Sunday, November 24, 2019

Is It Winter Yet?

Yes.  And no.  We've had colder weather than usual so far this fickle weather month of November, right along with alternating spells of temperatures above freezing which makes . . . 

. . . for icy conditions.

I ventured into town last Friday and was glad to make it back home without sustaining bodily harm by falling on the horribly icy conditions on sidewalks, side streets and parking lots.  I simply don't understand why merchants these days aren't afraid of being sued by someone falling and seriously injuring themselves trying to get into or out of places of business.

Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching for those of us living here in the States.  I don't like the fact that it falls so late in the month this year.  That really shortens the time before Christmas, at least in my mind.

Last night I pulled out some felted wool ornaments I started to make after the holidays last year and am hoping to get them completed in time to hang on our tree or possibly soon enough to send off and have them arrive as little tree trinkets for others.  I'd better get on the stick if I want that to happen.

Today appears to be a mild one again.  Up to the mid-40s already at mid-morning and lots of sun streaming in our south windows.  However, more rain/snow/sleet is forecast for tonight and into tomorrow.  But I suppose that's just the way it often is in this unpredictable weather month of November.  We'll survive.


Hill Top Post said...

November is a fickle one, for sure! You have started early shoveling snow and ice! It may be a long winter. We haven't had much snow here for the past three winters, but I have a feeling our luck may run out this year. I love your wool ornaments! What fun!

wisps of words said...

Similar weather over on this side of our Beautiful Country. Kind not-sure-of-itself weather. -smile-

Do not like ice! Do not understand your merchants, not throwing Halite out, on their sidewalks!!!!!!!!

Hope you have time, to enjoy making those ornaments. That's the important part (IMHO)... The fun of making.

I don't even like Thanksgiving, _any_ time in Nov. Canada has the more appropriate time. Again, IMHO. -grin-

IMHO~~~~In My Humble Opinion


wisps of words said...

Ooops... should read;

Kind OF not-sure-of-itself-weather....


Mama Pea said...

Hill Top Post - We had such early cold weather and snow that I thought we had really started an early winter. But the trade winds (or something) blew in with above freezing temps and it all melted. Then the blasted freezing stuff came and . . . well, you know how that goes!

wisps of words - Yep, I've said many times that I wish our Thanksgiving would fall in October like Canada's does. So much more sensible. I really dislike the rush of Thanksgiving then Christmas then New Year's. Let's spread out the fun, folks. (And all that food!)

Lynne said...

Thanksgiving is late this year, which I'm not crazy about either. My mind seems to be going full steam ahead with all the things I have to do! I like the felted ornaments. What a great idea.We haven't had the ice like you've got thank goodness. Be super careful. Have Happy Holidays!!

Goatldi said...

Good grief don’t they or the local municipality salt sidewalks and / or streets? It is a very bad no good feeling when one knows they are going down a slippery sloop and can’t right themselves.

I am experiencing the first winter storm in my new home. Ran my buns off in town combining a food holiday and a winter storm makes for crazy in a one grocery town.

However I found among other things a nice local winery produced Zinfandel and am sipping before I put the chowder on for dinner. And have fired up my 1975 Vermont casting stove . Bliss with knitting in hand.

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - There's currently a dangerous icy coating on everything outside here right now. On the public streets, the highway department can't seem to keep up with it. Now they say we may get heavy snows tonight and into tomorrow. Can't help but think that will actually help with the ice problem, but won't be good for the "traveling day" before Thanksgiving. Well, it is winter time!

Goatldi - Your glass of zinfandel sounds WONDERFUL. Especially with knitting in hand. I may grab something like that as soon as I get ready for bed tonight.

Our yard is terribly ice coated. Papa Pea landed flat on his back this morning. The bucket of feed for the poultry landed upright (!), but the bucket of food scraps had to be gathered with a shovel. Happy to say, he didn't hurt himself at all. Praise be! Happy Thanksgiving!

Leigh said...

Snow, oh my. After our cold snap we went back to mild weather. Hard to feel holidayish with weather like that! Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.