Monday, April 22, 2019

Mr. Bunny Draws A Name

I'm not running on all four cylinders today.  Feel a bit hung over . . . not from too much chocolate (or too much wine) yesterday.  Just the need to get out and going to an early morning meeting . . . and the memory of a really nice get together of friends and family for our Easter dinner accompanied with great conversation yesterday.  Who knew there were so many funny stories of one-room school houses and leaky air mattresses.

Papa Pea taught in a two-room school house (next small step up from a one-room) for five years.  Our daughter was in his class along with her best friend which spelled nothing but trouble for their teacher/dad.  Our good friend J spent all of her grade school in a one-room school over-populated with boys and no girls near her age.

Papa Pea and I recalled a night on one of our early camping trips with torrential rain flowing under our tent and his air mattress refusing to stay inflated.   In one of her first apartments, our friend A had nothing to sleep on but a leaky air mattress which she tried over and over to patch with packing tape and one night, in desperation, a wad of gum.

Dear daughter did the bulk of the food preparation yesterday with a little help from me.  Our friend A brought a wonderful roasted broccoli dish and J provided dessert of a cheesecake with fresh raspberries.  We figured each of our little slices of the luscious cheesecake held approximately 650 calories.

But I ramble.  On to the drawing for the table runner. 

I numbered your names as they came in, put the numbers 1 - 15 on slips of paper and had this Easter bunny sitting in his basket draw a number.  The winner is:

Number 10 which corresponds with the comment from ELIZABETH.

So if you, Elizabeth, will send me your mailing address via my Contact button on my right hand side bar, I'll get the runner off to you asap.

Thanks to all of you who entered and said such nice things about this quilted piece.  Hope you all had a lovely Easter.


Michelle said...

Good laughs with good people eating good food; who could ask for more? Well, I COULD ask for a table runner, but three cheers for Elizabeth. ;-)

wisps of words said...

Old time school houses!!!

My Kindergarten was one room, and not even in the "school" school. Which was a grand total of 3 rooms. But with 2 grades to each room. Grades 1-2, in "back" room. Grades 3-4, in a front room. Grades 5-6, in a bigger front room.

The room for Grades 1-2, had a regular door. But the rooms for 3-4, and 5-6, had a bigggg pocket door, between them. Really cool! Perhaps the building was used as a town center or something, previous to being the school. And the frame for the pocket door, was rather rounded. Almost giving the effect, of a stage on one side, and the audience, on the other.

-chuckle- See what you set me off on????? A Trip Down Memory Lane!

I'm sure your Dinner was lovely. Ours was too... Nice and quiet, at next door son's and family. When all the kids were younger, family dinners were not necessarily quiet. ,-)

wisps of words said...

Oh yes, Congratulations Elizabeth!

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Love your sense of humor, Lady Shepherdess!

wisps of words - I love it when other blogs jog my memory of things tucked away in my mind.

Talking about pocket doors, my grandma and grandpa's house was not grand or fancy by any stretch of the imagination but they did have a pocket door between the dining room and living room and it was huge. Made up the whole wall! Yep, memories . . .

Susan said...

I love hearing the stories of people's lives. And I would have paid any price for the opportunity to be a fly on the wall at your Easter celebration. All the members of our family who had great stories (I would say the entire side of my mom's family) are either gone or too old to remember anything after kindergarten. Congratulations, Elizabeth! And what a cute bunny!! xo

Goatldi said...

Congratulations Elizabeth!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - And then there is the random story told that either no one remembers but you (did I dream it??) or someone is embarrassed (or offended) by. Ooops. One of our guests (who shall remain nameless) and is very mild mannered and extremely kind, labeled her older sister a b!tc# in the telling of a very funny story. Would her sister have laughed if she had been present? Luckily, she was not!

Goatldi - Still waiting to hear from Elizabeth. Are you out there, Elizabeth??

Sam I Am...... said...

Congrats to Elizabeth and it sounds like you had a great Easter! Did you make that sweet bunny? So cute!

Elizabeth said...

Me, I won, really? No, can't be...I never win anything, ever!
Big grin on my face right now, thank you so, so much.

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - Yep, I went crazy one year and made a bunch of them to give away. I had white bunnies, pink bunnies, brown bunnies . . .

Elizabeth - I just wrote you a note after receiving your mailing address. Congratulations, and hope you enjoy the table runner!