Monday, December 19, 2016

Pot Holder Winners!

I drew two names for the two sets of pot holders I offered as a holiday giveaway.

We had twenty-eight entries, but Wendy from the Netherlands kindly disqualified herself from the drawing because of postage hassles involved in getting the pot holders to her should her name be drawn.  So that left us with 27 entries.

(Little Homestead in Boise and fivegirls, your comments came in after the 9 p.m. cut-off time last night.   I'm sorry, fivegirls, as you said you entered earlier, but I never got your comment until the one after the deadline.) 

I numbered your names (1 - 27) as they came in and then put slips of paper with the numbers on them in a little bowl.  (I wanted to use Santa's hat but seems the jolly old gentleman is rather busy with last minute gift preparations and wasn't available to lend his help.)

The two numbers drawn were 17 and 22.  Heather Sebastian is #17 and Gin2Weave is #22.  Their choices worked out perfectly as Heather chose the farm scene pot holders while Gin2Weave had a preference for the traditional ones.

If you two winners will send me your mailing addresses, I'll be glad to get the pot holders in the mail to you asap.

Thanks to all of you who were interested in the giveaway and entered.  


Angela said...

Congrats to them and thank you for doing Mama Pea!

Sue said...

Ah, lucky folks! Congrats to them both. I'm sure they'll get many years of good use.
Hope your week is going well. Busy busy here, with bright sunshine. Where did that come from?

Michelle said...

Congrats to the winners and warm wishes to the generous Mama Pea! May you all have the merriest of Christmases this year!

Susan said...

Congratulations, girls! Those will certainly brighten up your kitchens! Mama Pea, you are the BEST!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the winners! Merry Christmas Mama Pea and Happy New Year!!

DDD said...

Thanks Mama Pea! You brighten up our Christmas winners or not with your very generous spirit!

Goatldi said...

Congrats ladies! Mama Pea thanks for the sweet diversion and Merry Christmas to one and all! 🎄

Sandy Livesay said...

Mama Pea,

Congratulations to Heather Sebastian #17 and Gin2Weave #22.

Gin2Weave said...

Mama Pea,

Yay! I'm excited to be a winner. Thank you so much. I will certainly enjoy and appreciate these pot holders!

mtnchild said...

Congratulations Ladies. Many, many years of good cooking and thoughts of Mama Pea, to whom we owe this chance to win. Thanks Mama Pea!