Sunday, April 10, 2022

It's Been A While . . .

I don't know where to place the blame for my lack of getting up a new blog post these past couple of weeks.  Seems I've had nothing to say.  Watching snow melt is a little more exciting than watching paint dry, but still nothing for any of you to be eager to read.
Yes, our snow has been melting.  And melting.  Unfortunately, we've heard of lots of wet basements and our local library has been closed for a week because of flooding.  As far as I know, the worst of the water coming into their lovely building has been in the offices and under a line of computers for people to use along the back north wall.  No books have been damaged.  When we put the foundation under our own house, Papa Pea was diligent when it came to installing proper drainage around the perimeter and because of that we are, thankfully, dry.

Some of my raised beds are now showing thanks to the snow melt.

The bed of garlic planted last fall is still snuggled under its blanket of mulch.  "How you guys doing under there?  Getting ready to show your little green heads?"

This bed contains horseradish root and chives.  It always surprised me how early the chives will start poking through the soil.  Not quite yet, but I'll keep checking.

Our asparagus bed is a rather sad mess covered with the old dead ferns that got laid down by our heavy snows.  We're still eating frozen asparagus from last year's bounty but can hardly wait for fresh spears.  No comparison between the two.

Can you make out the cross-stitched sampler I have hanging over my kitchen stove?  (I really must invest in some glare-proof glass.)  
Here's a closer look.  Words to live by.  For me at least.  I sometimes waste way too much time and mental/emotional energy agonizing over the same item(s) on my list day after day after day.  If a task isn't one that will take up a large amount of time (and most of them aren't), "doing it now" eliminates all the stress that I put there by avoiding getting it done in a timely manner.  Such a task was on our agenda (we were going to do it all this past week) this morning.  The deck is clear of snow so we've needed to do some measuring for a spring project that may even start tomorrow.  Barring the heavy, wet snow that is forecast for overnight, that is. 


Tim B. Inman said...

Here's a tip from me about getting it done. I learned this from a military training film years (and years) ago. Every morning, make a list of things to do. Go back and label them A, B, C. A = absolutely must be done. B = positively should be done. C = everything else. Now, do the A's and B's, but don't do any of the C's. Rationale? The C jobs are the easy ones and will take up all your time, leaving A's and B's undone because you'll do the C jobs first. If a C job is really important, it will come back tomorrow and be an A or B. It works! Try it.

And as for that crack about paint drying: I was a furniture finish manufacturer in my 'real life.' Knowing how paint dries was actually very interesting to me! My boys always made fun of me though.... Cheers

Granny Sue said...

My, there's such a huge difference between where you are and here. The chives have been up for a couple months, as has the garlic. But we've had so much rain it's been hard to get much gardening done. Today was our first sunny day in a week or more, and tomorrow, guess what. Rain in the forecast again.

As for procrastination, I hear you. At work I have colored folders--red for do it asap, orange next, etc, down to green that meant would be nice to do. But here at home I am not nearly so organized. I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with things that need to be done that I end up getting all those "c" things Tim mentioned done instead of working on that great big ball of string. But eventually I get to them, once I break them down into doable increments.

Rosalea said...

The first paragraph....same here, and all the garden pics....same here, except less snow. I am looking every day for sprigs of green, but they are few and far between. Tulips are up a few inches, rhubarb is starting, if you brush away the soil, (then put it back!); cat nip has started its base leaves. No crocus, no snowdrops, and I was expecting them! We heard the Woodcock doing his thing early this AM, and the song sparrows are here, so nature is progressing at her own pace. It really is early though, but because the snow is mostly gone, I am expecting more! Snow flurries this AM, brutal north wind today, and going well below freezing at night. Love your X-stitch. You aren't alone in your struggle, and like your previous post....we should try to just "be", and enjoy the present without agonizing over things that 'must' be done. Easier said than done!

NanaDiana said...

We had the wettest March in 180 years here!!!!! We had some more snow a couple of days ago. I am more than ready for Spring this year. It has been a long, drawn-out winter here.
Love the sampler. I go through phases where I get at it and get things done right away and then have times where I don't do anything. sigh. Have a great week. xo Diana

Leigh said...

Nice to see you're emerging from the snow! Some times of year there just isn't much to say. Maybe the cross stitch says it all!

We've gotten a few spears of asparagus, and we enjoy them so much I invested in more to plant. Nothing like fresh asparagus. But, even though frozen isn't as tasty, it's nice to have the variety for your winter meals. :)

Ufa88kh said...
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tpals said...

How odd to read so many comments about being wet; if things don't change here we're looking at a drought year. I did get some things done outside yesterday that I've been putting off. It feels good.

Goatldi said...

Happy Spring we got a solid frost last night and rain like crazy yesterday. Genna grandgirl
#4 is here for a few days. Yesterday she drive in rain/ ice almost popcorn snow as she needs hours for her permit. She did great !
Nice to hear and see you !

Mama Pea said...

Tim - I have tried your A, B and C listing many times. You know what I do? The C's first because they are usually easier and take less time. My thinking being it will give me a running start on the A's and B's. Dumb reasoning, I know. Because you know good and well something always comes up to usurp my time and nothing gets done but the C's. Oh, I am so bad. However, now every time I fudge on the A-B-C list, I will hear your voice and may possibly be shamed into doing the list the correct way. Might. Maybe. ;o)

Granny Sue - Isn't it some kind of miracle we all manage to garden at all in our different locations??

Rosalea - I know what you mean about the yearning to jump right into the garden and other outside projects as soon as the snow is gone. Unfortunately, for us northerners that does NOT signal the beginning of spring as our temps are usually very cold for some time yet. Patience, my dear, patience! (Something I personally lack!)

NanaDiana - Wow, hope your area didn't have destructive flooding! I certainly know what you mean about sometimes getting things done in a timely manner and then again letting them d-r-a-g on. Why do we do that?

Leigh - I will always freeze a certain amount of asparagus for winter eating because even though it's not as tasty as fresh picked it's good for us. Jealous right now of you having it fresh already! Enjoy!

tpals - I sure hope you don't have a drought year. Unfortunately, that can happen when you have a dry spring. I think jobs accomplished outside when one can first do them in the spring are especially rewarding. We've been doing that, too, in spots we can work where the snow has already melted.

Goatldi - Happy Spring to you, too! Enjoy your time with granddaughter Genna! I vividly remember when I got my driving permit . . . even though I think it must have been a hundred years ago.

Retired Knitter said...

Water can be a blessing or a curse. Glad you guys did the right things to keep you house dry back in the very beginning.

Mama Pea said...

Retired Knitter - Isn't that the truth! At the time when you're building a house (or rebuilding after we tore the original structure down to the studs), there seems so much to do and it's so expensive and takes so long (puff-puff) that it's hard to do all those not-seen but necessary things that pay off in the long run. Fortunately, my husband is very good (and insistent!) at making sure the fundamentals that one never sees are done and done correctly. Good thing, too, like this year for the first time in several when we have a boatload of winter snow and need to deal with all the melting in the spring. :o)