Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm Behind My Behind

At least that's how I feel right now. But I'm sure many of the rest of you have exactly the same feeling these pre-holiday days.

This behind-the-eight-ball feeling is always more pronounced after spending a day making a trip to the big city as we did yesterday. We've racked up so many more of these trips than usual during this remodeling stint that the feeling that the 5-hour round trip ride plus the day of intense running from place to place, stuffing the truck to the gills (and tying thing on top) to make the trip worthwhile . . . well, the feeling it generates is just this side of me wailing, "Please, please, PUL-EEZE! I don't wanna go! I'll be a good girl. Just let me stay home."

Nonetheless, we made the trip safely (no highway crossing deer were hurt in the making of the trip) even though an hour or so of driving in the dark both morning and night were necessary. We did the critical unpacking of the truck last night, but still have some to do this morning and then need to find a protected place to store everything.

Oh! Before I forget, I wanted to give you an explanation of my new blog header photo . . . compliments of my talented daughter's photographic and computer skills. As a Christmas present a couple of years ago, she gave me a tin with this picture and lettering on top. It's a nice sized rectangular container and could be used for a batch of cookies or caramel corn or whatever, but I use it as a holiday decoration. This year I had it on top of one of my kitchen cabinets and the other night when Chicken Mama was here (probably at the end of the third day we worked her tuchus off helping us with our wood working), she suggested taking it home with her to photograph and put up as my new blog header photo. Which she did, and didn't it turn out great? I love it.

Okay, deep breath. This morning finds me with a headache I can't seem to shake (totally stress induced, I know) and wanting to do about 17 different things today. I'd like to start some Christmas baking, work on finishing some small handmade gifts, do the general house stuff that always needs doing (said tasks would fill two pages of typewritten lists, I know), financial accounting from yesterday's trip, catch up on blog reading and commenting, answer some e-mails, go to our co-op for stocking up on some food supplies, finally get in and tour our wonderful local library that has just reopened after a total remodel, take hubby 20 miles down the road to pick up our trusty Toyota that has had some repair work done on it and try not to feel guilty about not sending out Christmas cards (again) this year. As they say though, hope springs eternal and I truly do want to add that little task (the Christmas card and letter) back into my holiday preparations . . . one of these years.

Hope this all didn't sound too much like whining. Just trying (at your expense) to collect my thoughts and make some sensible plan as to what I need to do today to get out (well, at least partially) from behind my behind.


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I love the new header, but it does give me a chuckle. Sounds like you have been baking since 1908. My you look good for your age.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Take another look. It says "since 1903!" Cosmetic surgery does wonders these days.

Karen L. said...

Thanks for the explanation of your new blog header. I meant to ask you about that in the last post but my brain (memory, that is) needs help ... badly!!! Hope your head feels better. I find the older I get, the easier I get stressed. Just don't want to "do it all" anymore. I certainly don't want to buy a "fixer upper" the next time we shop for a home but that's probably what will happen. Now if I could just figure out where to move to .... and it's practically impossible to sell a house. Oh ... sorry .... looks like I got carried away on a tangent. Glad your trip to town was worthwhile.

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Deep breath, dearie. You can do it and it will all be wonderful. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Now, hop to it! You've got things to do, woman!

I'm right there with you:-).

Tombstone Livestock said...

Did you remember to sprinkle the cinnamon on your coffee grouds today? How did you like it?

Mama Pea said...

Karen L. - Headache vanished somewhere around noon today, glad to say. And I've had kinda of a laid back day . . . which may or may not cause stress tomorrow! (No rest for the wicked.)

Don't know where you are located now or where you are thinking of moving to but wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide. Keep me posted.

I'll Call You Jane - I love your supportiveness (seriously) and got a giggle out of your words of wisdom!

Tombstone Livestock - I didn't read your comment until after my latte this morning. But as soon as I send this, I'm going to go put the cinnamon container on top of my espresso machine so I do, indeed, try it tomorrow!

Sparkless said...

Well my goodness but how can you possibly be behind!? You are perfect and that's all you need to know.
Love the blog header, great job Chicken Mama.
We just made our first batch of gingerbread cookies. I figure what baking we get done is good enough. We really don't need all those sweets anyway.
The only advise I'd give you is to do the things that can't be left. Housework can always wait as can banking. Get those gifts done and then start on your baking. No one really cares about Christmas cards so much. I used to write something special in every card and it took me days to get all my cards done. Now I just write to whom the card is for and Love from us. I get the husband to address the envelopes and put the stamps on. We get them all done in less than an hour now.
Now stop stressing and enjoy yourself. Whatever you get done is perfect!

