Sunday, July 26, 2020

Heat and Humidity Equal . . . Garden Explosion!

Although the garden seems to love this hotter-than-usual summer weather we've been having, the human population  on our little acreage is wilting.  And getting close to melting.  And not sleeping well.  And trying hard not to complain (a lot), but it's a tad more than just uncomfortable.  Seemingly not so with the garden's growth.

In this jumbled mass, we have a zucchini plant in the middle and nasturtiums on either end.  (Yes, the grass does need mowing in a big way, but neither of us has gotten up the gumption to tackle that sweaty job.)

I do believe this zucchini was six inches long and an inch in diameter when I checked yesterday.  Which brings me to a short conversation Papa Pea and I had a day or so ago as I prepared to haul another batch of monster zucchinis to the compost pile.

I've tried out a couple new recipes recently (as I do every year) for preparing zucchini.  Time to face the music.  Neither of us particular enjoys zucchinis.  (There.  I've said it.)  And I have many sweet bread recipes we like better than Zucchini Bread.

This caused my dear husband to ask, "Is there a reason you have to grow zucchini every year?"

"Uh, no." I replied.  There you have it, folks.  I have planted my last zucchini.

These are yellow beans.  Still looking more on the green, unripe side but growing.

The green beans are not ready yet either but a little ahead of the yellow ones.

I had predicted the shell peas would be ready this past week, but they've still got a ways to go to show enough "plumpness."

The Scarlet Runner Beans are doing a courageous job of reaching the top of the mountain trellis. At least the ones on the left side are.  I had to replant all of them twice this cold spring so I'm giving any of them credit for getting this far along.

This is the patch of Jack-O-Lantern pumpkins.  So far, all I've found are little green, golf ball sized fruit.

The pumpkins may be teeny-tiny yet, but here's another view of the same patch which shows healthy vines heading out for parts unknown.

We've been fortunate in that we've been getting frequent rainfall now along with the heat and humidity.  It doesn't seem to cool things down much but has been great for the garden's growth.  It's all good.


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Everything looks wonderful! My three pumpkin plants are running wild throughout everything else in the garden. I just keep redirecting them so they don't crawl over the lawn. Zucchini - I think the squash beetles have done a number on mine - now my leaves are turning dusty brown and wilting. I might not get many zucchinis if this continues. Hot again here today. I might drag out my soaker hose. -Jenn

Goatldi said...

Wow an explosion of vegetables! Your plants sure have that team spirit. No slackers in that bunch.

Nice zucchini and a good decision to not plant. At some point I believe zucchini became a main stay in urban gardens all over the country. Perhaps because it was easy and literally grows itself. Also versatility one plant gives both entrees and dessert. And then like so many things in our lives it gets done every year until we realize no one really wants it anymore. Or at least wouldn’t notice it went missing.

Congratulations on your zucchini liberation!

tpals said...

Gasp! Although it's a good idea to rethink what we grow out of habit. I've given up onions because they give me heartburn now. And cabbages I don't really like and there are better options if I'm just growing something to give the chickens (like zucchini, lol).

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - Am boxing up several giant zucchinis to send you as we speak. Heck, I may even put the whole plant in the box!

Goatldi - Maybe I should get a t-shirt proclaiming, "I Am Zucchini-Free!"

tpals - Even our poultry turn up their beaks at zucchini now. Onions give you heartburn? Eeek, I couldn't cook without onions. (Well, if they upset my innards, I guess I could.) Bummer.

Nancy In Boise said...

Look so Lush and green! I'm not a zucchini fan either but I do like yellow squash. I tried all the zucchini bread that cetera and frankly I just find it boring! I think it's always good to to grow what you really loved and we'll eat and preserve instead of just growing something because everybody else does. Glad you're getting some rain looks very green. Do you guys have air conditioning at your house at all, sounds like between the humidity and heat your might be really suffering?

Rain said...

I'm hoping for a big explosion soon too. It's been so hot and sunny, but there is rain forecast for most of this week.

