Monday, October 25, 2010

What Happened To This Day?

It's past my bedtime but here I sit, trying to get caught up on computer work. 'Twas a busy, busy day, and I wish there were about six more hours of it.

Went to my much-enjoyed handwork group this morning. Usually the conversation is on the light side and we laugh a lot. Must have been something in the air today because we got into a rather heavy discussion on religion. Very interesting. I found it heartening to realize some of us held strong differing opinions and yet felt free to express them without anyone taking offense.

Then home for a quick lunch of soup, cheese bread and applesauce for hubby, me and our good friend and lady carpenter who was here for the day to help install a door from the new kitchen area into the pantry. We had cut the rough opening (and the wall didn't fall down!) but there were a couple of tricky obstacles to overcome so we called in the big guns.

After our quick lunch I left for a dental appointment (just cleaning and a check-up --- my mouth has finally stopped hurting now some eight hours later) while hubby and B worked on constructing the wall in the garage which will divide off the larger work/car parking area from the workshop area which should make the workshop much (much, much, much!) easier to heat this winter. The scavenged door we thought was going to work there isn't (for a couple of reasons) so we're probably going to have to purchase a new one. One more item to add to our growing list for our next trip to the big city. Good thing we have a truck because we always manage to fill it to the gills whenever we go!

Got laundry finished in the afternoon after I finally came home for the last time.

Had picked up some fresh fish in town while doing some errands after the dental check-up. Made the fillets with green beans from the garden (frozen) and our first sampling of the white potatoes from the garden which I baked. We both commented that although they have a good flavor, the texture is noticeably drier than our reds. (I suspect that's why we've always preferred reds over whites. But I planted both this year because last year our reds got lambasted with the blight and the whites didn't. You've heard the expression never put all your potatoes in one basket? No?)

After dinner I did the week's ironing and then headed back here to my desk to catch up on the day's computer happenings.

We've had a drizzly rain all day today which is much needed. It's still raining now and I wouldn't mind if it kept up for a couple of days. It would be great for the ground to have some good moisture in it before the frost sets in.

Now . . . it's creeping up on 11 p.m., and I'm tired. Past time for a little shut-eye. Ugh. Tomorrow morning is gonna hurt.


The Apple Pie Gal said...

That is nice that you ladies could discuss differing beliefs and not get heated. Doesn't always work that way.

Don't ya hate when your mouth feels like raw hamburger after a good cleaning? But it will feel great tomorrow!

pst...we like reds best too and we put them all in one basket like boobs. Next year I want to plant fingerlings too so we will mix it up a bit! Sleep well!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Maybe if it keeps raining you can get back into your quilt studio???

Sue said...

Ironing? People still do that?
I usually get by without( a good wind usually takes care of the stuff on the line!), but now that it's the dreaded "dryer-season"-ugh-I'm back to dragging out the durn iron. Oh what the heck,can I just say it???? DAMN!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

No day is a good day that has a dentist in it. I have two in the family and still can stay that it is not a thing I ever look forward to, dread actually. Hopefully you feel better this am.

Melissa said...

That's great that you had a little get together with the gals. Always makes a person feel good. I was going to ask you about the fresh fish you got-was it from Lake Superior? What type was it? That would be so neat to be able to do that. Hope you feel good today!

Unknown said...

So glad to find your site, and I can certainly relate to "Where did the day go?" Yesterday, I was on the computer, pretending that the house isn't turning into the black hole of doom, trying to do a bit of writing...and suddenly, they day was over. How does that happen? I had such plans to plant the big kitchen garden today...and here I sit. Off I go--must get motivated! (Your applesauce making inspired me!)

Lorie said...

I know just how you feel. But you sure did accomplish a lot.

Chicken Mama said...

WELL! I *had* been wondering what happened to you both since I hadn't heard from you all day (tables were turned for once)!

Was this your first time to our local dentist? What did you think?


Susan said...

Another nice, leisurely day on Mama Pea's homestead, I see. Man o man, can you pack in the projects! You have a LADY carpenter? How cool is that? I wish there were more of them around. My ironing is mocking me, every time I open my closet. So far, I have managed to turn a deaf ear to it, but I will have to face it sooner or later. It's been balmy here in upstate NY, with much-needed rain, too. How often do you drive to the big city?

Erin said...

Sue don't get her and her daughter started on ironing... I already suggested they throw that thing away, it will never happen LOL!

I too prefer the reds unless I'm mashing them, then I put so much bleu cheese and garlic in them we could be eating mud for all we would know! I too, love it when people of differing opinions can get together without judging and just appreciate people for who they are. (We are what some would call "different", so I get it!)

Saw you are getting a lot of rain up your way, it's not messing with your driveway fixing I hope. And 6 more hours in a day? Sign me up!

Deb said...

Stopping by from Sue's Garden Notes 2010 to say hi. It's fun visiting friends of friends :)

Hope you have a great day!

Mama Pea said...

APG - Isn't it just amazing all the different kind of potatoes there are to try?? It just isn't fair! So many seeds/plants and so little time!

Jen - That's the plan, friend of mine!

Sue - Don't hate me because I love to iron. I find it very calming and helps me organize my brain. (There may be an oxymoron somewhere in that last sentence.)

Jane - My mouth feels just about totally healed this morning. We regularly eat two raw Brazil nuts each night with dinner (they're high in natural selenium) and last night I literally could not stand to bite down hard enough of them to chew! How strange a sensation.

Mama Pea said...

Lorie - If I could just learn to concentrate more on what I DID get done instead of all that I didn't get done. (I need a lobotomy.)

Melissa - The fish was herring and, truth to tell, I'm not sure if it was from Lake Superior or one of the inland lakes. Sure was good though!

Julie - Hi, and welcome! Thanks for commenting. Always good to meet another gardener. Even though we're all a little crazy and try to do waaaay too much!

Chickie Mama - If you'll dig way back into the recesses of your memory, you'll remember I went to her for the first time last April to have that crown I lost put back on. I saw a hygienist yesterday I hadn't met before but felt she did a really good job. And, yes, I do like our local lady dentist.

Susan - How often do we go to the big city? Not any oftener than we have to! It fluctuates so much. It can be a nasty 2-1/2 hour drive one way in the winter so we try to avoid that. If we're in the midst of a building project (which seems constant), we go more often because supplies there will be half the price of those local. We never go just for entertainment . . . it's always with a huge list in hand of things we can't get here or are so much more economical there. I'm sure the liquor store we frequent in the city thinks we're lushes because we always have to leave room in the truck for all the beer and wine. I suppose it averages out to 6-8 times a year.

Erin - The drizzle we got all day yesterday was PERFECT for settling the new material on the driveway. Lucky us!

Deb - Welcome and thank you for commenting! I've met most of my best blogging buddies from other people's blogs. (We all gotta stick together!)