Monday, October 8, 2018

Ty-RED! (Tired.)

This past Saturday I got the Brussels sprouts harvested with the much appreciated help of Papa Pea, cleaned, blanched and frozen.  It was a job!

The big wind storm knocked nearly every one of the heavily laden plants over where they lay in the mud produced by our continuing rains.  What a mess that created.  At the moment, I'm so bummed out at any and all mention of Brussels sprouts, I've vowed not to grow them next year.

Today we had rain all day long.  Again.  The same is forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday.  And oh, by the way, we're to expect high winds for tomorrow night with the rain.

There's no doubt in my mind that even if the rain stops by the time we're ready to harvest our potatoes, they will be one huge muddy mess with which to deal.  The carrots won't be that much of a problem as the wet, soft earth will make pulling them easy.  A quick spray off with the hose and they'll be ready to be stored.

I just ran across a quote from John Greenleaf Whittier in his poem, "The Pumpkin":

What moistens the lip, 
and what brightens the eye,
What calls back the past,
like the rich pumpkin pie!

(Of course, then there's Garrison Keillor who has said the best pumpkin pie you've ever tasted is not that much different than the worst.)

I'm bummed that I didn't grow either Jack O' Lantern pumpkins or pie pumpkins this year.  Just couldn't find room for them.  I have one package of pureed pumpkin left from last year, but after that I will have no more.  Next year, somehow, some way, I'm finding room to grow pie pumpkins for sure.

Ask me if my legs are sore.  Cowabunga, Chief, are my legs ever sore!  Even though the moisture so frequently falling from the sky has made it nearly impossible, whenever there has been a break in the miserable weather and the surfaces are dry enough, I've been working on painting the trim on the house. 

I've done my share of painting on ladders in my life but never have I had such sore muscles from doing so.  With the paint can in one hand, the brush in the other, I must be trying to hang onto the ladder with my leg muscles, primarily the long ones (quadriceps?) in the front because those are the ones that are causing me to have to drop out of any and all hurdle races.  (Ha-ha.)

I suspect my body is just tired at this point after a busy, busy summer of physical exertion.

A book I'm currently reading is "Swimming in the Sink" by Lynne Cox, the elite athlete and open-water swimmer.  She talks about a medical problem she experienced and the severe exhaustion (both physical and emotional) she suffered at one point in her life.  At that time, she realized she had to listen to her body and would sleep 12 hours, get up, drink a couple glasses of water, eat an apple, go back to bed and sleep another 24 hours straight, etc.

That's what I want to do right now.  Shed all responsibilities, crawl into bed with a stack of good books (for those waking moments) and sleep, read, sleep, read, sleep.  (With my bladder, there would be slight interruptions for trips to the little room a few steps from the bedroom, of course.  And maybe to the kitchen for that apple or two.)

No, I'm not anywhere near severe exhaustion in any way, shape or form, but I wouldn't mind some serious relaxation for a day.  Or six.

And isn't this dreary, dark, rain-filled weather just perfect for that?


Michelle said...

Since the only way I like Brussels sprouts is oven-roasted, I would have used THEIR space for pumpkins! Rest well, my friend.

Goatldi said...

I vote for a well deserved week of rest. I mean how much can you get done in the rain? Paint won't dry and everyone knows that mucking around in the garden with wet soil is just asking for problems.

And let me know the week and I will join you as this week is shaping up to be almost as busy as last. But I think we need to fess up to the fact that most of our punishment is self inflicted. Sigh.

Move to the country they said. Have a homestead they said. With livestock they said. It will be fun and what could possibly go wrong?

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I don't plant brussel sprouts due to the bugs they get here. Too hard to clean them. I do wish I had more time for the sweet potatoes to grow though. It's been one tough year for us. No carrots at all. Not sure if the beets are big enough, but it's all coming out next week now.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Why not give yourself a few days rest? You've certainly earned it! Pie pumpkins were currently $1 each at our local grocery store. -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Next year, wise lady, next year!

Goatldi - How did I get such smart bloggy friends? As yes, I need to make a cross-stitched sampler, "Most of My Punishment is Self-Inflicted," to hang prominently where I'll see it several times a day.

No, I can't do those outside things during this continued wet spell, but what about all those inside things that have been neglected all summer? I cleaned out a desk drawer a couple of days ago (only took me about two hours) and was amazed to find stuff I hadn't seen in years. The kitchen cabinets and my pantry all need a really good cleaning . . . and on and on.

Let's do plan that week off at the same time. When? Do you think we could squeeze it in sometime in 2023??

Kristina - I know how bad a year it's been for you. I feel silly complaining about our current weather when you've had it (and worse!) all growing season. Hang in there, girl!

Jenn - Hey, pack me up about 10 of those $1 pie pumpkins! With shipping they should come to only about $25 each! ;o)

wisps of words said...

One might say, that Mother Nature is conspiring, to force you, to get some needed rest. One might say that.... But I know, it won't be you. -evil grin-

We don't really have to reach complete exhaustion, to need to rest, with age, ya' know. But this too, you don't want any part of. -another evil grin-

We are in a dark and rainy weather rut too. But it just makes it depressing. Does not even stop the summer flowers, in pots, from blooming. Think it will take a hard frost, to stop them. So we will be pulling the dead flowers out, in a snow storm.

Thank you much, for your comforting comment, on my last post. I really, really, really appreciate how wonderful it is, for you people, who live away from other buildings/people. Who are able to control, your close surroundings.

