Sunday, December 29, 2019

A Holiday Snow

The following few paragraphs were written Saturday night, December 28th:

They say ("they" can certainly cover a lot of ground) we have a big storm coming our way.  I wish it was to be all snow, but the temperatures are supposed to be right at the freezing point so we're warned to watch out for a rain/snow/ice mix.  Not the kind of winter weather anyone wants to see.  We're looking for it to start tonight and hang around until sometime Monday.

We're fully prepared for such weather having as much food, of course, as we could possibly want to ride out any nasty weather, and the wood box on the enclosed porch is piled high with a double load of dry wood along with the two wood holders inside the house which are filled to the brim.

It's not unusual for us to have a spate of winter weather right around Christmas so this is not surprising.  There are certain things that must be done outside every day to keep our little place going, but other than that I'm kind of looking forward to tomorrow and possibly Monday being enjoyed without doing anything extra.  I have two books I ordered from the library that I'd love to dive into.

Did I mention I've been ordering holiday themed movies from the library for us to watch during the time leading up to Christmas and through New Year's?  Darn, but a couple/few of them have been returned unwatched (where does the time go in each 24-hour period, where?!), but we currently have two here waiting that I picked up earlier this past week.  The weather just may turn out to be conducive to actually picking a time for both of us to sit down and watch them.

And here I am again, Sunday, December 29th:

We woke to this snow covering this morning.  The temp has stayed a degree above or below 34° and the snow is about as heavy as can be.  At that temp, why is it snowing rather than raining?

Morning chores entailed clearing off poultry houses, steps and walkways.  Since the snow isn't predicted to be over until sometime tomorrow, we won't do much more clearing until then.  The forecast says we may get rain with this storm, too, which won't be much fun at all.

When we got up this morning, I had visions of spending a good portion of the day in my quilt room but you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men . . . and apparently me, too, as I haven't made it in there yet.  Papa Pea just said he's going outside to do a little more shoveling (the guy really knows how to have fun) so I'll probably guilt myself into clearing off the front deck and wooden walkways on either side.  If this snow continues as predicted, it will definitely be easier to clear off the 4-5" of wet stuff we have . . . than waiting until we get more . . . or it becomes soaked with rain.  


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

You must be getting all of our snow! We are currently above freezing, mild, rainy. I know it won't last, but it's odd. Do take time in your quilting room, too. -Jenn

tpals said...

We started with lots of rain, ended with about 8 inches of snow and another 4 inches possible. Just watching the wind move it all around and wishing I didn't have to work every day. Stay warm!

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - Our temps (except for one cold snap) have been above normal, too. As witnessed by our snow at 34°. Better for vehicles, animals, plants and humans than 34 below! I was in my quilt room (trying to stay quiet) for a while already this morning while hubby was still sleeping. Laundry and ironing day, but I'll try to get back in there now and then. :o)

tpals - We've had wind with our snow, too, but the snow is so wet it doesn't seem to be moving much. Yep, going out to work every day is the pits. :o( Kinda of takes up your whole day, doesn't it?

R's Rue said...

Beautiful. Happy 2020.

Mama Pea said...

R's Rue - Wishing you the very best that 2020 can bring!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

We are not getting snow, but high winds and lots of rain here.

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - Those high winds are no fun in my book! Shouldn't your temps be lower than for rain now? No snow on the ground at all so far?

Goatldi said...

Clear and cold. Low 50’s at best for highs usually more like high 40’s and high 20’s to high 30’s over nights. Lite frost’s and two days hard frost but not long enough to kill my veggies. So the snap peas and winter greens are still with us.

Cockeyed Jo said...

What I like about snow is that it makes everything so pretty even the junk pile. In the mid 60s here no snow in the forecast but rain and more rain.

wisps of words said...

Well, it sounded nice, didn't it????????? -grin-

But you get heavy snow, instead.

Here, we have loads of rain. But I am fine, since there was ice predicted, or the chance of it.

Poor Weather People... It is not an exact science, and I feel sorry for them.... If they did not warn of possible bad happenings, and they came to pass, people would be mad at the Weather People, for not warning. But when bad weather does not materialize, people are mad at them, for "scaring" them. They can't win!

🌲 🏡 🌲

Lynne said...

The picture of the snow looks pretty. We are getting wind and rain.The weather report said you were to get freezing rain and possible snow. I guess they were right. New Year's eve is suppose to be overcast here. Hope you find time to be in your quilt room! Take care!

Sam I Am...... said...

I saw on the radar where you were getting snow. I wish it was me but it's pretty unusual here. So cozy to be all stocked and ready! I used to love that on my little was the best! I had my wood burner and the farm lights to see what was going on outside and I baked and read and sewed! I don't always get my sewing in either. There's always something more important or necessary to do and I'm retired! Tomorrow...hopefully! LOL!

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Oh, fresh greens from the garden at this time of year? Be still my heart. And taste buds.

Cockeyed Jo - That is SO true that snow covers up a multitude of sins! (Well, maybe it's not that strong, but you know what I mean.)

wisps of words - You are so kind to stick up for the weather people. Sometimes (okay, I'm being a smidge bit nasty) I think they dramatize the weather predictions just so they have something to talk about or as a way of gaining attention. Seems to me that lately they've gotten it wrong more than right. But maybe predicting the weather can't be more accurate. Maybe. ;o}

Lynne - I got the laundry and ironing out of the way (plus a couple of other little must do tasks by noon today. Went into my quilt room and started doing some sorting and straightening and then . . . don't remember exactly what happened, but I never got back in there again. Tomorrow. Yes, TOMORROW! I will be in there tomorrow!

Sam I Am - You sound like me: TOMORROW! So many parts of the country are getting a lot of rain now. We got more snow this afternoon (no great amount) and the temp is supposed to drop into the teens tonight. Things will be crunchy out there in the morning!

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