Friday, May 14, 2021

A Thursday Adventure

 Although yesterday was an overcast day, the temperature was just right for being out in nature.

Dear daughter, her just-turned-three-year-old companion, Papa Pea and I loaded up the truck with necessary supplies (maps, snacks and water) and a couple of back packs and headed out.

The whole day we saw only two mosquitoes.  One met a quick demise and one flew away to bite another day.

Arriving at our destination, we parked our vehicle and started out.  Up, up, up we climbed with the three year old leading the way.  (This remarkable child loves the outdoors, the woods, the water, etc. and cries when he has to come inside.)

 What a beautiful outlook.

A chipmunk came out of the underbrush to say hello and was rewarded with a cracker.  (I wasn't quite quick enough to get a shot of that.)

Next we drove some back roads trying to find another trail we wanted to hike.  We made a couple of interesting stops along the way, but never located the trail we wanted.

While roaming and looking for the trail, we came upon this stop sign at the intersection of two deserted gravel roads.  As you can tell, it was in a spot where no road crew had done maintenance in quite a while.

All in all, it was a great day with good exercise.  Daughter mentioned she could feel a bit of muscle strain in her legs, my gluteus maximus muscles were making themselves known, Papa Pea seemed to do fine, and the little munchkin just kept going and going.  He did fall asleep on the way home though.

When he woke just after we had unloaded the truck, there were a few tears with his words of, "But I don't wanna be home."


Rosalea said...

That is just one of the BEST kind of days!

Nancy In Boise said...

What a great story! I hope the parents of the little boy appreciate all the hard work your daughter's doing with him. Your daughter doing okay? said...

That looked like a great day. What a precious looking little boy. It's good he likes the outdoors. The extra exercise can do a job on your muscles. Have you started your garden yet, or is it still to cold there? Have a good week-end!!

Michelle said...

Any day outside in Minnesota without bugs is a great one! Sounds like that kid is a natural member of your family for sure. And that hidden stop sign; what a hoot!

Mama Pea said...

Rosalea - You betcha!!

Nancy - She's doing great! Very happy and content while looking forward and making plans for the future.

linnellnickerson - I've planted the horseradish crown I (finally) ordered, have all of my onions in and have processed my year's worth of fresh frozen chives. Wish I had my taters and shell peas in, but have spent the time planting new blueberry bushes and prepping the strawberry bed for the year. Too much to do all at once!

Michelle - His parents are very outdoorsy folks so it's no wonder he is, too. When we came upon that stop sign we all had to laugh. It was completely surrounded by a new growth of brush. (The gravel road was in terrible shape, too!) said...

So true! Now it's going to get hot all of the sudden It seems we can't win . xo

Anonymous said...
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