Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wanna See My Freezers? (Hee-Hee-Hee!)

Only because you asked for it, after doing my dumb post yesterday on my refrigerators, here goes DUMB POST #2: Freezers.

Here's the runt of the family. My husband went to a garage sale two years ago by a couple who were moving across country. I can't remember what he went for, but he came home with this little 9 cu. ft. number. One of those deals that was too good to pass up, you know. The freezer was less than a year old and, I must admit, has worked out well for us.

Last summer when we bit the bullet and got my commercial refrig, we were also looking for a BIG freezer to replace a couple of old ones that were . . . old. As in 30-40 years old.

It must have been our lucky day when we saw the huge freezer in the same outlet store as the refrig. It had a big red sale tag on it (marked down substantially) along with some other appliances in the store. When the salesman went to write up the sale he hesitated, looked up a couple of things in a book, went to talk to the manager and finally said the freezer had just come in the day before and was NOT supposed to be included with the sale appliances. Well, long story short, "the boys" excused themselves to go have a conference in the back room and then returned saying that since we were purchasing the commercial refrigerator AND wanted the freezer, we could have the big freezer for the sale price. Wa-hoo! We took them and ran.

The big freezer is 25 cu. ft. and six feet long as you can tell from the above picture (hahahachortlesnort) in which I coerced my 6'3" hubby to lie atop it to illustrate its size. As a friend said when he saw the freezer for the first time, "You could hide two or three bodies in there."

We managed to fill it nearly to the tip-top this summer and fall. I could stuff a few more items in there, but not many. (Oh, I love a full freezer!)

It currently resides in the garage and I thought I wanted it eventually to go in the new pantry. BUT it does take up a lot of room and if I can sweet-talk hubby into letting me keep it in the garage, I may just put the small one in my pantry.

So. What's next? Water heaters?


Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

You sure do have a lot of food tucked away in those freezers. I admit it is a great feeling having a full freezer. And it is the easiest of preservation methods. I sure am going to miss that. I hope I like fermented green beans.

The Apple Pie Gal said...

Holy Moly that is the big guns! How on earth did you get PapaPea to do that for you? Are you making promises???

Canning/Pantry pics next?

Ahhh the lives we lead!

Kelly said...

You are crackin' me up with the water heater joke. I noticed your human-body-hiding-size freezer was frost free, how do you do that?

Erin said...

Bodies indeed! We might have to have you lift those freezer baskets out so we can make sure what's in there LOL! LOVE hubby on the freezer, mine wouldn't blink an eye either if I asked him to do that, guess they know by now it's best to just nod and go along with the program :)

Mine is only a 5 cu ft, ahhhh someday... :(

Alla said...

Wow! would I love to have a freezer that big!I do need to find me another freezer, mine is bulging. Isn't it wonderful to have all that food thought! Did those freezer baskets come with the freezer or where did you get them. I've not seen any like that.

Sue said...

We have the same freezer (the BIG one!). And I always tell hubby we need a smaller one too, just for the ice cream, etc. I have to show him this. Cuz, I'm ALWAYS telling him about your neato stuff (like the commercial fridge!!) He, by the way, is not falling for it. So, plain old refrigerator it is. Sigh.
Please, oh PLEASE , do not show me your oven, which will end up being the one with TWO ovens and SIX burners AND a griddle. I really, really couldn't handle that!

Mama Pea said...

Jane - I truly-duly look up to you as being the most self-sufficient person I know. And getting more so all the time. (I've tried fermenting green beans. 'Nuf said. I'd go to dehydrating and reconstituting first.)

APG - I gotta tell you Papa Pea got a very strange look on his face when I said, "I want you to lie down on top of the big freezer." I could see about 15-20 thoughts zipping through his mind, and he not knowing which one to let out of his mouth. ;o)

Kelly - Nope, the freezer wasn't/isn't frost-free. Look carefully on the back wall and you'll see a nice coating there.

