Saturday, April 27, 2019

Am I Glad That's Over!

The past 24 hours on this ol' homestead have not been a piece of cake.  Or even a crumb of a cookie.

There is only a very, very low crawl space underneath what was the original part of our house (it was a dumpy cabin really) when we bought it.  Late yesterday afternoon, our dear daughter heard what sounded like a ticking or dripping coming from the area of the floor in our bedroom.

Well, turns out a joint fitting of one of our water pipes had loosened and was dripping.  In the crawl space.  Upon close inspection, we realized it had been leaking for quite a while.  There was a small wading pool on top of the white plastic we'd used to cover the dirt floor in an effort to keep mold from forming in the crawl space.  (Has worked well, too.)

We turned off the water, cut the pipe (had to take out a "T", too) and put a temporary cap on it.  And crossed our fingers that it would hold.  Then we turned the water back on and filled pots for washing, half gallon jars of drinking and cooking water, buckets for flushing the toilet, etc.

This morning began with a trip to the hardware store for supplies possibly needed.

Dear daughter went slithering into the crawl space with rags, turkey baster and a bucket to make a dry place for her dad to work after he spent some time at his work bench doing as much preliminary work as he could.

All of the following pictures are of poor quality, but it was the best I could get.

This is our daughter removing the water that had accumulated on top of the plastic.

Then she had to make her way back close enough to me at the opening to take the bucket and dump it.  Back and forth we went.

That's me reaching into the opening to the crawl space to retrieve a bucket to take outside to dump.

Once that was done, and Papa Pea had girded his loins, in he crawled to do the repairs.

Then daughter went in to hand him things and lend moral support.  What a sweetie she was.  I stayed on the outside so I could be the go-fer for any additional supplies they needed.

My poor husband has always had trouble working over his head while on his back so this was no picnic for him.  Fortunately, today he didn't get the bad headache and dizziness this position usually causes him.  A much appreciated turn of events from the usual.

Our daughter cancelled a work day of her own to stay and help us through this unpleasant repair.  I told her she should have known there would be days like this in her future when her dad had her helping lay block for a septic tank when she was nine years old.  Truth to tell, she's always been right there to help with lots of yucky jobs that need to be done.  I think we'll keep her.

A relief, needless to say, to have our water system back up and running.  Flowing.  And not leaking.  

Just another quiet, fun-filled 24 hours on the homestead.  Gak. 


Goatldi said...

Your family rocks!

Great teamwork and a excellent illustration of why as we put on more mileage we need to rethink and have support to execute what didn’t need more then the person executing the project and a potential helper.

Homesteading is not for the weak of heart!

Good photos.

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Thanks for saying the photos were good. Poor lighting and having to lie down to get a view into the crawl space. I had to delete a lot of them!

Doing a necessary but difficult job like that goes SO much better when people can work together and even laugh while doing it. Our daughter has always had a phobia about spiders and, of course, saw one as soon as she entered the crawl space. (Wouldn't ya know, but it was the only one she saw.) I gave her so much credit for overcoming that fear and doing what needed to be done. Now, if it had been me and I saw a snake in there . . . (((shudder)))

Michelle said...

Who raised that awesome woman?!? 😉

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

It's always something... but too bad this had to take place in a crawlspace! Way to go raising a child (daughter OR son) who can wield tools and lend a hand! -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Well, I think a parent can't help but wish they had been a better parent or done certain things differently when raising a child (or children) but whether we had anything to do with it or not, she is one talented, strong, caring individual. After finishing up here about 4:30 yesterday afternoon, she hopped in her vehicle and went to be with a good friend who was having a tough time of it. She's a good kid. (Kid? Can she still be a kid when her 48th birthday is coming up in a couple of months? And how the heck did that happen anyway?!)

Jenn - That crawl space has given us waaaay too many headaches. When we added on to this place, we put a full basement under the addition. Last night hubby announced he has plans to reroute all the pipes in the crawl space to a manifold in the (true) basement so everything can be maintained from there. Just another small job to put on the list!

