Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Welcomed Rain

Since yesterday morning we've gotten 1-9/10th inches of rain. It's almost stopped now, but we've just heard heavier rain is to start again later this afternoon.

We had a steady drizzle all day yesterday which was perfect for settling the new material on our driveway. Since the ground was so dry, the gentle rain we had yesterday was just right for soaking into the parched earth rather than a heavy downpour which most likely would have run off causing erosion.

Yesterday's rain became heavier over night accompanied by strong winds. This morning we heard reports of trees coming down in the wind.

Our friend B (lady carpenter) called early this morning to say she was going to stop by to drop something off before going on to another job. When she called she had just returned home after being called out before dawn (she's a volunteer fire[wo]man) because a tree fell on an electrical transformer and started a small forest fire. But between the rain and the quick responders, it was put out quickly.

When we opened the door for B a short time later, she greeted us with mock indignation and said, "The reason I'm all covered with sawdust is because I had to cut up a large popple tree that was blocking your driveway."

After she left was when we decided we had better don rain gear and go take a tour to see if anything else had happened on ye ol' homestead.

This is the road back to our wood working area. Hubby didn't need quite that high of a boot, but it was wet.

Our pond is fed by run-off from the hills behind us and got very low the last part of summer. You can see by this picture how high the water line usually comes. After this rain, it has come up about a foot already but still has a ways to go.

We've had a whole herd of wild Mallards hanging out and resting on the pond for a couple of weeks. They frequently come all the way up into the chicken yard looking for the scratch grain we throw out twice a day. I counted 19 of them this morning.

Zoey the Wonder Dog was (for a change) eager to get back in the house after our morning walk. At 13-1/2 years of age, she's starting to favor a good snooze by the wood stove rather than a romp in the cold rain.


Susan said...

Zoey and I are cut from the same fabric, I see. That's a passel of ducks you have there - don't you sometimes feel that you're feeding the great outdoors? I felt that way this morning, as I watch 5 chipmunks in amongst the chickens, all enjoy the scratch feed.

Sue said...

I just LOVE the ducks-how neat.
And you have the weather for ducks too!
I meant to ask-are you saving that gorgeous mum in your header photo?

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Up until this year, we always fed the wild ducks their own portion of grain down by the pond. Then we realized we were feeding out more than we could really afford so called a meeting and told them they were on their own this year. We actually thought they might leave without the hand-outs but they seem content to take what they can get from the domesticated poultry.

Sue - The mum won't survive the winter planted in our climate. Is there a way I could save it . . . like maybe in the basement . . . until next year?

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

I have been watching that storm that hit you because it is coming here tonight. High wind and tornado warnings flashing on the tv. I see the back end of the storm could give you snow. Time to switch the rain boots for the snow boots.

Erin said...

snow, snow, snow!! LOL, sorry - that just came out, I couldn't help it! Looks like the ducks know where the party is at! We have rain scheduled much of the week too, I don't really mind since the peas and lettuces that are out there seem to do just fine in the gray weather. Poor Zoey, maybe she needs me to knit her a sweater... LOL! I want to knit one so badly but hubby just frowns when I mention putting sweaters on "real dogs" HA!

Jennifer Jo said...

I wish we could have some of your rain. It looks lovely.

Erin said...

I just saw this update from Bearskin Lodge on Facebook, you guys all prepared?


The Apple Pie Gal said...

I was wondering if the front that ripped thru here was as high north as you. Seems like you got some of ours too.

We have a mess to clean up out there for sure. No big trees like yours, but lots of big limbs and debris every where.

It's headed east now...

Mama Pea said...

Jane - We aren't sure quite what to expect. The evening weather on the TV showed the snow staying south of us by about 50 miles (go figure). Right now at 9 p.m. it's still raining, the wind is blowing like a banshee and our temp is at 39. So I guess time will tell what we actually end up getting.

Erin - Your DOGS may wish they had sweaters after your mid-winter visit up north!

I'm betting areas more inland than we are WILL get snow for sure tonight. Chicken Mama probably will, too.

JJ - We sure have been in need of it so I can well imagine how desperate you are for it, too.

APG - You're more in the tornado area which always scared the bejeezus out of me. Stay safe.

mtnchild said...

It doesn't matter how many clothes I have on outside, I'm with Zoey!

Love all your ducky visitors. My guests use the chicken facility as a buffet! It is so hard to keep them away when there's free food.

We've had snow on the ground the last 2 mornings. Nothing to write home about, but it was SNOW! Why are we always so excited by first snow?

Jenyfer Matthews said...

I've never seen that many wild ducks in one spot before! Neat!! Perhaps they were there to shelter as much as to eat??

I'm with Zoey too - much rather be in by the wood stove with a quilt wrapped around me than out in the rain.

Sue said...

Sorry to say-the basement won't cut it for your mum. It would need a sunny windowsill and LOTS of TLC. Wow, it's just too pretty to let go though. Best of luck with it. I would babysit it for you----
see, now, if Don would just buy me the greenhouse I want...........

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - There are certainly people living in our same area who just dread the first snowfall (why are they here??), but we, too, both always look forward to it. Last night before bedtime, I put the outside lights on and was sure the rain I was seeing was snowflakes but hubby assured me it just looked like snow because of the way the wind was blowing the raindrops around. Rats! :o)

Jen - Yes, I think the word is out in the Duck World that our little pond is a safe place to hang out!

Sue - If you had a greenhouse, you would just end up killing yourself all winter besides doing it in summer! You NEED a rest period, Girl! Now go to the couch and sit quietly for 20 minutes. ;o)

Erin said...

Anxiously awaiting your next post and pictures! I heard you are having hurricane type low pressure, that's got to be bringing you lots of precip... snow??? Hope that's all it's bringing and you aren't dealing with trees and power down.