Thursday, January 3, 2019

And Now for a Little Ketchup

Forgive me, that's an old, and really bad play on words.

What's our weather been like so far this winter?  Did we have a white Christmas?  (Come on now, I know you're just dying to know.)

We did get a fresh light cover of snow before Christmas which made everything look bright and white.

On Thursday, the 27th of December, a couple of days after Christmas we got our first real winter snow.  It started about 5 a.m., nearly seven hours later than had been predicted.  (At least everyone had ample time to prepare.)

It snowed all day with more forecast until noon the following day.

 The first of the heavy snow.
All during the snowfall, the temperature was an unbelievable 34 degrees.  (Thirty-four degrees and snowing heavily?  We've seen rain before at 32 degrees!)  The snow couldn't have been wetter . . . or more beautiful as it coated simply everything outside with about a foot of heavy, wet snow.  Tree branches (and small trees themselves) were bent down over our driveway to the extent that it was actually difficult to drive through.

At times, the snow felt almost like rain falling which is understandable at that temperature.  We went out two times during the day to plow and clear.  My down work jacket was soaked each time.  Above it's hanging in the heated workshop part of the garage to dry between shoveling periods.

The snow was heavy to the max and Papa Pea's plowing was not easy.  (Nor the shoveling!)  Great piles built up in front of the plow and made it slow going.

Above he's fine tuning the back parking area and ready to come in for a cup of coffee and rest period.  Those of you who have run a snow plow know that it saps one heckuva lot more energy than you would think it should.  It feels as if you've done half the plow's work yourself.

Then the following night when the snow stopped, the temp plummeted down to the teens and all of the terribly wet, heavy snow froze into blocks of ice.

We made the mistake of not going out once more to shovel and plow right before dark that previous night when it was still snowing.  The morning of the 28th in trying to clean off vehicles, poultry pens, trailers, paths, etc. we found all to be covered with several more inches of frozen snow with about 2" of ice underneath.  It was close to impossible to clean off.  And today, January 3rd, that 2" of ice is still prevalent with even more snow on top of it.  I'm thinking that ice may be preserved until spring!

Following all that snow, we were able to stay snug and secure at home but our daughter had to go out for work the days following and got stuck a couple of times and it couldn't be helped because she's an excellent driver.  (She takes after her dad in that respect, certainly not me.)

Papa Pea did an excellent job with the plow truck but has also been using the bucket of the tractor to move some of the big piles of snow.  (Above is the Black-Clad Snowman coming in from tractor work on the day the temp dropped.

So that's the weather update.  No significant amounts of snow after the 28th, but more is possible this coming weekend.

Next post I'll get together a little update on what I've been doing handwork-wise.


Susan said...

Obviously, winter has arrived up North! It is still undecided down here. We've had downpours, alternating with freezing temps. Last night it was in the teens, this morning, a 0'dark thirty, it was 30. I'm glad you have the right equipment (and a cozy, nice house in which to recover) for all that weather! It must have been bad, if Chicken Mama got stuck - that girl can drive! Have I mentioned how nice it is to have you back? :)

Leigh said...

Wow, we've been deluged with rain and you've been buried in snow and ice! I'm glad you've got the proper equipment to deal with it plus the experience of trying to make the best of it. That's good!

Vera said...

Wow, that was a lot of snow! All we have had here in SW France is freezing fog which has made the days very dull and gloomy. I will say, though, that it is nice to look at photos of the snowfall, but am glad that all we have had is frost. Hope you have had the worst of the snow.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - I've been watching your weather and so far at least, you've had a much different winter than last year. (May it stay that way because I know all that white stuff last year wreaked havoc on your animals, structures and body, healthy and in good shape as you are!) I don't worry much about Chicken Mama out and about in all the ice 'cause I know she can take care of herself whether it be to shovel herself out or walk miles for help. The other drivers, on the other hand, make me a little afraid for everyone's safety. Thanks for making my "come back" feel so good. Hugs.

Leigh - Papa Pea said just the same thing a day or so ago . . . it's a good feeling to know you have the right equipment to take care of come what may. We're thankful!

Vera - We have a dull and gloomy day here today, too! More snow supposedly on the way. Snow lovers that we are, we don't mind the snow. It's the ice that's not nice. Sometimes hurts to fall down and go boom! ;o}

wisps of words said...

