Thursday, January 11, 2024

Snow Slushies

What does your family call this winter treat for the kiddies (and sometimes big people, too)?  Snow cones or snow ice cream?  Or snow slushies as we do?
When our daughter was at our quasi-grandson's home yesterday, she introduced him to the snow slushies she remembers from her childhood.
She told him you go out and gather some clean snow in a container, bring it in and drizzle some fruit juice (apple, orange, grape or that of your choice . . . even maple syrup is yummy) over it, grab a spoon and enjoy.
When the two of them came here for a visit in the afternoon, after telling me about making slushies earlier in the day, they decided they should sample one with our snow.  The little squirt got a kick out of explaining it was okay to have the snow turn yellow if you used orange juice, but you had to stay away from snow that was yellow outside.  Big grin.

The only juice I had was grape so tongues ended up looking a bit questionable.
Too bad we can't make snow slushies in the hot summer time when they would be all the more appreciated. 


SmartAlex said...

We made them with maple syrup. I was never a huge fan. My grandfather thought they were a big deal and my Mom also.

Nancy In Boise said...

cute! we got over 5" yesterday, more on the way! pics here

Pedro Santa Cruz said...
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Leigh said...

I always liked the idea of snow slushies, but we never made them. Certainly ate my share of fresh clean snow as a kid, though.

Mama Pea said...

SmartAlex - Ha, I'm kinda in agreement with you! I do think it's more of a "small person" thing. Although who's to say your grandfather and mom didn't know something you and I don't! ;o)

Nancy - Yay! You're getting snow and so are we! Looks like about 6" over night for us according to what I can see on our deck railing. 'Bout time!

Leigh - Yep, what is it about all kids simply having to scoop up a mittened-hand full of new snow and put it in their mouths? And when do we lose that urge? Hang on, I'm gonna go out into our new snow and see if it still tastes the same!

DFW said...

Living in the deep south, only had them one time when I went with a friend & her family to NC. The grandmother (great Aunt) had us get the snow & they had warmed up syrup. We had them on their back deck in crystal (or so I thought at the time) ice cream dishes. I thought they were delicious.

Mama Pea said...

DFW - Having your slushies in the "crystal ice cream dishes" undoubtedly made them taste much better! ;o)

desertdweller said...

Please, please do not eat the snow. It is full of toxic nano particulates. Go to if you want to understand.