Monday, July 29, 2019

Quilting Projects, Old and New

In the heat of the day and a bit after dark, I've been spending some time in my quilt room.

A new quilted runner with a summer time motif was needed for the top of our coffee table in the living room.  I had some sunflower fabric that I thought might work.

I chose to use the block called "Salt Lake City" with a couple of borders around the blocks.  I hoped the sunflower fabric accented with a green, gold and black would be summer-ish.  This picture above and the one down below sadly doesn't show the true colors.  The gold looks orange and it makes the whole thing look more Halloween-like, I think.  You'll have to trust me when I say it looks better in person.

Still and all, this runner is more appropriate to the season than the one I've previously used there.

I think I mentioned some time back that I "found" three or four quilt tops I had made of baby quilt size and was bound and determined to get them finished.

This is the first one I've finished.  The block I used on this one is "Crocket Cabin" and the quilt measures about 41" square.

This shows the fabric I used as the backing.  All of the fabrics except for the large yellow squares were 30's fabrics from my stash. 

I machine quilted it with straight line stitching.  It was pretty easy except for trying to keep the lines . . . well, straight.

Feels good to be getting some of these old projects finished and to take the time to work on some new ones.  The bonus is that I get so much enjoyment out of quilting! 


wisps of words said...

And another great thing, is that you are taking the time, to do some of your beloved quilting! :-) Don't think you were doing that, last year. Or maybe I'm just not remembering... ,-)

Anyway, it's great and a lovely step, toward taking a bit more time, for yourself.

Horrrrrrorrrrs! I nearly said... A lovely step, toward slowing down a bit. Eeeeeek!!!!! I'd be drummed out of here, if I ever, said THAT!

-evil grin-

Leigh said...

Your work is beautiful, Mama Pea. Always a good feeling to get things completed!

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - You're right in that I've never "let" myself slack off from outside jobs in our short season when we actually can get things done outside. But I've (we've) really been trying to make some changes around here and although some days we don't feel like we have yet attained as much balance as we want, we both think we're making progress and are better for it!

Leigh - Thank you, thank you! Why is it that we tuck unfinished things away and it takes so long to pull them out and finish them? I suppose there are lots of reasons, maybe even a good one or two! ;o)

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for sharing with us what you have been working on.
Love the color choices in the table runner and the quilt.

Mama Pea said...

Elizabeth - Thanks for your nice words. I pulled another one of the finished but unfinished not yet backed and quilted tops (huh?) out last night, put it up on my design wall and may have to look at it for quite a while before I figure out how the heck to quilt it. Unfortunately, the quilting part of quilting (double huh?) is not my strong suit and it takes me a while to decide what to do!

Lynne said...

Just like them all so very much. I know the feeling you get when you finish something you've made from quilting. I get all giddy and feel good when I finish a quilting project. I've been working on a grandmother's flower garden Quilt. It's all done by hand. The paper piecing method. Take Care!

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - I've seen a couple of friends do a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt and have always admired them. I have a feeling someday (after 76 or 77 other projects) I will finally tackle making one. So, so pretty and I love the handwork aspect of them.

I have a friend who is a wonderful quilter. She has such a color sense and puts together the most beautiful and striking quilts. Once I asked her what was her favorite part of quilting. She said, "Putting on the binding." This surprised me and I know I had a quizzical look on my face. She then said, "Because that means I'm nearly done and I can start another one." ;o)

Goatldi said...

You are one very accomplished quilter!

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - And you ain't no slouch yourself! :o] Can hardly wait for you to get settled in your new abode and back into your hand working. Maybe this winter, for sure??

P.S. Thank you!

Dianna said...

Those are gorgeous! Way to go with the finishing part! That's the hardest part for me.