Judy T said...

Breathe... There you go,. It will all be OK. Things will get done in their own time. I keep trying to tell myself that there are VERY few things that will cause the world to end if I don't get them done.

Oh, and i hope this comment works., We here have been having terrible difficulties all day with anything google related. ugh.

LindaCO said...

Part of me wonders if we ask of ourselves a level of stuff that goes just beyond what we can comfortably do, so that we are always a bit uncomfortable and therefore on our toes, so that we can always feel like we are working towards something. As though, if we didn't, we'd fall into sloth and not be worth anything.

Just late musings...

Have you heard of the site Tiny Buddah? Good everyday wisdom on life lessons.

Sue said...

And yesterday we had the most relaxing day EVER that I practically was comatose. Perhaps we need to mix YOUR schedule with MY schedule. Oh, what a perfect balance that would be.
Hope you have a relaxing day ahead of you to get your bearings. You don't want to do so much that the body MAKES you take a break (getting sick).
It's times like this I'm glad we don't do the Christmas thing around here. No gifts. No baking. It's wonderful!

Rebecca Shockley said...

oh boy ,am I with on all-from headache to not wanting to go to any more stores-[wih I had a cow,don't care I;M OUT OF BUTTER AND I NEED TO DO A MAJOR OVERHAUL ON HOW I SHOP-JERRY IS DOING GREA BUT I have to get his blood sugars down,I could tell you how complicated that is,but I won't==I herd you momma pea"thank god"-comes down to a meal I MADE ABOUT 2 WEEKS AGO-ROOST BEEF,AUJUS AND FRESH GR. BEANS IN THE FOOD PROCESSOR OVER FEW POTATOES ,ALMOST LIKE BABY FOOD----HO,HO,HO EVERYONE HAVE A GLASS ON ME-I'M BUYING

Anonymous said...

What was it you said to me a week or so ago? Something about always having so much on our plates, and always putting ourselves last? :)
Just take it one task at a time, it will all get done eventually:) You are an amazing woman Mama Pea! I want to be just like you when I grow up:)

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - We actually consume very little of all the holiday baking I do. I package most of it up for giving to special people that we like to remember at this time of year. I think that's why I feel so bad when it doesn't look like I'm gonna get it done. Or feel I have to squeeze it in come heck or high water.

The thing with the house being so dirty (to a large part because of the construction right now) is that I feel SO MUCH better when it's clean, even if that only lasts half a day.

Can I come lie on your psychiatrist's couch again soon?

Judy - Comment came through just fine!

I know none of my To-Dos are vital in the long run. But I sure do get grumpy when I can't get done what I think I should. (Need to revise my "should" list? Yeah.)

LindaCO - "As though, if we didn't, we'd fall into sloth and not be worth anything." Uh-oh, now I'm worried because I think you can see inside my head. :o\

I'm off to check out the Tiny Buddha site. Thanks, Linda.

Sue - Lessons. I need to take lessons from you. Do you offer lessons??

judy - So, so glad to hear Jerry is doing great! It's the wonderful care you give him. Hugs to you!

Stephanie - I complimented my hubby this morning on his great attitude through some had stuff. He said, "Well, you either laugh or cry." I retorted, "And you notice I've been doing a bit of crying!" So I am nothing to emulate . . . but I'm gonna shape up, I promise!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Lovely tin/header! Don't worry about cards. Everyone knows you are busy and besides I don't think it will make or break the postal system. It's already broke anyway! Hope you are feeling better and most importantly, rested. HA...yeah right!

Susan said...

Boy, that living-way-out-away-from-everything really can bite one on the tuckus, can't it? I spent 5 hours and 500 dollars on Saturday, sitting in the garage waiting room. Without my knitting. It was painful in every sense of the word. But...well, we just pull up our girdles and carry on, right?

Mama Pea said...

APG - Have had three good night's sleep in a row. WA-hoo! Sure helps a person feel better. And ya know what? I keep crossing off things I was gonna do for/before Christmas. Crossing them off as in not gonna do 'em. Nuh-uh. Are you proud of me?

Susan - Oh, pain and agony! Five hours and $500. Too bad we couldn't have somehow connected for that wait. Betcha we could have gabbed away those 5 hours like they were 5 minutes!

Erin said...

So much to do! Here too, I've been wondering what happened to winter being "catch up" and "downtime"? I feel busier than I did in the summer!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - We've both got to take lessons on how to s-l-o-w down and have more sewing time! Actually, I never feel that winter (if it ever seems slow) truly starts until after the holidays. This year with our remodeling, I'm about ready to throw in the (sawdust covered) towel on having much of any winter down time!