Erin - 5 cu. ft.?! That will hardly hold your 10 ice cube trays!

Alla - Those are the original baskets that came with the freezer. At first I was afraid thinking oh-oh frozen plastic is gonna break! But it must be a special plastic because they've shown no weaknesses. So far.

Sue - Ha! My stove is the cheapest model, 4-burner, no glass door on oven, no frills, no nuthin'. But because I cook so much, I would L-O-V-E to someday have six burners (oh, mercy!) and a griddle. And two ovens?? At holiday time that would be heaven!

LindaCO said...

Love the inclusion of your husband for scale :-)

MamaLou said...

We have the same BIG FREEZER!!! I recognize those baskets anywhere.....I'm embarrassed to say how many freezers I have running but I will say that I don't purchase any veggies or meat at the store.....

Amy Dingmann said...

I must admit that I'm jealous of that giant freezer you're sportin' up yonder. Also jealous that you could coerce your tall hunk 'o hubby to lay on top of it all for the purpose of *your blog*. That, my dear, is true love at its finest!

Mama Pea said...

Linda - I was laughing so hard trying to take the picture, I had to try a couple of times! (I mean what if someone had walked into the garage just at that time? What would they have thought? Oh, just another slow afternoon at Mama and Papa Pea's.)

MamaLou - Welcome and thanks for commenting! I know ya gotta have power (and often outside power) to run the freezers but oh boy, I don't know what people did without them! Our frozen veggies from the garden taste just as if they were picked that day.

Mama Tea - Nah, he's just scared of me. ;o)

Leigh said...

Wow! You've got the grandaddy of them all. Makes my little one look dinky. And what a score. I know where you'll buy your next appliance. :)

And about that water heater, we're getting ready to replace one so who knows, they may be all the blogging rage soon.

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I too loved your water heater joke :)

I would dearly love to have just the "baby" freezer in your hall. I currently only have a regular old fridge / freezer which never seems to have enough space - perhaps because I persist in stuffing my freezer full of bread. I hate to have to buy loaves every other day and neither do I have a bread machine or time to make it from scratch.

I do however have a HUGE gas oven with FIVE burners which I dearly love ;)

Teri said...

Wow! What an beautiful sight - such a full freezer! But truly .... the pic of your hubby laying on top of it is priceless. lol What a good sport! :D

Susan said...

I think we are basically nosy. In a good way ;o) When I came across that picture with your hubby lying across the top of the freezer, my coffee exited through my nose! I think a full freezer/fridge/pantry is such a warm, fuzzy feeling. And, yes, show us your hot water system!!!

Shaheen said...

I was actually amused at the demonstration of the size of the freezer with human being lying on top to show length and width. Thank goodness on top :) Kind wishes from Snowy Scotland.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Yup, the joys and benefits of blogging; ya just never know what kind of information you're gonna come across! (Can hardly wait for the water heater post.) ;o)

Jen - Gas stove envy here, for sure!

Teri - I have a feeling that picture is destined for some further purpose . . . I just have to figure out what, when and where!

Susan - Hmm, coffee exiting through the nose. Is that the opposite of using a Neti Pot??

Mangocheeks - Welcome all the way from Scotland and thanks for commenting!

Gosh, that would have been hysterical (or maybe not) to have gotten a picture of him reclining IN the freezer!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

He may have drawn the line at getting IN the freezer!

You Can Call Me Jane said...

I'm experiencing some pretty serious freezer envy. That picture of your husband lying on your big one made Jamey and I hoot- loudly. Please thank him for us. My grandparents used to have a huge freezer like that. I vote for your kitchen cupboards as the next "dumb" post (although I am not finding this series dumb at all).

Mama Pea said...

Jen - I'm thinking you're right there!

ThyHand - You're welcome for the belly laugh. I had the giggles so hard when I was trying to take the picture, I almost couldn't do it.

My kitchen cupboards next? Oh no, ain't nobody taking pictures of those cluttered things!

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