Jenn - We've never had peppers turn such a vibrant red. And they are sure to appear in one of our meals every day now. One of the little girls who picked out her pumpkin this past Sunday kept going over to give it a hug. So sweet! The only potatoes dug so far here are the ones I've "stolen" for a meal. Papa Pea and I have always enjoyed harvesting them. You just never know what each forkful will turn up. Hope your crop is spectacular!

Rosalea said...

Always love a garden tour! Those are some weird looking gourds. Your red peppers are beautiful..still waiting on mine to turn. Think I'll be sneaking into your back porch...What days do you usually bake??...
Just harvested my pumpkins as the vines are yellowing badly. Still butternuts and acorns in the patch. Potato digging is so much of my favourite harvests, and we still have that to do. Do you plant fall greens?

Nancy In Boise said...

Our jalapeños and bell peppers turned red too. 1st fall storm coming, time for soup!

Mama Pea said...

Rosalea - The only fall greens I planted were spinach, mustards and the lettuces shown. The spinach was good for about 2 seconds and then turned yellow. (Why?) And I pulled the mustards about a week ago because they got very gangly, mostly stems and few leaves. As I said the lettuce is a bit bitter now (but we're still eating it!). We're having an unusual warm spell but frost could hit any time, so I won't plant anything else this season.

Nancy - Yep, soup time in the fall comes naturally, doesn't it! I'm making Salmon Chowder today.

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