Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Day Come and Gone

Boy, did my day ever go haywire!  Last night as I was about to flop into bed (this was around 8:15, and I know I was asleep way before 9 p.m.), I promised myself that first thing this morning I'd get dressed, make my morning latte, bring it back here to my desk and tackle the mess that is covering the surface.  I needed to pay some bills, order some supplements and answer some long overdue e-mails as a first priority.  

Never happened.  

The only desk business I got accomplished was doing a three-way conversation with my husband and three different companies trying to figure out how (and if) we could get our lovely living room wall clock with the chimes to . . . well, chime again.  It still keeps perfect time but no longer chimes.  Did we manage to get the problem resolved?  Yes, with (we have been assured) the installation of a new movement that we can order and then put in ourselves.  (Better than sending the whole clock back to the factory.)  Love those chimes, but am just not sure I want to pay the money to have them made operational again.  (When we asked what the life expectancy of a new movement would be we were told by the three different companies "two years," "eight to ten years," and "somewhere between ten and twenty."  (Exasperating?  Nah, not much.  Sigh.)  

A delightful happening which kept me away from my good intentions of the day was a visit from our daughter and the two darling, adorable, nearly 13 month old twins she cares for during the day.  They are both walking (like two little wind-up toys) and I find them so fascinating to observe.  I swear you can see the little wheels in their little noggins turning and storing away data while they observe, explore, interact and experiment.  Also, I find being able to watch twins so very interesting.  They are beginning to interact with and mimic each other and I can't help but think they are and will continue to be advancing a little faster than a single child would with no one else around of the same capabilities and age.  Call it bragging if you want, but my daughter is an amazing caregiver for these two little urchins.  She makes everything fun, even changing a very messy diaper, along with ensuring so many of their daily activities are pleasant learning experiences for them.

So, heck.  Who would rather have spent time paying bills and tapping on computer keys than rolling a ball back and forth with a smiley wee little guy and gal?  I know which one I'd pick.  Any day.

Oh, and one last thing.  I got a lovely Advent Calendar at the end of November made by Chicken Mama (aka our daughter).  

I had to promise not to blog about it until other special people in her life received theirs, too.  I wish I'd thought to photograph it before I started opening the little doors.  I tried to fold them shut so you could get the full effect, but that didn't work very well.

Across the top it says, "Chicken Mama's 2014 Advent Calendar."  The bottom lettering reads, "May Christmas bring you everything that you are wishing for!"

I wish the little windows had hinges on them so I could reuse it year after year.  Maybe if I'm a good girl, I'll get a new one next year.  Ya think?


Leigh said...

The advent calendars are wonderful! Tell Chicken Mama that's a great gift idea. Your clock story reminded me of our own, non-working cuckoo clock. It hangs on the wall in the living room and about once a month Dan comments that we need to get if fixed. That's been going on for about 20 years. :)

Unknown said...

Surely this is a site well worth seeing.

Kristina said...

That calendar is so nice, What a blessing that is. Growing up, Mom had a cat clock in our kitchen. the tail would wag and the eyes would move too. Ah, memories.

Mama Pea said...

Leigh - Yes, I think her Advent Calendars could/should be a yearly gift. I know I'd look forward to it.

Hubby just asked me a few minutes ago what I'd decided I wanted to do regarding our chimeless clock. I told him I haven't made a decision yet. (Oy, if only money weren't an issue in so many decisions!)

Mama Pea said...

Jerry E. Beuterbaugh - Thank you!

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - Oh yes, I well remember those "cat" clocks that were so popular years back. I think they fascinated little kids!

Lisa said...

You made the right choice - playing with those children rather than not, for any reason! What a lovely Advent Calendar! Can't imagine the time it must've taken her to cut all the little doors. Funny about the chiming clock.... we purchased a chiming clock to commemorate our wedding anniversary this past year, and had to turn the chimes 'off' as we could not seem to get used to them! P.S. Your new header is beautiful.

Mama Pea said...

Thanks, Lisa! My new blog header photo is another photograph by my daughter.

Initially, I never thought my husband would even agree to getting this clock that chimed because the older one we had had a tick-tick-tick so loud that bothered him. These chimes are so mellow (can chimes be mellow?), soft and lovely (well, they were prior to stopping) that he likes them and is the one pushing to get the clock repaired. Bummer that the chimes on your anniversary clock are objectionable. Maybe try them again sometime?

odiie said...

I do like chiming clocks. Ours is out of synch. The chimes go off at unexpected moments so our clock is currently a wall decoration only.
Do you get to play with the twins very often? What a blessing. Does put things in perspective.
Blessings to you,
From Glory Farm

Mama Pea said...

odiie - Our clock has instructions on the back as to how to "reset" the chimes if they go off at the wrong time. Maybe yours does, too . . . ?

I do help out our daughter with all three kiddlies when she asks (which isn't very often as she does a great job of handling them in just about all circumstances), and am always happy when she stops here for a visit. When the twins were just starting to sit up on their own, I would go help when she put them both in the big bathtub. What fun! They both LOVE the time in the tub . . . the little guy even thinks it's fun to put his face all the way in the water. Now Big Sister (just turned 5) asks to take a bath with them, too. (Oh, my.) Daughter does grocery shopping for the family during the day when she has the kids so I help with that. A mom with twins (and perhaps other little ones) would sure have to learn how to juggle everything!

Sandy Livesay said...

Mama Pea,

Love advent calendars :-)

Always when making plans to sit down at my desk to write bills, answer e-mails, balance check book, or just do anything administrative ends up being put on the back burner until other chores are finished. Then I have to once again get myself motivated to walk back to my desk once again.

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I would choose the adorable twins too! I miss having Jack's bubbly personality here to liven my days :) Love the advent calendar!


Mama Pea said...

Don't know about you, Sandy, but the longer I put off those "administrative" duties, the harder it becomes to tackle them! I can always find something more interesting to do than paper work!

Mama Pea said...

Yep, when the little ones are at that adorable age (not talking back yet . . . ha!) you just have to smile at most everything they do. I do understand that it must seem very quiet around your house right now. Enjoy the solitude for doing exactly what you want, because no one knows how much circumstances can change lickety-split!