Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Busy Fingers, Happy Heart

Being able to create with fabric using my head, heart and hands provides just about the best rewarding fun for me.  Well, perhaps digging in the dirt and growing things ranks a close second, but since that's not a possibility here and now, I'm feeling very content spending time in my quilt room.

I have two small wall hangings to show you today. 

(I'm using a new camera and having trouble
getting the pics to download correctly.
This picture keeps coming out on its side.
The right side as you see it should be
the top.  I'm picturing you
all tipping your heads to the right.

I'm using up some scraps of reproduction fabrics from a previous project which went into this slightly wild, colorful piece.  It measures 14" x 18" and is probably appropriate to display any time of the year to add a little color and eye-interest.  I'm happy with it although with so many seams to all the little pieces, it was a bear to hand quilt.

This one is definitely saying "spring" to me and that's where my color choices are pulling me.  It's 13" x 13" and although it seems silly to display it right now when we still have a healthy covering of snow on the ground, it's all ready for when spring actually comes to the Northland.  ('Round about mid-June most years.  Kidding.  Sort of.)  It's hand quilted, too. 

Now.  Do I finish the two projects (a baby quilt and a full-size couch quilt) that have been giving me the evil-eye stare every time I enter my quilt room?  Or do I start on another new project?  Hee-hee, so hard to decide . . . without letting that little guilt voice, "Finish what you've started," enter into the picture!


wisps of words said...

Don't know what *Photo thing* you have on your computer... On my iMac *Photo thing*, there is a "place" to "Rotate" your photo. So there, I can turn it, so the top is at the top, when it posts.

Your Dear Daughter can tell you, where you have this "ability," on your Photo thing. :-)

Not that it is necessary. Just sayin' how I do it, and I'm sure, you have the *means* to do it too.

🌱 🌸 🌱 🌷 🌱

wisps of words said...

SO-MUCH-WORK!!!! And yes, I mean the caps!!!!! So much work! You are amazing!

My solution to your what-to-do-next-dilemma?

Put the still-to-be-done projects, under a blanket or in the bottom of some drawer or some such. Then, without them *eyeing* you... Pick exactly what _you_ want to do next.

No Joyful Quilt Room, should bring you any *guilt*!

I sezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... >,-))))

🌱 🌸 🌱 🌷 🌱

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Yep, I have the option on my picture editing where I can rotate a picture up, down, sideways, etc. and have done that a gazillion times when necessary, but today, although I did edit this pic to be right side up, every time I download it to my blog, it comes out sideways. And I "re-did" it umpteen times, without the desired result of having it right side up! ('Splain that to me, Lucy.)

A lot of work quilting, perhaps, but as we all know, if it's something we enjoy doing, it's not "work!" I marvel at all the searching and "work" you do on the computer to come up with your gorgeous pictures and illustrations!

With your encouragement, I will now march into my quilt room, fold up those two unfinished projects and put them where the sun don't shine. ;o)

Leigh said...

I love your color choices for both of them.

New cameras are always a challenge! You'll have yours figured out in now time. :)

Sparkless said...

Ohhh those are so pretty! Quilting is are so you should quilt what you want to even though those already started projects are giving you the eye. LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - This new/old camera is supposed to enable me to take and post better pictures (sigh) but I think there's still going to be operator error! It's just me and mechanical things. Although, daughter fiddled and fiddled last night to fix my sideways picture (we even took a new picture), we couldn't get it to load right. She said she's never seen anything like that happen. No plausible explanation. Computer gremlins??

Sparkless - You very supportive readers are leading me down the path of wishy-washy-ness and not finishing what I start! But both those unfinished pieces I do like so I know I'll buckle down and complete them. Sometime. ;o)

Sam I Am...... said...

Those are precious quilts! I could use a nice spring table runner because Sping is really here in the south. Flowers and trees are blooming and I need to get gardening! It is early this year so it will be for you too! Keep an eye out! I would start a new project....your reward for those 2 finishes!

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - I'm adding you to the Enabler Club! (Keep encouraging me to do what feels good. Sometimes that's the best [only?] way!) Boy, I sure am hoping we get an early spring this year. The past several have been VERY cold and late. Someone said early this week that our last "early" spring was in 2014. We gardeners neeeeed as long a season as we can get up here so bring on spring time!

Nancy In Boise said...

Love your quilts! You do such great work I know the creators are always the harshest critics haha. I still prefer using an actual camera and use the free software Picasa for editing and tweaking then I can upload from there on my PC. But that's just me I don't like relying just on phones. for me personally I would try to getsome of the old quilts done that are bugging you I'd get those done first.Happy almost spring!

Mama Pea said...

Nancy - Aha! A vote for the "finish what you've started" side of things! :o) I'll admit I'm of that same mind, but then is finishing a task ever as exciting as starting a new one? Well . . . yes, for the satisfaction of getting something done, done, done! And as far as quilted pieces go, you sure can't use it if it isn't completed! Thanks for you always upbeat comments! said...

Nice small quilts. I can see the work in them. Time consuming. There's a sound of content in your writing. Keep it up for as long as you can!! Spring will be here before you know it. Enjoy your special time !!

Mama Pea said...

linnellnickerson - We've been having a light rain all day today and, you're right! Our snow is going and my quilting time is going, too. Soon I'll be outside most of the daylight hours and then I'm too pooped :o) to spend time in my quilting room at night. But that's fine as there is a time for everything. Thanks for your nice words.

Granny Sue said...

So pretty! I share you camera pain--I got a new phone and it's making me crazy.

Mama Pea said...

Granny Sue - We folks of a certain age (ahem) truly have a harder time with all this modern technology, to my (dinosaur's) mind anyway, than the younger generations. When my dear daughter tries to explain something computer-related to me, it seems she zips through it so quickly (after all, it's second nature to her) that I'm left in the dust and have to ask the same questions over and over. And if I don't write it down (or ask her to make me a cheat sheet), I can't for the life of me remember it when I try to do it later. Sigh. Just leave me alone in my quilt room with my treadle sewing machine. Kidding about the treadle machine . . . but I do have one!

Susan said...

It is always so hard to finish projects because there are so darn many new ones that look even better! I'd say, compromise - start something new and do a little bit every once in a while on one of the WIPs (the easiest one, of course)! I love those wall hangings. You are soooo talented, you are. xo

Mama Pea said...

Susan - You give good advice. And also flatter me unduly! Here it is almost 5 p.m. on Friday and I haven't had a second to go into my quilt room so am no farther ahead on picking out fabric for my newest creation than I was 48 hours ago. Maybe when I do get in there, the old light bulb will go on and I'll know just what to do. Or not. ;o)

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