This is new, after 50 years of living here. So it's hard to adjust to. Anyway, thank you Hon!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The best 'pumpkin' pie I've ever eaten was actually made from sweet potatoes.... Just sayin'


Mama Pea said...

Dear Evil Grinner - You're very welcome. And I thank you for your always honest (and wise) comments!

Anonymous Tim - Oh, I can readily see how sweet potatoes would make a gooood "pumpkin" pie! I do love them, but we can't grow them up here. I've used Red Kuri squash for a pumpkin pie, not told anyone, and gotten comments on how good it was. Guess it just goes to prove there's more than one way to skin a cat. Or make a pumpkin pie. :o]

Lynne said...

Never really cared for pumpkin pie, but love pumpkins for the grand children. Gosh, be careful out there with all the mud. We don't need you falling! Like the quote, gave me a chuckle. You do need a rest from all that gardening and your painting ,also! Are you for hire? My goodness! Take care! xo

Mama Pea said...

Lynne - I've done a lot of part-time odd jobs, but never hired out for painting!

I can't say I'm crazy about pumpkin pie, but at Thanksgiving time it always tastes good. Our daughter says it's her favorite.

Since we're expecting high winds again tonight (sigh), I was out in the mud and muck in the field garden today taking down the arbor trellis that had Morning Glories on it. It's been on its last legs for a couple of years now and I didn't want to use it for kindling if the wind knocked it over! No fear of slipping and falling in the mud as it's more like glue. The real danger would be losing a boot in it!!

Nancy @ Little Homestead In Boise said...

That is all sure a lot of work! We had our first really heavy rain storm today with snow forecast for in the mountains so early winter is definitely here for sure. I know firsthand how painting it take its toll and has the last time we painted this house I wound up twisting one of my discs in my back. That was quite a recovery but the good thing was I didn't need any injections or surgery. I have started taking turmeric as a supplement for my arthritic joints and that actually seems to help quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Potatoes: Try Georgia Jets sometime. They grow like fire and make nice potatoes. I live where we're not really supposed to be able to grow sweet potatoes, too. I put out black plastic on the ground as soon as I can work the soil. Then I wait until about Father's day to plant the slips or plants. By Labor Day, we can have some smallish, but delicious, sweet potatoes to use.

Even though I live south of Omaha,NE, we are in the dreaded Zone 4 'hook' garden zone wise - which means we have about the same weather as Minneapolis most of the time. Works for me, and I'd sure recommend giving it a try - even if you have to plant a slip in a 5-gallon bucket and carry it inside for a while.

Never give up!!!


Mama Pea said...

Nancy - That is really scary about you twisting a disc in your back while painting. I think I'll tell my husband that any further painting for me is not a good idea. (Think that will work?) We regularly both take turmeric. Good stuff!

Anonymous Tim - I'm writing down Georgia Jets Sweet Potatoes in my gardening book. Thank you for all the tips. Planting even an experimental slip or two in a 5-gallon bucket would be fun to try. Thanks for sharing the info.

Susan said...

It's been a contrary season, that's for sure. I was bemoaning my rain barrels emptiness in the summer (when I needed water) and now they overflow on a regular basis (when I do NOT need water). All I can hope for is that the Universe will take pity on us gardeners and food-growers and give us a decent season. That's all I ask. I find it hard to get into forward motion when we are going into all the darkness. Yet, I still am up at 3 every morning. I don't think my body and I are on speaking terms at the moment.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Winter is coming sooner than later I think! At least here in the middle of Canada. Ridiculous weather. I think we have had about a month of straight cloud, rain and snow. I for one love a cloudy day or six but this is pressing on my nerves! However, I do LOVE brussels sprouts. Alot! Aren't they fun to grow seeing how they branch out on those stocks.
I hope you are getting some good rest and down time.

Goatldi said...

You may have something there. If we can bargain one good season every other year I can stay in the game.

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Considering the HUGE amounts of snow you had to deal with last winter, I'm hoping Mother Nature takes pity on you this coming season and gives you one that is a bit easier. Otherwise, I fear you're gonna get really crazy on us! ;o) We STILL have rain coming down today. Our pond is overflowing the overflow and we're hoping it won't wash out.

MrsDM - Papa Pea and I were talking just today about how restful and relaxing a cloudy, gray, rainy can be . . . once in a while. I haven't kept track of how many days we've had of rain now, but it's starting to press on our nerves, too!

Right now, I'm thinking nothing is fun about Brussels sprouts. But I'll probably get over it! Not much rest time yet, but it's coming.

Goatldi - What?! Only every other year?? I'm more demanding than that!

The Wykeham Observer said...

I do like my brussels sprouts, one year I forgot to get them out of the garden, went out to a snow-filled patch, and there they were, beautiful and green under the snow. I stopped growing them however, I'm the only one in the family who really likes them. Snow flurries here in Todd Co today. Any up there? Phil

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :)) I think I can put a label on how I've been feeling lately now...EXHAUSTION. It's crazy how everything seems to need doing in such a short time frame. Mid-September I was basking in the heat and humidity, and one short month later all of the garden has been harvested, cleaned up and the shovels/winter stuff is now outside ready for use. With our Thanksgiving now in the rear view mirror, I have so many plans for Halloween, but can't seem to get off my butt and start anything. 24 hours of sleep sounds mighty nice, if only the dogs could let themselves out lol! I'm going to do nothing today! As soon as Alex wakes up (he's back to his night owl schedule)...I'm going back to bed to watch Halloween movies! :)

cocoya said...

Why not give yourself a few days rest? You've certainly earned it! Pie pumpkins were currently $1 each at our local grocery store. -Jenn