Friday, November 13, 2015

Weather and Housekeeping

(Could there be a more banal topic for a post??)

Too lazy to get out the vacuum yesterday morning, I was doing a quick sweep of the kitchen floor with broom and dust pan.  Since I was home alone with granddog, Tucker, I asked him how so much debris and so many dust bunnies can accumulate on a regular basis . . . to which he replied with a sneeze so large he banged his chin on the floor.

Truth to tell, our summer and fall seasons do seem to bring more dirt into the house than other times of the year.  We're in and out more during the "nice" weather and don't always change our footwear at the door.

In the winter, boots come off in the entry way and if anything does get tracked in, it's clean snow which melts into clean droplets.

However, when true winter time does arrive, it brings its own challenges . . . in the form of dust.  Wood burning dust.  No doubt about it, burning wood as your main source of heat is not as "clean" as other methods. 

I guess no matter the time of year, there's no escaping a certain amount of dust and dirt, grit and grime that an active household generates.

Laurie over at 111 LaLa Lane asked yesterday if we have been keeping warm.  She's in a more southern part of the country than we are up here in northern Minnesota.  In answer I have to say we've not been challenged by any really cold weather yet.  We've had an unusually warm fall and early winter.

Talking with the check-out clerk in our local co-op yesterday, he commented that his yard, garden, trees, and shrubbery have never looked so good.  Our pleasant weather has enabled him to continue to have one more day, one more day, one more day to work on those fall outside projects much later into the season than usual.

Having said that, this morning we have our first dusting of snow on the ground.  The above picture was taken at first light this morning.  It isn't more than a dusting and will undoubtedly disappear quickly.  With our overnight low only 34°, you know no real serious snow could make an appearance.

So, Laurie, to answer your question, we've had no problem keeping warm into this early winter season.  Plus, I've heard reports that our region of the country will have a warmer winter with less snow than we normally do.  Snow lovers that we are, we'll probably be bemoaning the lack of that snow, but on the other hand, our supply of dry wood in the sheds may still look pretty good come spring.  

We're scheduled to have a few "colder" days, including this weekend, but then back to our mild weather again.  Go figure.

So for a time yet, it seems the house (and the housekeeper) will get a reprieve from the winter wood heating dust.  The other debris and dust bunnies?  I'll just keep sweeping . . . and maybe even have to get out the vacuum cleaner one of these days. 


Dawn said...

Dog hair and muddy paw prints are my constant battles, we change our footwear at the door and try as I might to get the dog to wipe his feet he pays no attention and just walks through :-)

Anonymous said...

We got about 1.5 inches wet snow out this way--not the 2 to 4 inches predicted. The pup, who will be 1 year old next week, loves it. It is not his very first snow but he now knows that it is that sloppy fun time again. Oh, just great! At least we get some laughs from him. -M

DFW said...

We live on a dirt road & you wouldn't believe how much gets into the house, even when it's closed up. I hope you get at least a few heavy snowfalls so you can hunker down in the nice wood heated house!

Michelle said...

Yep, dog towels at every door and removing our shoes when we come in don't eliminate the dog hair, wood debris and ash . . . and the times my guys DON'T take off their shoes. :-( ("They're clean; I swear!) But "they" say we have fewer allergies with more dirt and pets!

Mama Pea said...

Dawn - Our daughter has taught our granddog to roll over on his back, four feet in the air when he's met at the door with a towel. That helps a lot!

Mama Pea said...

M - Good thing you can keep your sense of humor! I don't mind so much wet (clean) dog paws in the winter, but get really cranky with the mud!!

Mama Pea said...

DFW - Yes, there are some days I wish our whole property was covered in asphalt! (Just kidding. I think.) It will be interesting to see how much snow we do get this winter. A good covering is always good for insulating septic lines and such.

Mama Pea said...

Michelle - Ha! Yes, how many times have we heard, "They're clean; I swear!"? And then have to follow their trail with a mop.

The worst for me in the winter is when I have to clean the ashes out of the stove so often. I feel like fine ash filters through the whole house. Ish!

Laurie said...

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Well, I was just thinking that you were set for winter with all that wood. And now, it seems you may have left overs. I've heard also that you guys will have a warmer than usual winter and we may have more snow than usual. I'm so stoked! I would be in hog heaven with the snow you guys get. Hope you don't have to "bemoan" too much. HaHa! I am glad that you have been enjoying some milder temps, though. I keep forgetting that your cold weather and our cold weather are so different. We are expecting our first frost tonight at the lake. I love it! Take care and have a good weekend.

Laurie said...

So sorry for all that jibberish. I'm having technical difficulties.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Laurie - Gotta admit the "jibberish" threw me at first, but no problem.

The weather all over our country seems to be getting weirder all the time so I wouldn't be too surprised to see you get more snow than we do. (Oh gosh, please no!) :o]

Wendy said...

We (in the Netherlands) are having an unusual warm fall. Breaking records with the temperatures. Beginning this week it even was 15 C, that would be 60 F. Very strange. The wind however is there, as usual, living near the coast. I do hope we will get some snow this winter, had none last year ;-(.
If we do not get snow, I will just look at your pictures and drool, I will, however, clean my own feet entering the house when we do!

Mama Pea said...

Wendy - Your place near the coast must be beautiful. Does the big body of water temper the land enough so that you usually don't get the snow?

It's been my experience that the woman of the house (i.e., the one in charge of keeping it clean) usually is very good about making sure she has clean feet before entering the house! It's those other inhabitants (human and animal) that cause the trouble. ;o}

Wendy said...

We have moderate winters and summers. You always say you don't have spring in MS. We, however, could say we go from a looooong fall (loads of wind and rain) to a beautiful spring. I live in the mids of the flower-area (crocus, narcissus and then the tulips). Mid May its all gone and then we have dull looking fields around us.
Well it could be worse, you could have to live in a city!!!
And, in the summer, when we have a nice day, it is a 10 minute bike-ride to the dunes or a 20 minute bike-ride to the beach.

I have two sons and a husband. So only men in my house.Yes you can pity me ;-)

Mama Pea said...

Wendy - It's kinda pitiful how little I know of the geography and climate of different parts of our world. Thank you for taking the time to tell me a little about your area. I can hardly imagine how beautiful it must be to live in the flower area you do. We see pictures, but to see it all "out your window" must be awesome.

Keep trying to train those men in your household. I know it may feel like a losing battle, but every little bit less of dirt tracked in is a victory! ;o}

Unknown said...

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