Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Day Off

And it's just about wrecked me!  I feel more tired, beat-up and run over tonight than if I'd worked hard physically all day.

Yep, until yesterday, I have been working hard getting the garden in, weeds on yet bare ground under control, weed whipping, berry bushes pruned and ready for the season and related outside yard/garden projects.

All that and more until our full day of rain yesterday.

Even then I kept going non-stop all day catching up on repotting seedlings, household-y type chores I'd been neglecting, etc., etc. 

Papa Pea strongly suggested we take today off.  Seems he may have pulled a muscle or ligament or possibly damaged a tendon down by his ankle but has been gimping along on a very swollen ankle and foot for several days.  He finally made the decision this morning (his decision, not my suggestion about which I've been nagging him) to spend the day sitting with the swollen appendage up and resting.  Turns out it's been a good day for his idleness because it was cold and very gray this morning with rain starting again after lunch time.

All I did this morning was go to the library and make a quick stop (the devil made me do it) at a local nursery before coming home.

The rest of the day I've spent reading on the couch . . . which is something I never do during the day, even in the dead of winter.  Why, you may ask?  Because I immediately fall asleep when I'm not moving!  I do declare, I spent more time this afternoon dozing off and then jerking myself awake than I did reading.  Hubby tried to talk me into stretching out and taking a real nap, but I knew I would feel cwappy upon awakening.  (The few and far between times I've succumbed and napped during the day always brings the same yucky results.)

So I guess the moral of the story is the old saying, "It only hurts when I stop."

Sure hope the weather is good tomorrow so I can work hard again.  I'll feel much better.


Sandy Livesay said...

Mama Pea,

I totally understand how it's hard to read and sit still without nodding off. Your body is so used to going continuously. Nodding off, and waking constantly while sitting makes the body stressed and then you don't feel good. A nap is great if you can lay down, and sleep for 45 minutes or so. If you lay down and can't sleep then your in the same predicament as dosing in a chair.

I hope Papa Pea has rested his ankle and it's feeling better in the morning.


Goatldi said...

Well mercy girl we must be twins separated at birth! I don't nap unless I am really really really (yes three reallys) under the weather. I wake up cranky as heck, drooling and won't or can't bring myself to talk to anyone in a civil tone for at least an hour. I also find it totally messes with my nigh sleep pattern and I am wide awake at my usual bedtime. So not worth it in my book. Trust Papa Pea is getting on the mend. I am sure his intentions were good per getting you to rest.

Tracy said...

Same here! If I sit down to read I will dose off and I never nap now as I feel like rubbish. I have no time to anyway like you !

Pioneer Woman at Heart said...

It will be hot again here today, and no rain as I wanted. We may get some overnight, but I'm going back out again. I am back to exercising too. If I don't the bending down and kneeling and so forth causes me more pain. I feel ya'. I take a hoe where ever I go, just in case I can't get back up, ha ha ha!

Mama Pea said...

Sandy - Even if I do lie down and nap for 45 minutes, I wake feeling awwwwful. Guess my body rhythm just rebels at napping during the day!

Hubby's ankle is better this morning. Now if I can just convince him to take (at least) another day of sitting with it elevated! Wish me luck.

Mama Pea said...

Goatldi - Love your description of your post-nap demeanor! That's me to a "T"! Once knew a guy who ALWAYS took a 20 minute nap after lunch every day and woke with renewed (tons of) energy. Oh, if only that would work for us, eh?

Mama Pea said...

Tracy - I think that's why I felt so weary yesterday . . . my body completely fell apart because I wasn't using it! It's different today, I'm making sure. Just finishing up vacuuming. (How's that for fun?)

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - Thankfully, our rain just stopped and the sky is clearing. Yippee! Why can't we even out the rain so you could get some, too? I was really achey when I first started gardening this year, but after those first couple of days I only feel tired at the end of the day now. But it's a good tired! (Keep that hoe by your side. It's embarrassing when we have to crawl back into the house!) Hee-hee.

coffeeontheporchwithme said...

I am terrible at napping as well. The few times that I have purposefully gone to bed to have a nap, I spend all my time trying to nap. It's not restful. I have a friend who can tell herself she is just going to nap for 20 minutes, and she does, and awakes feeling refreshed. I have no idea how she does it! -Jenn

Mama Pea said...

Jenn - I think the secret to being able to nap is to clear your brain of everything. Sorta like meditating. Which is something I've never been able to do!

Rain said...

I hope Papa Pea feels better soon. I feel the same way, well, my BODY feels the same way, one day I stop and I feel every soreness in every crickety inch of me lol...I love and hate naps, I always feel cwappy after too lol...and I lose all motivation to do anything but try to keep napping, so I try my best not too! I save all of my reading mostly for the summer months when I can sit on the porch outside, otherwise, I fall to sleep too. I must have the devil in me too, I stopped by the nursery yesterday, eyeing the Aloe Vera plants...I need to research a little more before I buy one though! Of course, this, as a result of those 2 days of heat wave weather and a slight burn on my shoulders!