Leigh said...

You have the absolute best dear daughter! What a blessing to have her so close.

wisps of words said...

Ohhhhh horrrrror!!!! Quelle horreur!!!!!! Mikä kauhu!!!!! Was für ein Horror!!!!!! 何の恐怖!!!! Ce oroare!!!!

Yes, what an awful day!!!

But you are lucky to have a daughter who jumps right in and does what is necessary. And a husband, who can do such things. And you, who can help in any/every way needed.


wisps of words said...

Just read your comment; "Last night hubby announced he has plans to reroute all the pipes in the crawl space to a manifold in the (true) basement so everything can be maintained from there."

Yessss!!!! Not something you _want_ to do. (Kind of like doing what was necessary, to move our bedroom downstairs.) But something that we know, is _NEEDED_ to be done!


Mama Pea said...

Leigh - You are so right! I sure drew the long straw on that whole project by not having to actually enter the crawl space. Although I was involved, I don't have sore elbows and knees this morning!

wisps of words - (Who knew you spoke so many languages?)

It was a rough day (and a half?) but certainly makes one appreciate those "conveniences" we tend to take for granted. Running water at the touch of a faucet, electricity at the flip of a switch, the ability to do everything we do each day without a hassle.

Yepper, there are always those tasks that we all do to make day to day living better. And safer. And more convenient and pleasant!

J.L. Murphey said...

Great daughter and team work!

Mama Pea said...

J.L. Murphey - And the whole team is glad to be done with the job!

Lynne said...

That reminded me of about five years ago, the bath room toilet up stairs, the line froze, What a mess. It came down thru the dining room ceiling! Thank goodness The house insurance paid for it all. Your daughter is quite wonderful and shows how much you love and care about each other. Glad that job is over with. Papa peas idea of moving the pipes sounds good. ox

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - Oh, that must have been a terrible mess! Only problem with hubby's good idea . . . another BIG project and more work in the crawl space to re-do (un-do) all the pipes! But once it was completed . . . heaven! ;o)

gld said...

Unfortunately, these things are just part of our life! You all impress me with how you can just jump in and fix them yourselves. What a blessing to have your 'helper' so close by.

Mama Pea said...

gld - During our recent time spent in our oh-so-uncomfortable crawl space, I wondered if any professional plumbers would even take the job. But I guess they have to work in a lot of uncomfortable places just like ours. Maybe worse. Bless the folks that do jobs like that every day. And bless our daughter who is willing to lend her much appreciated help whenever we ask. Many times we don't even have to ask.

Lisa B said...

Ahh fun times with our children MamaPea. Memories made she said snarkily. At least for us. Your daughter is so capable you raised her right.

tpals said...

I thought it was going to be a post about our most recent snowfall from the title. The reality sounded much worse. Glad you were able to fix it yourselves

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Oh man, been there done that, only we don't have a crawl space, we had to rip out the floor and wall for ours. Glad you had space to fix yours. Golly.

Katie C. said...

I couldn’t have done that. The claustrophobia would have gotten to me so good job!

The Wykeham Observer said...

I was so impressed that she heard the dripping noise! Looks like you have a good team there! I'm feeling a little woozy just looking at the close quarters.

Sam I Am...... said...

How awful but how wonderful that your daughter comes over and helps. I wouldn't know where to begin and even when I was on the farm....I called plumbers and electricians and paid through the nose but they were always there night or day; reliable , honest and professional. I remember one time when I came home from work, in a blizzard and the heated horse trough had frozen up. He was out in 20 minutes and stood on bales of hay out in the blizzard while I held a flashlight. I was going to turn the power off but he said it was a waste of time....he could do it quicker...I held my breath! I wish I had someone anyone here but they're all older and sicker and crabbier than me so I leave sleeping dogs lie and do whatever I can myself. I was never good at asking for help anyway. LOL! Glad you're back in business and how's everyone's back? Mine would hurting after laying on the hard floor that long. Congrats to all involved! Great work!