Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Feeding Time

Just a couple of shots of the birds and chow time in the chicken pasture.

All the different varieties of birds, big and small, seem to get along together.  Here the Silkies are in the foreground (silly looking birds that they are) with some Black Australorps and a Speckled Sussex in the background.

These are more of the big birds with the shady growth of trees where all the birds spend time in the hot weather or when they see a bird of prey flying overhead and head for cover.  There's a glimpse of the pond beyond the trees.

A characteristic of the Silkies seems to be that when they rest, they like to gather together in a bunch, often in a corner as they are here.  (With a photo bombing by a big Australorp.)
Our egg production has slowed down quite a bit recently, but that's natural for the time of year.  It will probably be December before the "new girls" start laying.  


Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

Nice walk! Are there coops all set for winter? We're getting our first hard freeze in the next day or two. I started freezing some eggs this summer when we were getting for everyday, now we're down to one per day and have two that are molting

tpals said...

I love chicken posts. :)

Michelle said...

Fun to see your fowl – and some fall color!

Rosalea said...

A very nice looking flock. Love those Silkies with their 'updos'. You have some nice fall colour there.

wyomingheart said...

Love them all! How many roosters do you have? When the silkies roost, do they stay together too? Fascinating that they all get along!

Lisa K Thomasson Jung said...

They are so fun. I always wanted my own chicken. But will settle for looking at chicken pictures.

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - No molting going on with our chickens yet, but that will probably come. Are their quarters set for winter? Yes and no. Although we've been working on new/better housing for all of them, there would be adequate quarters for all if we don't get it done. But it will be done! (It says here.) ;o)

tpals - You're such a chicken person! :o)

Michelle - Even though technically our peak colors are gone already, there is still some striking scenery out there.

Rosalea - Although the Silkies don't seem to mind the rain or wet weather, their "hair" behaves just the same as mine does in such conditions . . . goes splat, flat!

wyomingheart - Ha! We have way too many roosters. A situation that is going to have to be dealt with. So far, the Silkies don't roost on the roosts! They huddle together on the ground of the house just like they do outside. We don't know if this will change as they mature . . . or not!

Lisa K - That's the great thing about reading blogs. You can get your daily dose of chickens (or whatever) by seeing and reading what others are doing!

Goatldi said...

What is weird is I have had my flock have the first real autumn mold that they have had in probably four or five years. I mean everybody went into making feather pillows this year even Mr. Newman.

So what does this tell us? Are we stabilizing for a few years and maybe we’ll get a chance to make this right or are we going over the edge like a snowball bound headed for Hell?

Now being a died in the wool Haggard fan I’m not quite sure. I want to be excited because this is the first normal normal I’ve experienced in quite a while with my chickens. But we shall see.

However right now I have a granddaughter driving up to help me paint my bathroom tomorrow. After a night of homemade burritos and s’mores. Looking forward to the company and the food.

Retired Knitter said...

Love those silkies. To be honest, if I could, I would have chickens. They look like fun.

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Just something else to add to the "abnormal" of all that's going on. (Strange when abnormal becomes normal, isn't it?) As individuals about all we can do is "stay low" and enjoy every little bit of friends, family and love . . . as you're doing with your granddaughter coming to spend time together. Have a wonderful time together!

Retired Knitter - Over the many years of having lots of different animals, we've always said that we'd always manage to have chickens. They're so easy plus the fresh eggs cannot be beat!

Kristina said...

Yeah, our chickens are molting and feathers are all over the coop. I need to muck it soon. We've been savoring our eggs, and I was going to start a bucket of water-glassing, but my husband is totally against it (ha ha ha!). Too afraid the eggs will make us sick or something, but the ones I did (water-glass) tasted just fine and smelled fine.

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - You might ask your husband if he wants water-glassed eggs in a couple of months or . . . no eggs at all. ;o)