"A Perfect Storm" of snow/ice, as they say. Ugh!!!

I've been wondering when we would get snow, but I will stop wondering.... Actually we got a little covering, last night. But not enough to do much.

And the house next door, continues building. The foundation has been in... this and that going on daily. Gives us something to watch and wonder about. LOL

Lynne said...

Looks like you two sure had a busy time of it. That's a lot of snow to plow. My dad use to plow for the State and we would'nt see him for days it seemed. He'd plow for 24 hours straight. He never minded it because it gave him quite a bit of extra money. Mom always put it away for xmas. That's hard work shoveling heavy snow. We have been having warm and cold weather, plus rain. It seems one day it's cold , than the next day it's warm. Very crazy weather. your coat really looks wet. Take care!!

Kev Alviti said...

I'm never a fan of snow. nothing worse than when it freezes as well. M<y neighbour broke her ankle last year walking on it once it had froze.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - You need to give us an update picture on your blog of the building going on next door. Terrible time of year to be building, I would think!

Lynne - The snow was such that when I got a shovel full and tried to toss it away, at least three-quarters of the snow stayed on the shovel! Very frustrating. But we got our exercise, that's for sure.

Kev - Both hubby and I usually take a fall once or twice a winter but so far (fingers crossed) we may get a bruise or two but nothing broken. Yesterday in town I almost took a bad fall trying to step up on the running board of our Suburban (foot slid right out from under me) but I had a grip on the steering wheel which saved me from ending up on the pavement. Gotta be even more careful!

2 Tramps said...

Your snow really is beautiful. We have not had hardly any here, and while we need it badly, it is nice not to have it. It is 52 degrees today and tiny weeds have started to sprout...

wyomingheart said...

Holy Christmas Snow!!! That looks crazy cold! I guess your weren't kidding when you said it was snow and cold up there! I hope you and Papa Pea are pacing yourselves, so that your backs hold up. I know that heavy snow, and then Ice snow can really be a backbreaker! Thanks for the little Ketchup! So great that yer back!

Mama Pea said...

2 Tramps - Sounds as though if you get any moisture it will be in the form of rain! Which I'm sure would be welcomed. Our temp got a smidge over freezing today and a little, tiny bit of the snow and ice melted. But colder weather and snow forecast for this weekend. At least we haven't had any really, really frigid weather this winter yet. And now we have plenty of snow on the ground for insulation which is good.

wyomingheart - The good news is that we both have strong backs so no excuses for not shoveling when it needs to be done! But that snow, heavy as it was, didn't make for quick, easy shoveling. (Slow and steady wins the race!) It feels good to be back blogging. Thanks for the welcome back!

tpals said...

That weather system gave us a lot of work. We had the heavy, wet snow alternating with rain and back to snow. I had the same problem with the snow sticking to the shovel. Ugh!

Michelle said...

I'll just sit here and enjoy the white winter from afar. ;-)

Mama Pea said...

tpals - Wasn't it fun? We're supposed to have temps up to 38 degrees today so we've hoping to get out and clean off some of that heavy ice coating . . . before the temps fall again!

Michelle - Awwww, you know you want to move back to Minnesota so you can experience this weather first-hand. Michelle? MICHELLE?! Are you still here, Michelle?

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Welcome back, Mama Pea. I'm glad you have decided to return. I would say you have more snow than we have currently. We have had funny weather, a dump of snow, then mild weather or rain and it all goes away, then another dump, etc. At the moment we have snow, but nothing scary. As I'm writing, I can hear the beeping of a sander / salter backing up! -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Thanks, Jenn. Yep, we've got the unusually warm (high 30s) weather here today, too, but lower temps and snow forecast for weekend. Hoping this melting today doesn't produce more ice though as the temps drop again. A friend of our daughter's plows for the county and he had to stop yesterday and put chains on his BIG, HEAVY plow truck because he had no traction. Oh, ice. Ice is not nice. :o(

Sam I Am...... said...

What a beautiful snowfall but yes, it's a lot of work too. I had no idea plow work was so exhausting. I love snow especially when it snows all day but of course, down here that doesn't happen very often. When I had my little farmette I loved to garden but then winter was nice because it forced me inside to get stuff done. I used to have to drive it and now that I'm retired and could stay home during the snow storms there is no snow. Take it easy and stay warm!