Sunday, June 17, 2018

Garden Walk Between Storms

A healthy 1" of rain was in the rain gauge this morning as a result of the beautiful, soaking rain we got over night.  Today started out dark and foggy, then that lifted and the sun came out for a couple of hours.

Now in early afternoon, the skies are graying up again and we're expecting another thunder storm to pass through.  Oops, sounds like I got outside to snap these pictures just in time as I can hear the rain drops starting.

I don't know why chives aren't a part of every flower garden or border as they are one of the first green and growing plants each spring and what can beat the gorgeous blossom display they put on?

My only tomatoes this year are three cherry tomato plants I started inside.  Papa Pea helped me put the wire cages around them one day this past week so they can start going gangbusters any time now.  We even have yellow blossoms on one plant so far.

This is a 40' row of potatoes I hilled for the first time last week.  After being completely covered, the vines are already poking through again.  This is a new plot we've been working up and I can't tell you how many tons of rocks we've hauled out of here.  At least I think we've gotten all the big ones now.  Maybe.

And this is a 20' row of taters that were planted in the field garden a couple of days after the 40' row.  They, for some reason, have been very slow to germinate and just now are ready to be hilled up.

I think a planting of multi-colored lettuces is just about as attractive as blooming flowers.  (Tastes a lot better, too.)

The sugar snap peas are juuust about big enough to start climbing on their experimental hoop trellis.

Chicken Mama grew some scarlet runner beans last year that bloomed wildly all summer long.  She dried and saved some of the seeds and gave them to me at Christmas time so I'd have them to plant in my garden this year.  They're growing around my tepee trellis and I'm sure are going to be spectacular.  I have carrots planted on either end of this bed but I just thinned them and at the moment they're invisible to the camera's eye!

The cauliflower (closest to camera) and broccoli (two beds in background) are lush and healthy.  I've had to stake up some of the broccoli plants that wanted to topple over and lie down in their bed.

My bed of Blanak garlic had very poor germination this spring so I filled in with some parsley and tall marigolds.

The Siberian garlic in another bed has come on in good shape.  It's about three feet tall already. 

In an effort to have an adequate amount of shell peas fresh frozen this winter, I put in one-third more of them this year.  I've planted them on either side of these three trellises and they're looking good . . . but not very tall yet.

Lastly, I tried to strike up a conversation with the geese and asked if they had anything they wanted to add to this post.  Apparently, I interrupted their late lunch as they were intent on filling their bellies before the next storm hit.


tpals said...

All I want to say is 'stop hogging all the rain!'

Thanks, I needed to get that off my chest.

Mama Pea said...

tpals - Hey, we waited a looooong time to get this moisture and we ain't done with it yet! ;o)

Like the last couple of growing seasons, some parts of the country are inundated with too much rain and other parts can't get enough. Someone needs to sit down with Mother Nature and see if we can get her to play fair. Agreed?

wisps of words said...

You must grow and harvest enough food, to feel a whole village! And there are only 2 of you. And share with Chicken Mama, of course. But wow, that makes a whole lot of produce.

So glad you got rain!!!!!

We are into hottttt weather here, and it probably won't be long, before we are seeking rain too.

I take it you don't have to fight off bunnies. My poor husband will not learn. He got something going, planted them, and of course, they were eaten right up. :-( We can not plant from seed, because of the bunnies. Bahhh-humbug...

wisps of words said...

Btw, what is your Icon pic??????

I looks like you are lying down, in your garden... :-)

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - If we can believe the forecast (!), after this rain now we've got a string of sunny days which will make the garden pop! (Also the weeds. :o( ) Our whole garden area is surrounded by 7' high deer fencing. The only smallish critter we've had push under it was a half-grown woodchuck one time. So, no, we're not bothered by bunny rabbits. Thankfully! Because of the deer, you can't grow much of anything without protection up here.

My profile pic? I was harvesting pickling cucumbers one hot day a couple of years ago and my husband came out with the camera so I made like I had passed out between the trellises. Actually, it felt good!

Vera said...

While our veg plots and raised beds look very neglected this year I remain in faith that we shall be able do better next year, especially after reading your blogs which continually teach and inspire us. Thank you.

Leigh said...

Gosh, Mama Pea, your garden is a delight to behold! Dan was saying yesterday that we should really focus more on raised beds. If I show him your pix he'll be sold for sure!

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

Your garden always looks so pristine. No way will you see pictures of my weed gardens. They are full of them, and it's been either too hot or wet to weed. I do need to put up another shell pea fence next year. I never get enough to put up.

Mama Pea said...

Vera - Some times there is nothing we can do about a disappointing garden year. Whether it be uncooperative weather, unusual family responsibilities or a bout with health problems, the gardens will be there for us next season and as eternal gardening optimists, we know it WILL be better next year. Thanks, Vera, for your kind words.

Leigh - Thank you, thank you! For many crops, I feel raised beds are so much easier to take care of. I plant them intensively (and mulch most of them) so that in itself takes care of all but a few weeds. Plus amending the soil in raised beds is a snap as you have pretty good control of how much of what ingredient you add. You have a resident professional carpenter on the scene who could bang together raised beds for you speedy-quick!

Kristina - Weeds or not, you always seem to grow a good amount of food for your family! We've had one hot day so far this year (in the low 90's) and it brought back memories of gardening in Illinois when I tried to be out in the garden by 6:30 or 7 a.m., worked until the sweat was running into my eyes, then had to quit until the sun went down. So I perfectly understand how you can't find time to do what you want in the garden (attack those weeds!) with the weather you're having right now. (Plus, you're not feeling super either!) Hang in there!

tpals said...

An inch and a half of rain last night! Thank you for sharing. ;)

Mama Pea said...

tpals - An inch and a half? Now that's a good soaking. So glad you got it!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Aren't chives just a beautiful plant/veg? I love it when their little purple heads burst forth! Your gardens are just beautiful.

Mama Pea said...

MrsDM - And the fact that they come up year after year is a real plus in my book, too! I do love their blossoming stage. The flowers are always so prolific and long-lasting. Such a burst of color for the garden. And thank you so much for your kind words. The garden is finally getting to the stage now where it looks attractive. Not in its full glory yet, but getting there.