Sunday, December 11, 2011

Books, Books, Holiday Books!

I have two more cook books to give away. Anybody interested?

The one book has recipes and menus for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. The other one has special recipes and menus for holidays throughout the year: New Year's Eve Buffet, Chinese New Year Dinner, Valentine's Day Dinner, Easter Brunch, Mother's Day Breakfast, Memorial Day Family Gathering, Father's Day Dinner, Fourth of July Celebration, Labor Day Dinner for the Family, Halloween Party for the Kids, Thanksgiving Brunch, Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Open House and Christmas Dinner. (Whew!)

Both books are soft covers, about 8-1/2" x 11" with luscious color photographs. They were both published way back in the 1980s . . . when most of you were just wee tots.

At any rate, you might find them interesting to look through for new ideas or recipes. If you'd like to be entered in the drawing for these two books (they go as a two-deal package), just leave a comment stating so. Also, within your comment, how about sharing what main entree your family traditionally has for Christmas Dinner. I think it will be interesting to see if that special dinner is pretty much standardized across the board or if each of our families has their own specialized menu.

Since time is running out before Christmas and New Year's gets here, you only have one full day to let me know if you'd like these books. I'll close entries when I shut off my computer Monday night (that's tomorrow probably around 9 p.m.) and draw the winner early Tuesday morning.

I admit I got a little hungry just paging through these books tonight for the last time. I think you'd enjoy having both of them.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh both books look so interesting - and I am searching for a long-lost cookie recipe - might be in there.

We have turkey - for thanksgiving and again for Christmas - just can't get enough - and the leftovers and soups last well into the new year.

Carolyn said...

Alas, I still have "bookcase overload" and have to make myself NOT enter this drawing, even though I LOVE new recipes....even those "old" ones from the '80's! (Ducking to miss Mama Pea's book thrown at her)

We have the usual turkey and or ham, but our "special" dish is homemade cream of mushroom soup. The mushrooms are some sort of insanely-expensive polish mushrooms and used to be smuggled in some sort of vase or sweater or something from the "old country" when my Great Aunt used to make it. Now that my Dad makes it, he just goes to the corner Polish deli and buys them dehydrated.

Akannie said...

I LOVE BOOKS !!! Esp. cookbooks. Count me in...

Susan said...

Should I? Shoudn't I? Eeny meany moe! Shouldn't enter! Heehee. We have Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding with Baked Tangerines. I intend to suffer through the Yorkshire Pudding because I LOVE it.

Leigh said...

I don't need the books (I'm in Carolyn's camp), but have to say that I love your new header!

Mama Pea said...

Jo (Pieceful Afternoon) - There are lots of cookie recipes in here so you never know!

One of the best things about baking a turkey are the leftovers! Never get tired of them either.

Carolyn - I love cream of mushroom soup! I think turkey or ham is a pretty common Christmas entree although I know a lot of folks don't like to do another turkey so close to Thanksgiving.

P.S. Watch those "old" comments, you little whipper snapper!

Akannie - Your name is in!

Susan - Oooh, your menu sounds WONDERFUL. Although I have never in all my life had Yorkshire Pudding. Enjoy it . . . and my best wishes that you don't suffer too much remorse!

Leigh - Thank you! I love the tin itself!! But CM did a great job of photographing it, for sure.

Karen L. said...

Well, I wasn't going to enter but then in your response to Jo you mentioned cookie recipes being in the books so ...... Put me in coach!!!Heck, I suppose I could always go through and copy the cookie recipes I want and then pass them on, right? Maybe I will be lucky and NOT win. hehehe

Mama Pea said...

Karen L. - 'Atta Girl! You know you want to win these books!