Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Winner of "Ugly" Table Runners!

I really appreciate all of you who entered the drawing for my I'm not so happy with holiday table runners and the very kind things you said about them!

All of your names went into a bowl on my (very messy) desk top, I closed my eyes (which wasn't hard as I wasn't quite awake then anyway), scuffled and shuffled the paper tags around and picked out . . . 

. . . Rain's name!

I'll get the two runners packaged and off to you, Rain, although it may not be until the first of next, after our Thanksgiving Day Weekend.

A couple of you have asked to see the replacement runners I made, and which I am very happy with as they turned out to be more of what I wanted.

I made two of the full-sized runners (one is shown on the bottom of the picture), a candle mat for the table and a small runner for the shelf on the back of our kitchen island.

There were machine quilted and I used the red, green and ecru pine bough fabric I ordered specifically for this project.

Gotta get myself in gear now.  A busy day ahead.  I'm roasting the Thanksgiving turkey today because if I wait until tomorrow, I won't be able to fit any of the other side dishes in  the oven along with the turkey.  And who likes cold, raw, unbaked dinner rolls or crunchy squash?  So hard to chew.  And really bad for the digestion.

Cleaning my desk top (now that you all know how bad it is) and the refrigerator (I can attest to the fact that's really needed) and taking Papa Pea to pick up our Suburban which has had some "electrical issues" but is now back in good working order . . . these are all on the agenda for the day.  And, oh yeah, house cleaning.

Hope all of you in the States are gearing up for a happy up-coming Thanksgiving Day Weekend spent with friends and family.  If you're driving, I wish you clear roads and a safe trip.


MrsDuncanMahogany said...

YAY RAIN!!! Congratulations!!!! :) :)

I think your table runners are amazing! I wish I could even sew a button on! My husband is the sewer in the family - the military taught him how. Maybe I should go to boot camp? :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Congrats Rain!

StrictlyMystic said...

Lucky Rain has some Christmas pretties!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Rain!

Leigh said...

Congratulations to Rain! And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Mama Pea!

Rain said...

OMG!! I won! I feel like a contestant on the Price is Right running down the aisle screaming lol!!! :)))

Thanks so much Mama Pea! I'm so thrilled and honoured. :)))))

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! :)

Nancy In Boise said...

Congrats Rain :)

Susan said...

Hurray for Rain! I LOVE your new header photo! It's wonderful!!

Susan said...

Yeah Rain, love the runners

Rain said...

I got the runners people, and don't listen to Mama Pea, they are BEAUTIFUL!!! :)