Tuesday, March 9, 2021

March: When Mother Nature Likes To Tease Us

We had a high temp of 52° yesterday which broke some records in our northern clime.  The past week, although not quite that warm, has given us balmy, sunny, snow-melting weather that has me wanting to stash away my winter decorations and pull out the ones for spring.
But wait.  Would that tempt Mother Nature to inflict one of her March blizzards on us?  One never knows about March weather, that's for sure, so I guess I'll just wait a while yet before getting too antsy about saying good-bye to winter.
My garden raised beds never got completely covered these past winter months.  Very little snow fell on us which we found gave a different and strange feeling to the season.

I found this shot of my raised beds taken a couple of years ago during the first week of the month of March.

I took the above this morning.  We've been fooled before thinking it's going to be an early spring because of the disappearance of the snow, even when we had more of it on the ground than this year.  But, whoa up there, even with bare ground the spring time temps have usually remained too cool to encourage an early start to gardening so I should know better than to get too excited this year.
I know we've got a lot of mud to slog through, ice-encrusted puddles to avoid and soil that will still have frost in it before the true warmth of spring will come to stay.
"March is the month God created to show people who don't drink what a hangover is like." - Garrison Keillor 


Rosalea said...

Yesterday was sure a teaser! Its only -3C this AM. We didn't put any more wood in the stove after mid-morning yesterday, and it is still 63F in here this AM. (and a few embers that smoldered as I prepped the stove for re-lighting.) Looking at the sky last night, the stars were all brilliant and glittery, that 'spring sky' look. Hubby tapped two trees in the AM, saying they were frozen. Late PM, he went to look and drip, drip, drip!!!
The 'mud' is emerging and the snow is settling. I can just see the top edge of one garden bed. Yes, March can be a cruel, party pooper!

Katie C. said...

We hit 70 yesterday! But it’s not going to last. On a positive note, my daffodils are 3/4 of the way up and my one patch of crocuses is open.

When do you start your seeds indoors?

Cockeyed Jo said...

Up here in the NE GA mountains well be breaking into the 70s for the rest of the week. I love the quote. But for March mine's " Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice it ain't gonna happen."

wyomingheart said...

lol...! love the quote from Keillor! That is totally perfect! I am anxious also, put must reel it in...!

Retired Knitter said...

Great quote you ended your post with ... so true.

Mama Pea said...

Rosalea - The maples are being tapped around here, too. The going in the woods to the maple tree lots should be relatively easy because of lack of deep snow. I suppose now there's the concern for too much mud! Ugh.

Katie C. - The earliest I usually start my seeds indoors (the peppers and cherry tomatoes) is around the first of April. Sometimes I try to get them going earlier, but they seem to get too tall and spindly by the time I can set them out in June. Then most everything else I start inside comes during the month of April, flowers next and then other veggies near the end of the month.

Cockeyed Jo - Your quote for the month of March is good, too. It really can be such a fickle month no matter where we're located.

wyomingheart - Nope, no sense getting over-eager when it comes to getting out in the garden. Mother Nature will whomp us down every time! ;o)

Retired Knitter - Thanks, it pays to keep a sense of humor this month!

Marie said...

so -- our tornado sirens were blaring ... I thought it was test day until I realized it was 4:30pm ... the last big wind 23 years ago damn near blew me away -- I'm not going thru that again 3/29/98 the day from hell .... nothing like living thru an F3 --- when the next one hits I'm leaving the valley. :)

Mama Pea said...

Marie - We went through a tornado back in Illinois many years ago so I know that awful, terrible feeling in your stomach when you hear the sirens. Here's hoping all turned out okay for you.

Susan said...

I love that quote! It's all that I can do to hold myself back in March. My raised beds aren't quite as uncovered as yours, but they are finally emerging. HOWEVER, the long term forecast shows temperatures in the teens at night and those pesky snowflake signs in front of three days next week. It's enough to drive one to drink (and it's a very short road :)

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Ha, I've been craving a good glass of wino many times lately. At all hours of the day. Don't usually succumb though because I'm a cheap date. I.e., one glass usually about does me in. ;o) I blame it all on the weather. Neither winter nor spring . . . nor will it be spring for about three months up here.