Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Green Weeds and Green Tomatoes

Just to prove weeds do grow in my garden, below shows a portion of the green buggers I hope to attack and eradicate in our blueberry patch today.

That bale of peat moss has been patiently waiting to be spread under the bushes and between the rows for ever-so-long now, but of course I can't do that until all the weeds have been first yoinked out.

Seems the whole garden needs a good weeding, but I've been tied up with harvesting for two or three weeks.  Not complaining about the bountiful harvest, that's for sure, but it doesn't leave much waking time for anything else.

I've got asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries (what there were of them), blueberries (still coming in), green peas and yellow and green beans put by.  Also chives, parsley and some peppermint.  (Waiting for it to grow a little more before giving it another hair cut.)  Still to do are beets, green peppers (stuffed) and Brussels sprouts.

The cherry tomato plants are a good five feet high, taller than they've ever grown before in our garden.  If all the fruit matures, we'll be buried under the little orbs as all three plants are heavily covered with still green tomatoes.  I've been pruning the DIV-ull (as my Scottish grandmother would say) out of them which seems to have been beneficial.  But wouldn't you think with the hot, humid weather Mother Nature has been bestowing upon us we would have ripe tomatoes by now?  Just something else going on in the garden this year that doesn't make a lot of sense.

We're supposed to have a little drop in temperature today (HOORAY!) so I'm looking forward to being able to survive several hours out there trying to get everything shaped back up.  The whole garden has reached that overgrown, flopsie-mopsie, unkempt, blowsy state, and I feel like it's gotten away from me.

Yep, the disheveled garden and both of us, too, are approaching the end of this busy season!


coffeeontheporchwithme said...

Holy moly, three cherry tomato plants! You will be buried in them! Things are very weedy here, too. I'm actually even considering putting on the sprinkler so I don't loose out on all the growth that I had initially. Enjoy your slightly cooler temperature. -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - Well, I usually only plant a max of two cherry tomatoes, but I started four inside and three germinated so I thought, "Why not?" and put all three out in the garden. (Yeah, admittedly not the smartest move.) Let's hope I'm buried in RED ones rather than GREEN ones! :o] I watered with the hose the past two nights after dinner 'cause everything has been so dry. And I planned on this mass weeding effort today so I was trying to make the soil a little "softer." Don't wanna break my trowel!

Susan said...

Boy, do I miss cherry tomatoes - I didn't plant any, figuring, foolishly, that Marianne would. Turns out, she doesn't like them. What?!? Okay, yes, you do have weeds, but you have BIG patches of clear dirt around them. :)

Mama Pea said...

Susan - Those BIG patches clear dirt are f-a-s-t disappearing all over the garden! Funny how you can't do one thing while you're involved doing another, eh?

wisps of words said...

You need to be triplets. One to weed. One to harvest. One to 'put up.' Seeee? I solved the problem. -grin-

We are grateful for the greennnnn weeds in our front lawn. If we ever eradicated them, we'd have some green grass, and lots of brown dirt. Which of course, would soon be filled with weeds again.

So, we leave 'em. They give us a green front lawn.

Which is the most stupid thing! All you do with a lawn, is have to cut it. It's of no use.

Oh, our washing machine seems to not be working right. So I may be a bit testy, for a few days. >,-)))))))))))))

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

I am so loving your garden photos this year! Living vicariously as they say...

Aren't weeds just a pain in the a**? That is one thing I don't miss not having a garden this year. It seems once you pull one and turn around another pops up in its stead.

This is the time of year it feels like the garden is winning but I have faith that you will get ahead! :)

Michelle said...

Not ONE ripe cherry tomato??? That IS odd!

Lynne said...

I have two tomato plants that I put in two very large containers. One is Beef steak tomato and I'm not sure what the other one is, but they are just starting to turn red, Those two plants produce a lot of tomatoes. There is always people to give them to. My sister waits every year for them. It is still very humid here which makes it uncomfortable. I've have come to the conclusion there's always going to be WEEDS !!

Mark said...

Ok, Mama Pea. This is evil, but it does me no end of good to see something like 6 whole weeds in your garden!! Somehow it makes mine seem a tad less awful 😉!! Glad you're having a good harvest. Weather has our garden acting 'odd' too!

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - As long as you're at it, please make me quadruplets. That would add one more to be chief cook and bottle washer inside here!

Our "lawn" is nothing but weeds. We had a bare spot where we tried to get actual grass seed to grow for a couple of years but it never took. Eventually the weeds moved in and now it looks like the rest of the yard!

Uh-oh, cranky washing machine. Not a good thing. Hoping you found the problem and it's fixed by now.

MrsDM - I spent all day yesterday getting the 26 raised beds and blueberry patch weeded. Uff, whadda job! Not for the field garden. :o/ Got one canner of dill pickles made today and want to get trays of parsley in the dehydrator yet.

Thank you for your nice words about the garden. It doesn't look so purdy good right now . . . like it's getting away from me, and laughing!

Michelle - I DID see a spot of orange/red way on the inside tangle of one of the cherry tomato plants late yesterday. Managed to get my hand in and found two to pick. But, sad to say, I was too impatient as they really weren't ripe enough. :o( Patience, Mama Pea, patience!

Lynne - Tomato envy here, tomato envy! And you can grow those luscious Beefsteak tomatoes? Oh, be still my heart. On a sandwich with mayo, salt and pepper. Mmmmmm, good!

Mark - I live to make you feel good! ;o)