Wednesday, May 2, 2018

First of the Month Comparison Pictures

I got the first of the month shot of the raised beds taken on May 1st.  Just didn't get it posed on the first!

Finally, it looks as though we might be actually leaving winter behind.  Although the gray, damp, dreary weather today with a temp of only in the low 40s doesn't feel as much like real spring time in our northern clime as the sunny 70-some degrees did yesterday.

Back to wearing my down work jacket today as I finished up the asparagus patch and started in on more work on the strawberries.

But enough idle chatter.  On with the comparison pictures.

March 1st
 Yikes, still very much in winter time, weren't we?

April 1st
 Okay, showing a little bit of hope.

May 1st
 Wow, quite the change!  Although we still have
patches of snow here and there, all my 
planting areas, including these raised beds,
are finally free and clear.
 The grass is even greening up. 

Just yesterday I got those two cold frames on the beds I want to get planted out early and first.  I'll use them mainly for radishes, lettuces and other tasty salad greens.  The salad fixings I've been able to purchase from our organic co-op in town this winter have been good, but what can compare to salads made from your very own homegrown, super-fresh veggies?  Can hardly wait!


Karren said...

All those possibilities, just waiting for your seeds and plants!

Mama Pea said...

Karren - Yep, that's exactly what makes all of us eager to start the whole gardening process each year, isn't it!

wisps of words said...

Hooray for your weather!

Hooray for the bigggg difference in 1st of month photos!

Here, we seem to be going straight from winter to summer. Well, almost. Quite warm and T-storms.

Mama Pea said...

wisps of words - Frequently that's what happens with our weather, too . . . from "will this cold weather never end?" to "geesh, how did it get so hot so fast?" This morning it's gray and damp again, but supposed to clear by afternoon.

Yep, a dramatic difference in the photos from last month to this. Next month may even see some plants set out!! Let's hope.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

What a beautiful thing! No snow and garden beds. :) We are so incredibly dry in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas that we have a burn ban on and there are lots of fires surrounding the city. We are in need of rain. Desperate need.

Susan said...

What a difference between April first and May first! My beds are greening up, but it's all weeds. I need a good three solid days to get out there and clean them up. I'm not holding my breath....

Rain said...

Wonderful! Did you clean it all up before the photos or do they magically look so tidy like that? ;) The cold you keep them all summer because the lettuces don't like too much sun? I've read it but need confirmation!! Btw, my strawberry plants were mailed this morning! I'll have to get back to you about that soon...with all of my questions! :) Life is crazy busy here lately. The countdown...11 days to go. We're getting a little antsy! :)

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

I can't believe how much work I have this spring. I am so behind, but again, trying to to worry. My lettuce seeds are up, but not ready to go outside yet. Can't wait for a spring salad too.

Mama Pea said...

MrsDM - We are dry here, too, but no fires as you're experiencing. Fire (or even the threat of) is such a terrible thing. Here's hoping your area gets a good drenching of natural rain fall soon.

Susan - Yep, this last month's difference has really given me a boost! I'm betting your soil is a lot wetter than mine because of the copious amounts of snow you had. I think the dryness of our soil is the reason I haven't had eager green weeds popping up much. But much moisture will be needed before I start planting.

Rain - I've learned that if I take the time to weed and till my beds before putting them to bed for the winter, it makes it A LOT easier come spring time! I did that last fall so that's why the soil in the beds looks good now.

The name "cold frame" is sometimes confusing. I have them on the two beds now to help warm up the soil before I plant. They act like little greenhouses over the beds. Our spring/early summer up here is frequently so cool (cold?) that if I'm going to get anything in the ground before waiting until mid-June, I have to use the cold frames. I'll plant and then keep them on the beds until the weather moderates, but then take them off because they would make the growing conditions too warm for salad greens, radishes, etc. During August, to keep these same crops going and in good shape, I have covers of shade cloth to put over the beds to keep them cool! It's all knowing when to give them more warmth . . . and when to keep them from frying with too much sun!

But because our summer nights usually get so cool, I do keep cold frames on top of my peppers and cucumbers all summer long. I prop the lids up during the day so they don't get too hot with the sun, but shut them down at night to retain the heat. Make any sense?

I'll be waiting to hear about your strawberry plants!

Kristina - I find that come spring I ALWAYS feel like I'm behind! But you have a much longer growing season (and more heat!) than I do so I'm sure you've got plenty of time to plant and grow to maturity a whole bunch of goodness in your garden. Hang in there, kiddo. And try not to exhaust yourself getting it all done at once! (Yeah, easier said than done and I need to take that advice, too!)

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea! Yes, it makes perfect sense. Thank you so much for all of that information, I think that you and I have similar climates. It gets really chilly at night, the only really warm weeks we have are end of July and beginning of August. I'm starting to realize this is why I didn't have success with my cucumbers and peas last year. I planted them in the ground too late, and it was too cold at night. Thank you for letting me know about the cold frames, this is something I'll probably have to do in the future. Because as it is, I have to plant everything indoors first and then transfer them to containers in June. When we have our property I'm not going to want to wait till June to start planting!