Saturday, March 16, 2019

What's Been Happenin'

If projects are to be successful, planning needs to be done and can be exciting.  Cleaning just simply needs to be done.  At some point.  Period.

This past Wednesday we made a trip to the big city to check out some materials for upcoming projects this spring/summer/fall.  One can only do so much on-line (an option for which we're grateful) and sometimes new ideas are gleaned and others jettisoned by viewing materials in person.

It made a long day (much longer than planned since we ended up arriving home just barely before dark after having to drive home through rain and fog), but one that we both felt was a profitable one.  Now back to the drawing board with our plans.

You'll be happy to know, dear lady who writes wisps of words, that not only are we thinking and planning work-type projects for the upcoming months, but also recreational outings.  (At this point, we're thinking these will be day trips as I'm a real fuddy-duddy who likes sleeping in her own bed at night.)

Last week brought us a welcome rise in temperature, the warmest we've had all winter, and with the accompanying rain lots of snow melted very quickly.  Almost too quickly.  We have no serious flooding but do have standing water in places we've not seen before.  Papa Pea joked he may have to put on waders to venture into the wood shed when filling the wheelbarrow because of the depth of the water on the ground in there.

After the almost spring-like feel of the above freezing weather, the last two days have been in the 20s and all that standing water has frozen.  Daughter and I were very carefully making our way across our back yard yesterday on the way to one of our storage sheds and as we shuffled along she commented she felt like an old lady navigating the alternating smooth ice and the icy ruts made by vehicle tires.  But that's the only way to go, taking very small steps to avoid a foot zipping out from under you . . . and the rest of your body coming down on a very hard surface.

I've been taking advantage of these last days of winter to do some deep cleaning.  (My, my, what you don't find doing so.)

I've been pulling garden books off the shelves, going through them and deciding which ones I want to keep and which will be passed on.  Each of the ones I've perused so far contains useful information, no doubt about that, but not enough to allow them to take up space anymore.  Something I find interesting (and at the same time distressing) is how they contradict each other and how my own experience goes against the words of the so-called experts.  I don't envy any new gardener as I think the only sure way to become successful is by trial and error gardening in your own particular soil, area and climate.

It took me the better part of two days to tear apart, clean and rearrange my closet and the middle section of our bedroom "wall" of closets.  The middle section is shelving and is about 99% my stuff.  I was then inspired to clear off the shelf above the hanging rod in Papa Pea's closet, pull out his storage totes on the floor, vacuum and then wash everything before putting it back together.  With a smidge bit of reorganization.  (Ahem.)

Next on the agenda is the small bookcase and two other shelves in the kitchen that hold my cook books.  I would like to (should!) weed out some of them, but it's so hard to let any of them go.  Please wish me luck.  I will be brave!  And ruthless!  Well, I'll try.


Vicki said...

That "old lady" walk is known in some parts as the "Minnesota Shuffle." We have all done it at one time or another. Anything to keep us from winding up flat on our backs gazing at the sky. :)

And isn't this sunshine lovely? I had forgotten how much I enjoy it.

Lynne said...

You do have to travel a bit to get the things you really need. We do here, but not as far. A little over an hour away. That's how far we have to go fr most medical appt's. You have been busy cleaning. I bet it feels good to get it done. I swear the worst part is starting the cleaning, I have the problem of putting it off, then it's twice as bad. Time flies by and now it's the middle of march. ugh ! Thanks for the sock info'.

wisps of words said...

The "...dear lady who writes wisps of words..." is very happy to hear, that you are planning some fun day trips.

But she will be more happy, when these really come to fruition.

Heh, heh, heh....

wisps of words said...

Ohhh, all your cleaning!!!!! You give me the vapors!!!!!! On top of all the sorting out and moving and etc., we are doing, to make the downstairs Bedroom really work.

Monday they will bring all the furniture down. Then we can see, where we want what clothes, towels, sheets, etc., etc., etc.

It's a good thing I have wanted this to happen, for so long!!!!

Those big shopping trips, are not fun. But they are sometimes necessary.

We had a couple of warm days too. One of the guys, building the house next door, was without his shirt. -chuckle- and he was not a young guy, so it was an *interesting* sight....Him glistening in the sun, on top of the roof. >,-))))

Who else leaves comments, like I do???????????????? >,-)))))

Mama Pea said...

Vicki - Yes! The sunshine is wonderful! Hubby says the snow will melt because of it even though it's not above freezing. I think the sun has addled his brain as he's out on snowshoes doing some preliminary cutting/pruning for our new fence line! I'm inside cleaning (just a short break here) enjoying the sun streaming in.

Lynne - Gotta say I've had nothing but good feelings about this cleaning rip I'm on. Even today with my cook book sorting and cleaning I'm taking time to page through them and enjoy a few. You're very welcome for the sock yarn info.

wisps of words - I am depending on you keep poking us with a stick until we DO take those day trips!

I love to have a NEW finished room(!) to place furniture in and decorate! Take your time (it's not a race) and get it just the way you want it.

Now don't you go getting too excited over the topless workers next door. Your husband will have to pull all the blinds and drapes if you do! ;o)

Who else leaves comments like you do? NUBUDDY!! (Keep it up.)

Sam I Am...... said...

