Sunday, January 5, 2020

I'm A Success!

Here we are, a whole five days into the New Year, and I've done a good job of spending more time in my quilt room.  How long can I stay so disciplined?  And let all the rest of my multitudinous tasks I should be working on list go neglected?  No matter.  Nothing has come back to bite me in the posterior (yet), and I'm having a great time.

I made the center blocks (well, most of them anyway) for this baby quilt a long time ago and then they got stashed away in the land of unfinished projects.  Recently, I came upon them, dove into my (very large) collection of 30s fabrics, and made a few more of the blocks to finish out the center and then added the borders.  I finished the machine quilting yesterday and put on the binding.  This quilt measures about 33" x 39".  Done.  Done.  Done, done, DONE!

I'm also in the process of working on yet another UFO (where do they all come from?) which is this slightly larger baby quilt measuring 35" x 40".  

The center of the star blocks have different pictures of cute, yellow ducklings in various poses. 

Often I have to leave a quilt on my design wall where I can look at it for a certain amount of time before I figure out how I want to quilt it.  That's the stage this one is at now.

This decorating idea (using miniature quilts on shelves) is one I've seen in several books and magazines and have had a yearning to try myself.

Toward that end, yesterday I made this miniature quilt, measuring 12" square, and finished hand quilting it last night while Papa Pea and I were relaxing and chatting in front of our living room open fire.  I'm eager to see how I can incorporate it onto a shelf in my quilt room (and maybe a couple more?), but first the room (bookshelves, mainly) needs a good cleaning and a bit of rearranging.

It's a good thing Papa Pea always encourages me to leave the Christmas tree and other decorations up longer than most people do after the holidays because even though I was planning on packing it all away this weekend, I've gone completely off the rails and have been happily creating (happy hands, happy heart!) while holed up in my quilt room.  And it feels GREAT!


Karren said...

Love your designs, and congratulations on starting the new year out right by spending creative sewing time. Lovely work!

Goatldi said...

Perfect all the way around!

DFW said...

Sounds like you are having a fun relaxing time. And, making good progress on your UFOs. Good for you!

Leigh said...

I thought maybe you got snowed in!

I love your quilt posts. Your work is so pretty.

I keep meaning to dig out some of my old UFOs, but then I'd have to do something with them!

Mama Pea said...

Karren - Thanks so much! I've heard some people believe what you do on New Year's Day will be what you do all year long. Kinda far-fetched, I agree, but just in case, I quilted on January 1st!

Goatldi - Perfect? Yeah, making time to quilt is perfect! ;o)

DFW - The thing is I keep finding more of the darn UFOs! I never suspected I'd stuck so many out of sight! Bad, Mama Pea, Bad.

Leigh - We got about 2" more of snow today, but the temp is still hovering around 30°. So warm for this time of year. Thank you so much for saying you like my quilt posts. If I keep accomplishing things, I'll keep posting!

Kristina said...

Wowza! Look at you go!

Vera said...

Lovely quilts, and such patience too! And I am glad that you giving yourself time to be who you want to be rather than loading yourself down with all the things you think you should be doing!

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - The threads in my quilt room have been a'flyin'! :o)

Vera - It's hard to achieve that perfect (even UNperfect!) balance between the shoulds and wanna dos!

Hill Top Post said...

Your quilts are beautiful! Those pretty little quilts surely can dress up an otherwise rather dull spot! Best wishes for a wonderful new year. And, happy stitching!

wisps of words said...

Pretty new Header!!!

This is such a wonderful post! I am so happy for you. You have spent quality time, at your quilting. Which you love doing. And which is thus, good for you, to do.

No one has to put Christmas away, at any certain time. We certainly don't. -smile-

And I have no desire for that Empty House January Feeling. Noooo... It that makes people happy... Fine. It simply does not make everyone happy.

Again, this is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful post. I can feel your Joy. Right from your typed words, which have flown through Cyber, and landed on my computer. And I am so happy for you!!!!!


Lynne said...

Such a happy post!! Your where your heart wants to be and it's a great to see all the wonderful Quilts you've done. Nice idea about the small Quilt,shelf hanging. All my Christmas decorations are still up. It's sort of fun looking at them!! xo

Mama Pea said...

Hill Top Post - Thanks for all your nice words and well wishes. Sending Happy New Year wishes to you, too!

wisps of words - I'm making time to do the creative things that feed my soul by your badgering . . . oops, I meant to say encouraging me to do so! ;o)

To combat the "drabness" around here after taking down the holiday decorations, my "winter" decorations go up. Maybe not quite as sparkly, but cheery nonetheless!

Lynne - Good to hear your Christmas decorations are still up. I'm really dragging my feet in taking ours down as my hubby wants them left up a bit longer. I really like them, too, but the task of taking them down is kinda hanging over my head . . .

Sam I Am...... said...

Beautiful quilts! I hope you continue to visit your quit room often this year. I know I do between Christmas and New Years but then other things start popping up and quilting gets pushed aside...I am hoping this year will be different! Happy New Year and Happy Quilting!

Unknown said...

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