Sunday, November 10, 2019

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Our winter weather has arrived in one heckuva big hurry.  We woke to a light dusting of snow yesterday morning and none of it has melted yet.

What's more, the weather for the beginning of this coming week is going to be much colder than we usually get this early in the winter season.

How about a low tonight of 6°F?  A high of 13°F tomorrow and down to 4°F tomorrow night?  Oh, ya, winter has arrived.

"Welcome, winter.  Your late dawn
and chilled breath make me lazy,
but I love you nonetheless."
                            - Terri Guillemets 

"Winter is the time for comfort,
for good food and warmth,
for the touch of a friendly hand
and for a talk beside the fire:
it is time for home."
                               - Edith Sitwell


(We've kept this fire in the kitchen
wood stove going all day.)

"The fire is winter's fruit."
                          - Arabian Proverb 

I've definitely been hit with a bout of lazy today, and I'm enjoying our good food, and am planning on plunking myself on the couch in front of the open living room fire for a few hours tonight.   Welcome, winter!


Goatldi said...

Just love it!

A well deserved plop indeed 💕

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Winter is arriving here today. So glad we got wood cut.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Not sure I'm embracing winter in quite the same way! We lost quite a bit of our snow due to rain yesterday, but when I looked out this morning, it seems we've had a dusting of snow again overnight. You won't run out of wood this year! -Jenn

Cockeyed Jo said...

No snow here, just rainy and cold. On my agenda today bury Herbie, our terrier mix that died on Sunday. Mourn his loss. Pick up more kindling (yard debris sticks and branches) in the big trashcan to dry in the workshop for the wood stove. I might spin some plies for yarn later. It's a blah day.

Hill Top Post said...

And, that cold is already moving into here. We should be in the teens tonight. There's nothing like a hot wood fire to warm one up on a cold winter's day. It looks like you are well stocked with firewood, so hopefully you will have plenty to get you through the winter.

Susan said...

Isn't it interesting that, after whinging and carrying on about the fact that winter refused to end in March, I am now all glowy-eyed at the prospect of its return. We are getting snow and Arctic temps starting today, with the temps in single digits all week. And I am giddy about it! Hygge for all! I almost couldn't get past those biscuits on your header...

Nancy In Boise said...

I saw the cold front on the news, brrrr. Too mild and dry here, maybe some rain here Sat.

Lynne said...

That was so well put, the way you described winter. The quiche looked so good. Nice comfort food. It's always good when you can pluck down on the couch. Knitting? reading or just relaxing? xo

wisps of words said...

Ohhhhh, look at that New Header!!!!!!!!!

So lovely to have open fires, which are used for heat. There is nothing to compare. But of course, we'd not be able to prepare the wood, so........

How could one not take it easy, with it being so cold out, and so comfy and cozy in????? It would be un-natural, to not need to hunker down!!!!!!! -smile-

And yours sounds deeeeelightful...


Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - My body is telling me I need to move into hibernation/rest time. I'm ready, I'm ready!

Kristina - Wood, wood, wood. Can't believe how much we're burning on a day-to-day basis already. Temps hovering just above zero so early in the season! Glad you got a big chunk of wood put by.

Jenn - We've actually got enough wood under cover right now for two years! Boy, does that feel good. The way this winter season is starting out with such cold temps, I'm hoping we don't burn more than a year's worth this year!!

J.L. Murphey - Of course it's a hard day that leaves you without much energy or oompf for anything when you have to say your final good-bye to a beloved pet. So sorry to hear you lost your Herbie. Send a warm hug.

Hill Top Post - Yes, and the wood we'll burn this year is seasoned well which is a good feeling. I had to be gone most of the day yesterday and it was so cold that it took me a couple of hours in the late afternoon to get warmed up when I got home. I guess my winter blood hasn't adjusted yet!

Susan - Good for you and your eagerness for a cozy, hygge winter! I know I'll be there as soon as I give my body a little bit of a rest. Gotta admit, the pic of those biscuits do look good this time of year. Must make that recipe soon!

Nancy - But you've already had one good snow covering, haven't you?

Lynne - Reading, knitting, snoozing (!) and going through some cook books to pick out some "winter-ish" food recipes I've been wanting to try!

wisps of words - Papa Pea just bundled up and is walking out to get the mail. I declined to go since I slept badly last night and find myself with no oompf today. The fresh air would have probably been good for me . . . if it didn't knock me down!

Rain said...

The stacked wood looks great! I'd love to sit by a warm fire!!

Mama Pea said...

Rain - There's nothing so comforting in the winter time than the radiant heat from a good wood burning stove! These two Jotuls of ours (we have the same model in the kitchen and the living room) are cast iron and are air tight with the door closed which is the way we use them most of the time. But if we want an open fire in the living room in the evening, the door slides underneath, we put the screen in the opening and we have a crackling fire to watch. So nice. :o)

The Wykeham Observer said...

The photo of your firewood storage is a picture of peace.

Goatldi said...

Ok lady I can’t stand it any more! Please post your recipe for those biscuits 🙏

Every time I check in with you it slaps me alongside the eyes and I am already hungry. Just taking a coffee break (first of the day) between chores. Good will come later.

Mama Pea said...

Phil - As the old saying goes, a wood shed full of seasoned wood is worth more than money in the bank. The pictures with this post partially show our "big" wood shed and our "small" wood shed. This year, since we wanted to clear up all the unprocessed wood back in our wood working area, we constructed another make-shift shed using the wooden high sides for our flat bed trailer and will cover it with a tarp once we get the last of the split wood in it. Unless we have a very cold, unusually cold (!), winter this year, we should have enough wood for two years put by. Yes, PEACE for sure. Lovely way to put it!

Goatldi - Your wish is my command, m'dear. Go over to my right hand side bar and scroll waaaaay down to the Search box, and type in Taking On Red Lobster. That's the name of a post I did along with the recipe for the biscuits. The post should pop right up for you. :o)

Sam I Am...... said...

I've always wanted a fireplace in the kitchen and in the about every room in the house? I am tired too and I have so much to do....why is that? Hibernation?