Leigh said...

I stopped growing zucchini for the same reason, lol. Everything looks so good! And all taking advantage of good growing weather. I know you'll be busy with the harvest, thankful you've got a good one after such an iffy start this spring. said...

Your garden looks good! Hopefully you'll have plenty of vegetables for the winter! I like zucchini. I stuff it like the stuff peppers! Very good. To each their own! How are the blueberries doing? Have the chipmunks stop bothering them? It is way to hot this summer.I have to stay in the air condition, cause of health reasons! I do cheat and go out to do what I need to do. take care! xo

Michelle said...

This cook LOVES zucchini, because it makes things moist with far less oil/fat, good for my cardiac patient husband. My chickens love them, too, but I rarely have any left for them. Lucky you for regular rain. We are HOT and DRY. Our little well is working hard.

Tigger's Mum said...

I'm with Michelle on that - grated zucchini goes into loads of cake and muffins just for the moistness it provides. The great thing about it is that it doesn't really have a flavour of it's own so 'hides' in the baking (which is good for getting it into my non-veg eating step-kids).

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We love zucchini. I replace potatoes in breakfast frittatas a lot. I do grate some for breads, but not as much as sliced for breakfast.

SmartAlex said...

I have taken years off from planting zucchini. And I have also had years when I planted only two seeds. This is not one of those years. I think I have to make chocolate zucchini muffins tonight. Or SOMETHING! I am becoming a slave to squash

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - No, we don't have air conditioning, and most years have no need for it. We did purchase a used window air conditioner a few years ago for my husband to put in his upstairs office window, but he found he doesn't like to use it because it's right next to his desk and the noise bothers him. Good excuse to avoid desk work these days, eh? ;o)

Rain - Getting the rain will do it! My garden was looking pretty sad until we started to get adequate rain. There's nothing like it!

Leigh - Yes, of course, now I feel bad for all my whining early in the season when seeds didn't sprout and those that did looked very sad. I guess we gardeners just have to keep the faith as we are so dependent on nature to help us out!

linnellnickerson - So far so good on the blueberries although I woke this morning to find the Agribon covering blown off the blueberry bushes! We didn't even know we had a wind last night! So far, we've trapped (and relocated!) two chipmunks.

Michelle - I know you're someone who appreciates and uses zucchinis and I say all the more credit to you. Sending 50 lbs. of them to you today. So sorry you aren't getting enough rain. That's so discouraging when you just can't seem to water enough via sprinklers or hoses.

Mama Pea said...

Tigger - Just goes to prove that there is plenty of good even in controversial veggies like zucchini! That very thing -- that it doesn't have hardly any flavor of its own -- is what bugs me about all the recipes I've tried with zucchini. Guess ya just can't please everybody! ;o)

uplay365 - Thank you.

Kristina - And another zucchini lover heard from!

SmartAlex - Moderation in everything! There certainly are years when we gardeners nearly go mad trying to use all of a bumper crop!

Susie said...

I think your garden is wonderful. I am not much of a gardener when it comes to growing veggies. I can grow a flower here and there, but that's about it. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Mama Pea said...

Susie - We may not be able to eat flowers (well, not all of them anyway) but I think they are just as important in a garden as the other things grown. When you think about it, if the garden wasn't sprinkled with flowers, it would just be a mass of green. Could get kinda boring!

Sue G said...

Your garden looks wonderful!!! An explosion is right!!! We are having that right now too. Alot of rain and heat.. which makes for a great garden. I just picked 2 zucchini's yesterday. Not sure what to make with them as we don't really like them either. I searched pinterest for recipes. Found one... so I made zucchini fries.. or tonight... they were pretty good .My son wasn't in favor and thats ok. But I'll try them again.

Mama Pea said...

Sue G - Hmmm, those zucchini fries don't sound bad. But I doubt my husband would want to try yet another new zucchini dish regardless. Yep, I think I'm done with growing them. I guess there's nothing a garden likes more than heat with enough rain. Let the harvests begin!