Sunday, September 25, 2022

Some of the Last Flowers of the Season

I thought I'd share a few pictures of some of the flowers growing in our new berm boxes.

This white hollyhock has taken a bit of a beating in our recent rains, but it sure is purdy.  The tippy-top reaches over seven feet tall!  Not bad for a first year's growth.

We have two black hollyhocks that have blossomed profusely.

This delphinium is labeled "dark blue" but the color is actually more purple to my eye.   Beautiful!

I'm not sure whether to call this astilbe lavender or pink.  It's one of a grouping that was supposed to be either white, pink or lavender.  It seems to be changing color as it grows.  At any rate, it's lovely.
In the window boxes, I tried nasturtiums this year and had to replant them twice to get much of a showing.  They turned out okay, but now they're battered by the rain and on their way out.  Time to pull them and decorate the window boxes for fall. 


tpals said...

Beautiful. I never get that height from first year hollyhocks.

Rosalea said...

Those are some gorgeous blooms you have in the boxes! I have a three year old, blue delphinium that I grew from seed, that is blooming now, the second time this season. Nasturtiums do take some time to get going. There appears to be a tinge of purple in the black hollyhock?
The temperatures here changed with the start of Fall, like someone flicked a switch. There was ice on the car windshield Friday morning, but nothing appears frozen. Been busy clearing the garden of warm weather crops....time's up!

Mama Pea said...

tpals - I know! These roots must have been on steroids because they've shot up unbelievably tall. Hope they didn't put all their energy into this first burst and don't even come up next year!

Rosalea - Yes, the "black" hollyhocks are actually a very deep purple, but I'm assuming that was the closest they could get when trying to hybridize for black. Same here with the feeling of fall. I would like to be doing more clearing in the garden right now but we've had rain all weekend. Which, of course, is good for the ground, trees, perennial plants, etc. Maybe the forecasted sun tomorrow will actually appear.

Michelle said...

I LOVE delphiniums, though I've never grown them. You got a lot of beauties this year!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - I'll never rival the flowers you have cultivated over the years, but am pleased as punch the way my first attempts with the plantings in the berm boxes have done this first year. The majority of them haven't bloomed this first year, but that was to be expected. So much enjoyment from the ones that have though!