Monday, April 15, 2024

Not Much of a Post . . . But It's Something

Have you noticed one thing leads to another?
~ You're dicing onions, and you're reminded your knives desperately need sharpening.
~ You take some burger buns out of the freezer and notice those two buns are the last so you need to make more.
~ A pencil is dropped on the floor and you spy what looks like two months of debris under the kitchen table.
~ You move houseplants off a shelf to dust and realize the soil in the pots resembles the Sahara Desert.
~ You fill the kindling basket with the last sticks from the kindling bin which means . . . you need to split more kindling.
Well, no wonder The List never gets done!
* * * * * * * *
I've spent part of the past two days on some clean-up from winter in my garden areas.  It gave me some wonderful fresh air and exercise.  And also the realization that certain muscles in my body evidently haven't been used since putting the garden to bed last fall.
I tilled up three of the raised beds to help get the compost spread last fall incorporated thoroughly before planting.
Planting?  Ha.  That won't happen around here for quite a while yet.  We've had a couple of days that reached the 50° mark but mostly the days have been in the 40s and going down into the 30s at night.
* * * * * * * *
About my blog posts lately . . . or lack thereof.  I actually have notes of ideas to write about scattered on my desk, but have been unable to pull them together into any semblance of order.  I took a look a day or so ago at some of my posts from the past and was impressed with the writing.  (Hope I didn't strain anything patting myself on the back.)  But currently, the words won't come.  What's happened?

Perhaps with gardening season soon beginning I'll gain inspiration.  (Come on, inspiration.  Get behind me and . . . inspire!)


Michelle said...

I've missed you, Mama Pea. Did you ever get any significant spring snow?

gz said...

I have missed you..I need garden inspiration!

JustGail said...

Except for the "making" part of the hamburger buns, every one of those is very familiar.
Today it was going out to start installing the new raised garden bed kits, instead I saw the turnbuckles on the bench and got to working on the shed door adding an outside handle and wire/turnbuckles to keep it square. Rats! I need to get some tin snips to cut the hardware cloth for the bottom of the beds, maybe it's too windy to handle the tin today anyway, perhaps I'll clean the asparagus beds off instead...Then the mail came, got that, got hungry, made a sandwich and now it's 1pm.
I'm not looking forward to the aches from whatever I go out and do, as I know those muscles haven't been used since fall. Our weather has made it sooo tempting to put things in the garden, but I know all to well how many times mid-April is so nice only to turn cold and wet for the month of May. And of course, getting the raised bed kits installed should come before planting.
No worries on the lack of posts, I think every blogger goes through those spells. I'm glad to see a post and that you're doing OK.

Rosalea said...

So very glad to know things are OK. You have been missed. Here's hoping that the gardening season will give you the inspiration you need!
Are you planning on trying anything new this season?
Curious about how much snow you got this winter? sure was a weird one over here on the other side of the Lakes.
Happy Spring!

Katie C. said...

I’ve been missing you. I check every day.

My to do list keeps growing by leaps and bounds. The weather keeps yo-yo-ing. Yesterday we hit 85! The tree pollen is crazy high with little rain to wash it down. As a result, I had to get an inhaler. Ugh. I’ve been lurking inside and eyeing the stuff I should be doing outside. My guy got the sugar snap peas in though a bit late. Then … my next door neighbor had a poplar tree come down in the high winds. Thank heavens it fell to the east or part of our house would have been squashed. It was HUGE and the root ball just let go. Today is the second day that a tree company is working on it. Several other trees were damaged by the fall and they have to come down too.

Today, while the chain saws buzz, I have four pineapples to can. Aldi had them for $1.49.

-Katie C.

Tim B. Inman said...

A long long time ago (which is now more frequently my mantra!) in a writing class, the prof gave these words of advice - which I more or less try to follow: Never stop writing at the end of a sentence, or at the end of a paragraph, or at the end of a chapter. Why? Well, he said, you'll have a hard time getting started again if you do. If you follow the advice, then when you want to start up again, all you have to do is finish the sentence; then just finish the paragraph; then you can just finish up the chapter.... It works for me, mostly. Unless I just bash out something and call it good enough! Cheers from the hinterlands. Keep writing!

Leigh said...

So glad you checked in Mama Pea! I hear you about the words not coming these days. Blogging feels like more of a duty lately than a joy. But still, the online community motivates too.

My life is heavily entrenched in "one thing leads to another" these days. Maybe that's part of my problem!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Thank you, bloggy friend. Before the foot of snow we got in one glump in March, we had had only 14" the whole winter. And sadly, no rain . . . until last night and now all day today. Hooray! Boy, have we needed the moisture. We're hoping it continues until fire danger is all gone.

gz - Thank you for saying I have been missed. That means a lot.

JustGail - Thanks for the laugh your litany of how one thing truly does lead to another. And another. And another! It is sooo hard to wait on adequate warm weather to play in the soil. Good luck with your new raised bed containers.

Rosalea - Hello to you, too, friend. Call me crazy but I'm trying corn again this year. Do you think there's ANY chance I might be successful for once? As mentioned to Michelle above, we got a total of 26" of snow this winter. Pitiful. No wonder we're lacking moisture.

Katie C. - You're using your time wisely while "confined" to your house because of allergies. Good girl! We have plans to take down a couple of trees that have gotten too big to be so close to one end of our house. It's a scary thing when a wind storm takes those big ones down. Glad you lucked out and didn't have any damage.

Tim - Good, sage advice from you, as usual. I think you should write a book entitled something like, "Sage Advice from Long, Long Ago." You have so many pearls of wisdom to share.

Leigh - But you do so well continually putting up great blog posts! Some days I feel as though I don't have the time to brush my teeth, drink enough water, eat a couple of times and look at my list without getting anything done on it. And writing, for me anyway, sure does take time.