Saturday, November 30, 2019

Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree

Did I fool anyone?  Even a little bit?

When we plow snow from the area in back of our house (and main entrance), we have to make a rather sharp left hand turn to go farther back and around our semi-circular driveway.  It's a tight turn with our 9' wide snowplow blade and Papa Pea has been threatening (for about 20 years) to cut down a tree that's too close to the plow path. 

The tree was removed yesterday and the turn is now considerably widened.  He dropped the tree exactly where he wanted it, and we should now be able to make the turn without the usual "back and forthing."

Just in time for the predicted heavy snow coming this afternoon through tomorrow.  But will we really get it?  So far, all the appreciable amounts of snow have gone south of us.  What does Old Man Winter have against all of us snow lovers up here in northernmost Minnesota? 


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Makes me think of Christmas Vacation where Clark Griswold brings home the giant tree, roots and all. Maybe you could have cut off the very top and used it as a Christmas tree? -Jenn

wisps of words said...

Fooled me.... A tiny bit... -grin-

Good job done. Need to make driveways, as simple as possible. It's one of those (few) things, we _can_ do, to simplify life.

We are expecting a bit of a *duzzzy* of a storm, possibly. Seems they usually don't pan out, quite as bad, as possible.... But... Be prepared is the wise way to go.

Hope you get some snow! It's just not fair! -pout- You want it! Go tell Mother Nature that hu?????? NOOOOOO!!!! She is a fickle Ol'Gal and she might just dump wayyy tooo much on you. -gigggles-

Hooray for Christmas Decorating Time beginning, though...

🎄 😊 🎄

World of Animals, Inc said...

We are so very excited for Christmas almost here. We are decorating the office this weekend and we already watched Christmas Vacation on Thanksgiving night. It never gets old. Thanks for the share. Have a wonderful rest of your day.
World of Animals

Leigh said...

"He dropped the tree exactly where he wanted it." Those words always please me, 'cuz I know it doesn't always work that way! They can be so unpredictable when they fall. Always a relief when a tree cooperates. Any chance you can use the top 5 or 6 feet for a Christmas tree?

NanaDiana said...

It looks like we are supposed to get 'the big snow', too, but I don't plan on it until I see it. lol
Glad you got the tree down so Papa Pea could could make a tongue twister out of that--Papa Pea Plows Practically and Purposefully...say that ten times fast. lol xo Diana

Hill Top Post said...

Of course it had to come down, but I am sure you were a bit sad to have to do it I would be all sentimental about it, but my husband wouldn't give it another thought. I hope you'll get your big snow! We want just a teeny tiny one! :~)

Michelle said...

I had the same thought as Leigh; use the top as your Christmas tree!

I don't know if we're putting up a tree this year. So much going on and Rick is going to be gone for eight full days; no one seems to have a burden to do it here. Fine with me; I'm not blue or anything, just not feeling festive.

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - No need to use the top as our tree this year as two years ago we took the big step and bought an artificial tree. I ordered it on line and totally freaked myself out before it arrived thinking I'd made a big mistake, but when it arrived we were very pleased. It looks close to "real" so now the hunt for a tree each year is over. But both daughter and I went to work with nippers in hand and cut quite a few boughs to use from the downed tree.

wisps of words - So far, the "big" storm is all south of us. Again. I think our expected snowfall has now been downgraded to just a few inches. Rats.

World of Animals - Thanks and same to you!

Leigh - Papa Pea "helped" this tree go in the appointed direction by putting a little pressure on it with the raised tractor bucket. We've taken down oodles of trees and I'm always a little nervous until they are safely on the ground. If we hadn't gotten an artificial tree a couple of years ago (don't hate me), we would have used the top of this tree this year.

NanaDianna - I think I'm going to suggest to Papa Pea that he use your tongue twister while he's plowing this winter! ;o)

Hill Top Post - You and I feel the same way about taking down trees and my husband and yours feel the same way about taking down trees! Especially the big ones. Even if a tree is planted right now, we probably wouldn't be around to see it grow as big as some of the ones we've had to move because of safety. :o(

Michelle - As I've shared above, we're very happy with our "fake" tree. The biggest advantage of it, as far as I'm concerned, is that it came with permanent strings of lights on it. Neither Papa Pea nor I enjoyed stringing the lights on our "real" trees and one of us always ended up gnashing our teeth! Now there is no more hassle involved with that little task. But daughter and I both harvested boughs to use in decorating from the downed tree.

I can't imagine not having our tree up for the season, but if all three of you are okay with not putting yours up, then that's the way you should go. Good for you if you make that decision and it feels good to you.

Goatldi said...

Enjoying watching the magic vicariously through you😂

Much enjoying blog reading inside with the wind and rain outside. It was no accident that I choose to live at an elevation where snow can occur but it most often won’t accumulate in any large amounts. After those years in Nor Cal especially the few I was chief cook and bottle washer this girl is sitting it out. Sigh I suppose I just jinxed myself.

Good job as everyone else has expressed hitting the sweet spot with a tree takes 99% skill which can be blown away by 1% of mind if its own. 🙃

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - You are one wise lady. There comes a time in one's life when making it all as easy as possible counts for a lot. Now you can sit inside in comfort, watch the snow come down, enjoy that aspect of it . . . but not have to worry about moving it or being able to get around in it. Have a good, good weekend!

Goatldi said...

Awe you are too sweet. But I spent some time putting a footing of ply wood up at the ground level in 20 plus mph winds on the barn after I sent the original post. From now on “mums tne word”😊

The Wykeham Observer said...

I think you wanted to fool us into thinking you have the highest ceilings in Minnesota! Phil

Sam I Am...... said...

Good for you guys....a tree for Christmas and an easier path to plow! I am jealous of any snow you get! I know, easy for me to say and after being down here for 14 years I wonder if I could handle it anymore? I hope I get a chance to see! Stay cozy!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Thanks one big tree, lol! Glad you got it cut down for more room.

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - You're still a gal to be admired 'cause sometimes ya just gotta do what ya gotta do! And you do a good job of taking care of your own. (Plus, I suspect a few other people -- and maybe critters, too.)

Phil - Wouldn't decorating a tree like that be a major pain? ;o}

Sam I Am - The heavy snow predicted for us gave us only a bare covering. In spots, anyway, as we had wind and some of the ground is bare. No snow plowing required!

Kristina - Yep, it will make for much easier snow plowing. It was time for it to go.

Susan said...

You got me, all right. I think I gasped and then did a whole lotta mental gymnastics, trying to figure out how you were going to set that baby up! I even imagined a whole cut out into Papa Pea's office! It's funny how long we can put up with an inconvenience and then, all of a sudden, we've had enough! As far as snow goes, shall I send you some? Say a foot or two? xo