So glad you don't have serious flooding as many places do although if Papa Pea is thinking about waders it doesn't sound too good. Have you heard of Yak Tracks for ice? They'll keep you from falling or a good pair of golf shoes with spikes.
You are getting more done than mind has the energy that I used to have years ago! I'm slow but stubborn and that stuborness is the only thing that saves this homestead! LOL!
Look at you go with the cleaning and clearing out. It always motivates me when I hear others talk about cleaning and organizing.....unfortunately not nearly for long enough! You go girl!
I will say a prayer for you as I know what faces me with my gardening books and cookbooks and so many more books! Keep calm and carry on as the Brits say.

Goatldi said...

Good job Mama Pea!

I too have been busy sorting, cleaning and removing items . Most of my efforts are demanded as it is time to move on and sort out Geoffrey’s worldly possessions. Just trust me when I say you haven’t any thing on him. He was as I knew a pack rat and I haven’t even gotten to the garage and the tools. All in all makes me feel better about my fiber stash.

DFW said...

Been lacking commenting as of late. Serious In-law injuries have kept me at bay, but I do believe in purging what you haven't used in many whiles, like cookbooks. I have taken many off my shelves in hopes of donating them. But, I have several that I still 'go back to' for tried & true recipes. I even remember who gave them to me at my wedding shower & think of them each time I make that banana bread (even though I substitute butter for margarine), or whatever cookie, or other good recipe I make. And, I tell them so when I see them at events such as showers, wedddings or funerals.

Cockeyed Jo said...

In going through my literal library, 10x12 room full of ceiling to floor shelves preparing for my move here, there was very little I wanted to pack up and move again.

I found the local library had an interstate loan policy. I broke my stacks (15,000 books) down into piles discard, donate/give away, resell (1st editions/author signed), and keep. Text books immediately went into the discard pile as a given unless my children wanted them. It took me the better part of two months to accomplish. I ended up with 20 that I couldn't part with.

The hardest was my cookbooks. I set up a rule of thumb. Any book with less than 20 recipes I wanted got given away or donated. I pulled choice recipes from them and saved them on a thumb drive. I ended up with only 3 out of 75!

Now if I read a book more than 3 times checked out of the library and think I will read it several more times (reference), I'll buy it.

I didn't leave this task for my loved ones to handle upon my death.

So cleaning my stuff is a breeze. :o) Cockeyed Jo

tpals said...

We call it walk like a penguin here and it has saved me from many nasty falls. I just remind myself that hurrying won't help if I end up with a broken ankle.

I'm impressed with your cleaning. I wish I could say it inspired me to do my own...but no. ;)

Mama Pea said...

Sam I Am - Yes, we do have ice grippers to put on our boots. Got them specifically for stream (frozen) hiking. We have so many streams/small rivers in our area and they are just beautiful to hike up and down in the winter. (I never thought of golf shoes with the spikes!) I made great progress going through cook books today. Amazing how many I'm getting rid of. Why have I kept them for so long?

Goatldi - Bless you, my friend, for keeping your good attitude and sense of humor (your stash of all things fiber) during what has to be a heart-wrenching time for you. Sending lots of hugs.

DFW - So sorry to hear you've been dealing with in-law injuries. Hope things smooth out soon.

Who would think even books could bring back memories? But they do and I know what you mean. Even after I manage to go through all my cook books that I have out in plain sight, I have a box of my mom's in a box under my bed that I haven't looked at since she died 22 years ago. But you know I can't throw those out.

Cockeyed Jo - Wow, you really did a fantastic job with your books when you moved! (And they're so darn heavy to lug around!) Good for you. I sincerely believe it's cruel to leave our descendants with the job of going through years and years of acquired "stuff" that doesn't mean anything to anyone but us. Good to keep in mind for all of us!

tpals - Same thing with driving carelessly or too fast on icy roads. What will you gain in time if you slip off the road . . . or worse? Walk like a penguin? How about waddle like a duck. You don't see them fall down much!

ss said...
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Susan said...

The only way I can maintain a grip on my cookbook collection (as in not adding to it) is to keep them in a very small bookcase. If I see one I feel I must have, I have to get rid of one to make room. So far, that has worked well. We've had mud, frozen mud, mud, frozen mud off and on for days now. Spring is definitely the time for purging and I'm on a roll! I am also glad to hear that you two will be going off the homestead, once in a while. I know how you feel - vis a vis overnight stays - as I almost need to be physically peeled off my place!

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Oh, you are so good! Making yourself get rid of an old cook book before bringing in a new one. I have a friend who is like that to the extreme. Her system of "one in, one out" applies to everything she has. She maintains that's the only way she's able to keep things in her home under control. I always think of her when we return from a supply run to the big city. (Hmmm, have we really used 48 rolls of toilet paper so we can bring in this giant economy size package of 48 more?)

You're ahead of us in the mud season, sounds like. We've now got a bit but still plenty of snow covering about 85% of the ground. But I know our turn will come. I'm keeping my muck boots handy. :o/

ss said...
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Leigh said...

You've been spring cleaning! But by my reckoning you've still got winter, which means I'm waaaay behind the power curve.

The Wykeham Observer said...

I agree about the gardening books and their advice. Seems so much of it is so impractical, and you really do wonder if the "experts" are really very experienced. But then, they are fun to read and imagine.

wisps of words said...

It's March 20th....

Any day trips, yet......?


Happy Spring!
🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃 🍃

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