Thursday, June 8, 2023

Growing Things

Hard to believe, I know, but our daffodils are finally in full bloom.  Goes to prove that if one waits long enough . . . 
One other thing today.  This, my friends, goes to prove that you should not doubt the vitality of old seeds.  (Or old people.  Hee-hee.)

I had some slicing cucumber seeds (good ol' Marketmore 76) from 2014.  I planted them down an 8' long mound in a raised bed (inside their own little quasi-greenhouse) on May 24th.
All I hoped for was that two seeds would germinate as those two cucumber plants would give us all the cukes we could possibly eat.  Or give away.
Looks like the seeds were still viable, wouldn't you say? 


gz said...

Well done on those cukes....I did that with butternut squash this year...shall we say they make good presents!!
The gherkin seeds are 100% failure...I have another packet so must try those

SmartAlex said...

Wow! I wouldn't be surprised with some seeds but I tend to have trouble with cucumbers after two or three years.

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

That's awesome on the cukes. I planted the same type this year.

Rosalea said...

Looking good. Cuca-bonanza coming up!

Goatldi said...

Isn't it amazing how that happens? Never doubt a cuke seed or the old person they may just make a fool out of the status quo. Sweet!!

Tim B. Inman said...

Never underestimate old people! - or fool with 'em. "The older they get, the less threatening a life jail sentence is."

Loved the 'girl with a string tied to a guy on a ladder' pic from previous. Maybe a contest to get the best caption?



Mama Pea said...

gz - It's always a lovely surprise when "old" seeds sprout. But then there are times (like this year) when a packet of new dill seeds refuse to show one sprout while the dill planted from two-year old seeds do sprout. ????

SmartAlex - Yep, as with your experience, I've heard others say "old" cuke seeds are not reliable. More question marks!

Kristina - Unless I find a good reason to change, I think I'll always stick with Marketmore 76 for my slicing cukes. They never fail to produce copiously for me.

Rosalea - Fingers crossed!

Goatldi - Plus, gardening keeps OLD people going, don'cha think?? :o)

Tim - Love the sayings you come up with! Regarding that pic with me pulling the pole straight with the cordage tied to it, I was hauling on it for all I was worth in a standing position at first but then figured if the cord broke, I would take a good thump on my rump so decided to place myself on the ground . . . just in case. ;o)

Rajani Rehana said...
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Rajani Rehana said...
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Jessica said...

Thhanks for writing this