Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Still Harvesting . . . and Now Painting

I harvested the last of the green peppers and slicing cucumbers yesterday.  Even though we haven't had a frost yet and the peppers and cukes were in a cold frame, they weren't growing anymore.  This could have something to do with the sunless weather we've had for weeks!

I had a few cukes to share and more than enough green peppers to make my quota of Stuffed Green Peppers for the year.  Also, there are many small misshapen green peppers that our good neighbors want to use in making their homemade "V-8" juice so none will go to waste.

These same good neighbors have been supplying us for some time with delicious tomatoes grown in their quasi-greenhouse.  How wonderful is that?

The year's grand total of Stuffed Green Peppers in the freezer as of yesterday is enough for thirty-three meals for us.  I'm thinking that's a more sensible number than last year when I had forty-five meals worth.  This past spring I found I was foisting them on anyone who sat down at our table.

* * * * * * * *

I know it would have been better to get the trim on our house painted during the summer months, but with other projects taking precedence it just didn't get done.

Thinking September would be a good month to spend on a ladder (!), we finally decided on a paint color and I was ready.  Then the rain started.  If it wasn't out-and-out raining, it was gray and threatening rain.

Oh well, I thought.  October gives us gloriously, sun-filled, warm days.  I'll get the painting done then with no problem.

I know we're only into the first week of the month, but Mother Nature doesn't seem to realize we've turned a new calendar page and wet September is over.  So far, we're yet stuck in the gray, wet, gloom and doom. 

Oh well, October will still give us gloriously, sun-filled, warm days for painting.  Won't it???


Susan said...

We are sharing weather! It seems like the days are only a smidge lighter than the nights and it's either raining, threatening to rain, or just resting between rains. Blech. Your peppers and cukes look perfect! I may have to figure out how to put a cold frame cover over a couple of my beds. Aren't neighbors who are simpatico wonderful? I love that barter business.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

It amazes me how many bell peppers you are getting. Our harvest is pitiful. I have zero stuffed ones, so you are way ahead of my stock pile. I hope to find an organic produce stand to purchase some. The pumpkins that were gifted are rock hard with a 1/4 inch skin and horrible to cut out. They are going ot be target practice, and I will once again go searching to buy some of those too.

Michelle said...

The glorious sunny weather is HERE, and you have our rain!

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :)) The tomatoes look so nice, how wonderful of your neighbours! We haven't had much sun lately either in the last few weeks. Sigh...I need my sunshine!! I hope you get some good painting weather! At first when I saw the title of your post, I was hoping you started painting on canvas! :)

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Yes, our days have been so dreary and gray that we are fooled into thinking it's later than it really is at night! I know I couldn't grow peppers or cukes without our cold frames. Strangely, our good neighbors can't grow peppers like we do even in their homemade greenhouse. Must be something in their soil that the peppers don't like. Same with cukes. So both those make good bartering items for us!

Kristina - I'm missing our pie pumpkins this year. I didn't plant any pumpkins at all because of lack of space. But I'll squeeze them in next year, come he!! or high water! Hope you find what you need/want at farm stands. Good luck!

Michelle - Wanna trade fair up?? They say that up here where the frost goes down deep, deep, deep, you never want to go into winter with a dry soil. No worry this year!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - Haha, my painting on canvas was years ago. I kept my oil paints for many years and then finally sold them at my daughter's garage sale deciding I'd always choose some other form of creating over painting. I sure have done a lot of wall, ceiling, siding and other outside painting since then though! ;o)

Lisa said...

Those green peppers look delicious! So big! The heat and humidity won't seem to leave us alone and I surely wish I could share some of our blue-sky, no-rain days with you. We are averaging 10 degrees above normal, with today's temps to hit @89. I am soooooooo ready for cooler days. Hope you can get your painting in soon. P.S. Love your beautiful header photo too. :)

Kev Alviti said...

I missed not growing much this year due to doing so much work on the house. Next year we should be briming with produce again. I just need a polytunnel so I can grow me some peppers like that! They look great! Do you freeze the stuffed peppers or is there soem canning recipes that goes with them? they sound nice either way!