Thursday, July 25, 2019

First Zucchini

I don't know why it's always exciting to find the first zucchini.  In a couple of weeks, I'll be wondering what the heck to do with all of them that are quickly turning into the size of a baseball bat.

It seems like over night my nasturtiums have burst forth with a myriad of blossoms.  Supposedly nasturtiums don't like a soil that is too rich because that produces more foliage than flowers.  And I think that may be very true.  But where in the world do you plant the seeds if you've been doing all you can for umpteen years to enrich the quality of all your soil?

I've always much preferred the curly variety of parsley to the flat leaf.  This mound of the curly type is flourishing this year.  Beets are in the foreground and kohlrabi behind.  Dill off to the back right.

I was given a flat leaf parsley plant so, of course, stuck it in the garden.  Right now it's starting to scare me as it's nearly three feet tall and almost as wide.  Yep, it must be a good year for parsley.

Our humidity has lessened a bit which makes the days (and nights) much more tolerable.  Once again, though, we're needing rain.  Thunderstorms are forecast for late today and over night, but the clear, cloudless sky right now near noon time is showing no signs of wet weather.  I'm waiting to edge around all the flat garden plots and pull some weeds until the soil gets some moisture in it as, right now, it's like ceee-ment!


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Yes, we need rain again, too! Congratulations on your first zucchini. It is always exciting - first tomato, too. First bean, not so much. Wow your parsley is doing very well, also beets. I just can't grow beets which makes me sad because I really like them. -Jenn

SmartAlex said...

I hear ya about the first zucchini. Pick them small is my motto. I'd rather deal with a dozen small zucchinis than a dozen bat sized ones. My Nasturtium don't seem to care about rich soil. Heck, my best producing pea plants were in a hot spot in my garden. I'm thinking I might just feed my peas next year and see what happens. My nasturtiums get fed with the tomatoes and they are gorgeous this year

Leigh said...

We always need rain! Even if it just rained yesterday, lol. Your garden looks great! Those first harvests are always a joy.

Michelle said...

I love curly parsley, too, and don't have enough for tabbouleh, one of my favorite summer salads! I have to water, water, water all summer, as we rarely get rain in July and August, even into September. Now off to do something with CUCUMBERS!

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - I really wonder what it is with beets? I've heard of so many gardeners who say they can't grow them. 'Tis a mystery!

SmartAlex - Maybe this just goes to show that you can't believe all that you read or hear regarding the do's and don't's of gardening! Our climates and soils are so different that there's probably no hard and fast rules at all!

Leigh - You would think we'd get used to our gardens actually producing the bounty they do, but it all seems so new when each variety starts coming in. (Well, maybe it does get a little old when you can't get rid of your zucchinis or ALL those green beans!) :o)

Michelle - Oh, for those first cucumbers from the garden! My vines are maybe two feet long now but already have some blossoms forming on them. Go, little cucumbers, go!

wisps of words said...

Beautiful veggies, and especially the nasturtiums. Love them, and again, did not plant any. -head desk-

Glad for the better sleeping weather, but hope for rain for you. Ahhhh, we always need something, weather wise don't we? -smile-

That's 'cause we don;t live in Camelot! Remember... where... "the rain will never fall till after sundown" "by 9pm the moonlight will appear" "and there's a legal limit to the snow here, in Camelot!!!"

Or some such.... :-)


Rain said...

Congratulations on your zuke! :)
How do you keep slugs away Mama Pea?

Lynne said...

Every thing in your garden look so nice and green and neat. Summer squash were the favorites in my garden. I think the garden goes on all year round. How are the two you doing on the wood situation ? Can't believe we're starting to go into August. Seems like I have a lot to do and no time to do it in. I guess we're all in the same boat, but let's hope in doesn't sink !! Keep up the good work!!

The Wykeham Observer said...

It is really dry here, with the wind we've been getting from the southeast today. I even watered my ferns! Pretty pathetic, ha? But I think I'm going to get a pretty good garden this year. Pretty good is good enough for me. Your garden looks nice! Phil

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - We had what could have been a bad rain storm last night. Fortunately, it was short lived although it did pour buckets and there was thunder, lightning and high winds for a short time. No damage here, thankfully. The garden looks a little battered but will perk up in the nice day forecast for today. We've got enough rain now for a while. With all the unusual weather around the world, it certainly isn't Camelot!

Rain - I haven't seen a single slug all season. Lucky me, eh? In the past when they have been a problem, I lay an old board (can be short to fit into an area), like 1" thick on the soil, turn it over in the morning and it would be covered with any slugs in the neighborhood which were then sent to slug heaven.

Lynne - We're nearing the end of the wood pile to be cut, split and stacked. Hooray! Working a couple of hours almost every early morning. And planning a new attack on the situation for next year!!

If we keep rowing our boats, maybe we can keep them afloat this summer! The day is never long enough, is it?

Phil - Any chance on seeing some pictures of your garden? I'm sure it's beautiful . . . as I know your landscaping plantings are. Even those, poor thirsty ferns! We do what we have to do!

wisps of words said...

Re: my post.... I know you too, love Old Fashioned Blogging. And we both feel, that it allows us, to get to know other bloggers... Much better than a quick IG post.

Blogging allows a kind of old fashioned over-the-back-fence kind of interaction, with others. Which of course, for most people, that has been lost. (over-the-back-fence kind of interaction) I mean.

And for the young, perhaps they never even experienced it, or remember their mothers doing it. Maybe it would be even more lovely for them, the young, to have it in their lives...

Anyway, thank you for commenting on my post!!! Long Live Old Fashioned Blogging!!!!!

Gentle hugs,