Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Belly Up To The Bar

We've all heard that expression, right? Well, I seem to belly up to the kitchen counter. With gusto.

In the winter time, I frequently wear a cozy, comfy flannel shirt over a turtleneck. And this is what eventually happens to the front of all of them.

Notice the white spots down near the bottom button? The flannel is 'bout worn clear through here. And there's really no way to mend it so it looks good again.

Here's a closer look for you. It took me a while (never claimed my elevator went all the way to the top) to figure out why that was happening.

It's because when I work in the kitchen, either at a counter or at the sink, that part of my shirt rubs up against the edge of the counter. Why?

1) I'm too tired to stand up straight so I have to prop myself up on the counter to keep from keeling over.

2) My belly is so fat that it comes into contact with anything I get close to. (Be very careful with your comments on this one.)

3) I spend waaay too much time in the kitchen.

Seriously, does this happen to anyone else or is it just a weird thing that happens to me . . . and my flannel shirts?


Susan said...

1) I'm with you there. Seems like I prop myself all over the house. I, however, leave dishes in my sink for, um, a while, so I am not so often at the kitchen sink. Dishwasher?

2) pshaw

3) I am in the kitchen A LOT, but I seem to wear a shiny patch on the seat of my pants....hmmm. Could it be that I am more prone to putting my sizeable hiney on my wooden stools?

Anonymous said...

My problems is always bleach stains in about that same spot. I think I clean the counters with bleach and then get too close while I'm wiping up.

Charlene in Kentucky

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I have the reverse problem. My belt buckles takes the finish off the counter tops. We have white countertops (came with the house, hope to replace those someday) and we noticed all these black scratches by the kitchen sink. I tried to blame my Husband, but they were my hight. Busted

Sue said...

When the shirt starts wearing through is the time it becomes "comfortable"! My neighbors all think I'm a bum, but I go strictly for comfort.
I don't tend to lean into counters, but I have worn through a LOT of seat cushions..........

Erin said...

nope, all I see is a very lucky husband whose wife doesn't know when to stop cooking and cleaning the kitchen! :)
I'm also with Charlene in KY, I have white bleach marks in the same spot on all my tshirts!

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Hahaha! Ok, since you effectively warded us off...let's just say I 'rest' a little here and there too.

That was brave of you to through yourself out there like that! Keeps us laughing!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - 1) No dishwasher here. Drat.
2) Thank you.
3) Don't know why but even if I'm tired, I'm not as comfortable sitting doing tasks as standing? Figure that one out.

Charlene - Hi! Welcome and thanks for commenting. My bleach stains always appear on my cuffs. (Gotta quit dipping into the bleach bottle up to my elbows, I guess.)

Jane - Busted? More like buckled.

Sue - I sincerely doubt your neighbors think you look like a bum! A fantastic gardener in her gardening clothes is more like it.

Erin - Dang and drat, don'tcha hate it when you get those bleach spots? Nuthin' you can do to remedy the situation.

APG - I'm working up to starting a huge weight loss regime after the first of the year. (She says as she pops another chocolate covered peanut in her mouth.)

mtnchild said...

Ummm, where are your aprons??

I have to lean when I do the dishes, otherwise I cant reach the faucet. I have a whole bunch of bleach cloths containers (don't ask!) that I use on the counter, but only when I've had meat on them. The counters clean up nicely with just soap and water...

Kelly said...

I have a problem with oil stains all over my clothing. I should be required to wear an apron at all times. Or better yet a chef's jacket.

I like your worn out shirts, they have character!

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - Where are my aprons indeed! Yes, I do need to start wearing aprons. That would solve a lot of problems. Heck, I wouldn't have to change clothes for weeks on end then!

Like your new profile pic

Kelly - Hey, chef's jackets! Would we qualify as professionals then and get compensated with a good salary?

Anonymous said...

I vote for (3):) For me it's just stains...because my belly is too big and I lean up against the sick or counter all the time lol. I don't own but 2 or 3 shirts that don't have some sort of stain, and I can't do dishes without walking away soaked. LOL!

You Can Call Me Jane said...

I have wet spots on my shirts in those spots- from sloshing the dish water on myself. It's real attractive.

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - Yep, I can relate to the stain thing, too. Geesh, we really should all start wearing aprons. Our grandmas knew better than we do.

ThyHand - I'm so used to doing that I hardly notice. However, my hubby usually does notice and will say something like "Um, did you have an accident of some sort?" to call it to my attention.

Lorie said...

That's just too are hoot, Mama Pea.

Mama Pea said...

Lorie - Thanks. I think. Funny or not, I still look like a reject from the second-hand shop!