Saturday, February 12, 2022

Nature Prevails

A couple of days ago as our daughter pulled into our driveway, she noticed a small scattering of what she thought might be deer hide off to the side.  We'd had a light snow fall so she wasn't sure what she was seeing.
After finding the two pictures on our trail camera which are included farther on down in this post, we pieced together what we think may have happened.
We frequently see deer on the road in front of our property and, unfortunately because vehicles go whizzing by, it's not unusual to see a road killed deer along the side of the road.
We're imagining a deer was hit on the road but not immediately killed.  The deer then may have made its way into our driveway where it probably collapsed and died.
As is the way of nature, the carcass was found by the wolves we know are in our woods this winter.  We've seen one frequently that is easily identified by the distinct black tip on his bushy tail.
Checking our trail cam which is on a well-used trail leading up into the woods toward the back part of our property, we found the two photos included below.  If seeing what happens in nature is unpleasant for you, you may want to skip the rest of this post.

This wolf who was obviously in on the feeding off the deer carcass (was our big wolf the only one?), carried the deer head the quarter mile up our driveway, through our surrounding yard area and was on his way up into the woods toward the back of the property passing the spot where the trail camera is mounted.

What a couple of unique pictures to capture.  I guess it goes to prove that a lot goes on that we don't usually see while living here in the north woods. 


Lady Locust said...

Wolves are nothing to mess around with that's for sure! I would be extremely concerned. Hope you and yours stay safe.

Rosalea said...

I love hearing the wolves and seeing their tracks. They made a kill recently over to the north in our neighbour's property. Hubby found the spot. One winter they made a kill behind our big solar panel. I'd be more concerned about any 'two legged' critters than about wolves.

SmartAlex said...

Neat. I'm always surprised by all of the life that goes on just out of reach of our lawn. One thing I haven't seen this year is coyote tracks. But our Foxy Loxy is still out and about.

Leigh said...

Interesting. Yes, nature is harsh, but it's the way things are. Not many of us get a front row seat like this!

betty said...

It is the way of nature and I guess if the deer had to die from being hit by a vehicle, at least it was food for the wolves who probably needed it to help them survive. This is definitely something we would never see or even think about living in suburban Phoenix, so thank you for sharing this. Always interesting to see/learn something new.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos, Mama and Papa Pea! A few years ago and in our west field, we witnessed a deer being taken down, killed and devoured by a couple of wolves. We assumed that it was an alpha pair because the larger wolf (male?) would dine first and later allow the smaller (female?) wolf to eat. The smaller wolf would take chunks of meat and run off in the other direction, only to come back to get some more: we think she was taking meat back to her pups. She would eat a little for herself between her trips. After a couple of hours and when the wolves were satiated, the eagles and ravens moved in on what was left of the deer. The ravens let the eagles eat first and then cautiously honed in to grab a scrap of meat. The whole ordeal took place from 9AM to around 3PM. At around 3:30PM, I thought it was safe enough to go to the site and take a closer look. It was amazing; all that was left was part of a jawbone and a hoof. And the insects were busy cleaning those off. Nothing was wasted.--M

Mama Pea said...

Lady Locust - You can be sure we're not going for any moonlit walks in the woods! ;o)

Rosalea - I'm in total agreement with your concern. :o\

SmartAlex - We have a distant relative of your Foxy Loxy. Most likely, more than one of them!

Leigh - I really is the way of nature, isn't it?

Betty - I'd love to know if the wolf took the deer head and buried it for later eating or if he stopped at the top of the ridge to eat it. I thought his belly looked pretty full in the pictures. Perhaps he took it back to his den to share??

Anonymous M - Now that was a sight to see first hand! The population of the clean-up crew must have been very interesting to watch, too. Something for everyone, nothing wasted. Thanks for sharing that tale.

Retired Knitter said...

Wow, very interesting. Wolves are beautiful creatures as are deer! Nature can be harsh, but everyone needs to eat! Great pictures.

Mama Pea said...

Retired Knitter - Yes, everyone needs to eat. Even the last little bugs or creepy crawlers that do the last of the clean-up. Trail cameras certainly earn their "keep" when one captures a picture we humans would likely never see otherwise.