Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Fourth of July Decorations

Here are some of my 4th of July decorations I've put up around the house for the holiday.  I think I promised to show these about two weeks ago, but I was a bad girl and have neglected to so until now.  Given that the holiday is tomorrow, it's now or never!

Apologies beforehand for the poor quality of most of these pictures.  Most were taken when the sun was shining too brightly in through the windows.

This banner of little flags hangs from a book shelf over our kitchen table.  (Looks as though somebody had better climb up to straighten those books.  Fast.  And dust while you're at it, too, please.)

A red, white and blue wall hanging is between our two big kitchen windows.

I made this runner several years ago and always meant to make two more for the kitchen.

It goes on this storage unit which is a shelf below my little kitchen TV.

One of the new runners I made this year turned out a little . . .  well, garish if you ask me.  I think I got carried away with the design and find I'm not particularly fond of it.  I guess that happens sometimes when you just let the creative juices flow unchecked.

I put it on top of the storage unit that holds the telephone.  (Yep, we still have a land line.)  Looks as though the runner could use some heavy pressing with the steam iron.

This second one came out much plainer because I was still suffering from the visual overload of the other one.

It's on a shelf unit next to the back door.  The basket holds library books to be returned.

Mr. Bear wishes all of you a very festive, enjoyable 4th of July spent in your favorite way!


Michelle said...

Sigh; so festive. I'm seasonal-decorating-challenged.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Happy fourth of July to you! -Jenn

wisps of words said...

If you can't go overboard, on color, on 4th of July decor, when can you???????????? ,-))))) Everything looks lovely and festive.

Do enjoy your picnic, today!!!

We have Real Summer here now! I even had to turn on the A/C last night, for a while. But got up later, and turned it off, and opened windows.

I hate to use A/C, more than is really needed. I hate to have to get all closed up, in nice weather. And why use more energy, than is really necessary?

Happy 4th of July to you!!!!!


Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Beautiful! I didn't do any decor other than our flag outside and flag pillows on the outdoor sofa. No celebration get together with family, as Hubby has to work tonight.

Rain said...

Dust? What's that? Happy 4th of July Mama Pea :) Your banners are very nice and I love Mr. Bear! You know my love for holiday decorating...I'm so glad to see you are doing it too! :)

Elizabeth said...

The runner that you think is garish looks just fine to me.

87 degrees here at noontime, summer is really here now.
I'm spending an awful lot of time running here and there watering plants and pots. Hubby just rolls his eyes and says don't complain, you know you enjoy everything about flowers and plants and gardens (do I have to tell him he's right?!)

Happy 4th to you and your family.

Lynne said...

Love your Quilted runners, They came out good. I wonder why we always think our work isn't as good as we think it should be! That's how I feel sometimes too.You have a happy fourth of July!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - I started decorating for the seasons and holidays when our daughter was born in an effort to make things stimulating, colorful and festive for her. A couple of years after that my husband said that he hoped when our daughter grew up and flew the coop I would never stop with the decorating because he looked forward to it and liked it so much. How could I not keep decorating now??

Jenn - The same to you! I hope you didn't eat too many hot dogs as I did . . . oooof.

wisps of words - Hope you had a lovely holiday, too. Last night was our first night that the temp remained too high and we were both up prowling around at midnight. We don't have AC but got the big exhaust fan going in the attached garage, opened the proper doors and windows and that did the trick. Heavenly!

Kristina - With all your husband's overtime lately one would think you'd be rich! (Ha, ha, why doesn't it work that way?) It's okay not to have a big celebration on the 4th. Being with those near and dear to you is most important.

Rain - Now they come down tomorrow and full-blown summer decorations go up. Our weather seems to be full-blown summer now, too!

Elizabeth - Aw, thanks for the kind words. Sometimes I think our plants and gardens are like newborn babies. You can't leave them alone or not pay attention to them or it all goes wrong. We need rain badly right now and if the forecasted precipitation doesn't happen tonight, I'll be watering with the hose tomorrow!

Lynne - With our own handwork, we know every little, itty-bitty thing that isn't perfect (ha, I've given up on that!) and I think we have an idea in our minds when we start to create and if the final product doesn't look like that, we're disappointed. I read somewhere that if don't fail at least 50% of the time when we're creating, we're not learning or improving. Well, I've got my 50% covered! :o]

Goatldi said...

Lovely decorating goodies! Happy 4th Mama Pea!

Anonymous said...

Happy fifth and summer weekend. Your decor is really pretty and festive and love it! Summer has arrived bringing mosquitoes, and flies, and beetles. (not the black biter flies, just the annoying germy ones)
Happy weekend!


Nancy In Boise said...

Nice! Didn't have time to post mine either

Lynne said...

Me too! More than 50%! Hope you had a happy 4th. Our day today is very, very humid.

The Wykeham Observer said...

I wouldn't call the runner garish at all, just "stylized." Everything looks nice.

Susan said...

What a difference holiday decorating makes - I'm afraid I am very decorating challenged. I love that first runner - it is wonderful. I like ALL the runners - even the exuberant one. I'm going to have to whip myself into shape.