Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Can Rattle on a Long Time About Nothing

Whadda day!  Yesterday we worked on wood all morning and got a big bunch done.  A quick soup lunch and back out to finish up the last we wanted to get split and in the wood shed.

Then Papa Pea cleaned up the flack from our splitting efforts and limbed a tree we took down on Monday.

Our wood working area in the back is smack up again heavy woods on rapidly rising ground and there was a really tall dead poplar tree leaning toward our work area.  Hubby refused to do any wood working back there until we took the tree down.  He explained that if the tree fell on him, I'd have to work up all the wood by myself.  Hmm, made sense.  We took the tree down.

While he was occupied with clean-up, I used my time to split the last four bundles of slabwood (for kindling) we had left over from last fall when I filled the kindling bin.  I'll need plenty more before the bin is full again but the bundles were stored in the small wood shed that we're filling with wood so I wanted to get them out of there.

Next we tackled the lawn mowing.  That's a job I can't say either of us love.  We simply have too dang much lawn to mow.  But before you conjure up a picture of a manicured, green lushness of Kentucky Bluegrass, let me explain that our "lawn" is primarily green weeds we (try to) keep mowed.  This lawn (aka weeds with a crewcut) goes around the blueberries, around the raspberries, around the fruit trees, around the raised beds, around the field garden, around the pumpkin patch . . . you get the idea.  No great expanse that you can easily mow in neat rows.  It involves lots of ins and outs, pushes and pulls, back and forths.  Finding a way of eliminating these areas that need to be mowed has been a topic of discussion in our house for a few years.  We both agree we want to do away with as much of it as we can, we just haven't figured out how to do it.

Anywho, we attacked the lawn mowing with two mowers (both mechanical and human) and got it done in a few couple hours.  We squeak by mowing only every 10-14 days, so now we don't have to think about that for a while.  (By the way, why can't a freshly mowed yard stay looking freshly mowed for more than a day?)

My potatoes.  I was really stressing about my potatoes.  About them failing to poke through the soil to see the light of day.  Supposedly, most taters will sprout within 8-12 days.  Yesterday was Day #12 for mine and during my early morning garden stroll, I saw nary a one.  But hallelujah, right before I started mowing in the afternoon, I counted six of the little buggers showing.  Phew!  I was not looking forward to having to replant them.

We had Stuffed Green Peppers and corn for dinner last night.  (I had to figure out a way to get a picture into this wordy post, didn't I?)  The stuffed peppers are one of my "convenience" foods from the freezer and last night I needed convenience.  

For dessert, a little piece of Rhubarb Cream Pie.  (Gosh, that piece looks HUGE in the picture, doesn't it?  Well . . . maybe it wasn't so little.)  What did you have for dinner?


Kristina said...

Ha, I have leftover grilled chicken and asparagus. I was too tired to cook, and forgot to thaw my organic tenderloin. It's going in the crock pot this morning.

Kathy said...

We wanted an easy meal, too. Scrambled eggs and toast was it.

Kelly said...

Subway, we were out late last night. Tonight is backyard chicken cooked in a crockpot and not sure what I will do with it once it's cooked maybe bbq sandwiches, I don't know. I will figure it out later :))))
My potatoes were slow to come up this year. I was biting my nails about it. Now I just worry that all this rain is going to ruin them :/ We will see soon enough, they are about ready for harvest.

Susan said...

I am going to have to make stuffed peppers and freeze them - that looks so good! Dinner was steamed asparagus and reheated leftover grassfed beef patty.

Unknown said...

Mowing is no fun. We eliminated some of our turf by covering with cardboard (or black plastic) killed it and turned it into beds. Or you could kill it and cover with bark dust? I had leftover barbequed ribs, potato salad, green salad and haystack cookies for dinner/dessert.

DFW said...

That pie looks delicious. It's good to hear about your activities again. Very encouraging to us slackers.

Mama Pea said...

Kristina - Fresh asparagus . . . mmmm, good! In the summer time, being too tired to cook at night happens to me a lot. I find that if I think of a meal and get it halfway ready/planned out in the morning I'm a lot better off. :o)

Mama Pea said...

Kathy - With our abundant supply of fresh eggs, we often have them for dinner. (Sometimes when we've had them for breakfast, too!)

Mama Pea said...

Kelly - That just seems so strange to me that here I am watching my potatoes just barely show through the soil and you are ready to harvest yours! Are you able to keep them to use all winter? And how do you do it?

Mama Pea said...

Oh, Susan, that would be such a good meal for you. Veggie, rice, and meat all in one. Take a half or two out of the freezer in the morning and bake for 1/2 hour when you get home at night.

Mama Pea said...

Nancy po - Yes, we've thought of doing that with our "grass" but there is so much of it. Just the pathways around and in between the 26 raised beds would be a challenge to do. But yours is a good idea.

Your dinner sounds absolutely dee-lish! Got any left? ;o}

Mama Pea said...

DFW - Slacker? SLACKER?! You are NOT a slacker!!!!

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