Saturday, January 21, 2012

Building Strong Fingers And Wrists

I'm making another crocheted rag rug like the one I made a year ago.

This is the first one I made and it has held up to lots of wear and tear and washings with no problem at all. Here it's pictured on the (still) plywood floor of our to-be living room. It's heavy enough to lay nice and flat and yet washes well.

So here's the progress so far on the new one. I'm using more of an assortment of colors to create a rug that will be a little brighter and cheerier in color. I don't have one whole round of the red color on yet and I'm now wondering if I should have added it sooner. Don't worry, I am NOT going to tear any of the work out to add the red in sooner. (What, you think I'm crazy? It's a rag rug, for heaven's sake.) I'm just pushing along hoping it will look better when I get another band of a red added later on.

I'm using strips of fabric that are cut 1-1/2" wide.

I've taken the time to press the strips in half which makes the crocheting go better for me.

A rug like this takes a tremendous amount of fabric and I sure wouldn't go out and buy new fabric for this project . . . because I couldn't afford to! But I have a lot of fabric that was born around the 1980s that I'm glad to use up, so this is turning out to be a good place for the 30 year old fabric. I'm shooting for a size of approximately 2' x 3'. We'll see how close to that I actually come before my right hand fingers and wrist fall off.

As an aside, dear readers, I still can't comment on several of your blogs. I actually think I'm having trouble on more of them than ever. It's so frustrating. I've implemented all the tips and suggestions but the problem is still definitely there. I feel like I'm banging on your comment doors and no one will let me in. So don't think I'm not reading your wonderful posts. I am, but just can't comment. So come on, Blogger, this problem seems to be widespread and has been going on for a while now. Let's get fixed what's broken!


Sylvia said...

I love rag rugs! I had one that had been in the family for years but finally it got so ratty that I did have to get rid of it. Yours are lovely and colorful.

Anonymous said...

Mama Pea, I love those rugs! I have an interest in making rugs for our home--I *hope* to weave some, braid some, and crochet some! (haha--yes, I will need lots of time for this!)

Your rugs are simply beautiful. :o) A very nice job!!

Tombstone Livestock said...

Your rugs look great. Almost enough to make me want to start another project.

Some blogs comment sections are different, this one popped up in front of your blog, a lot of mine come up behind the blog and I keep hitting comment button then remember to move blog over and look behind it.

Patty said...

Beautiful rug, and I'm sure it will look great with the red. I'm getting ready to make one of those too! It takes a while to gather (scrounge) all the fabric needed though.
And, yes, blogger. Please fix it!

Carolyn said...

Uhm, if it's not too much of a P.I.T.A., would you mind doing an "Iddiot's Guide to Crocheting Rag Rugs" one day? I LOVE rag rugs, and yours look beautiful, but have never made one....and would like to.

Sue said...

Another talent.
I am constantly amazed. No wonder I didn't get any---you hogged it all!

I FINALLY downloaded Google Chrome and THAT seems to have solved the problem. Didn't want to do it, but when it won't even let me comment on my OWN blog---ridiculous!

Tom Stewart said...

As A guy, I have to admit that I really like the Rag Rugs! And yours look great! I wish I could do them!
In referance to not being able to comment on posts, how about this? Write a post of just comments!? You could list the date of the post or title and comment! I know that I enjoy your comments on my posts and miss not getting them. Just a though!

Mama Pea said...

Sylvia - Thank you! Someday I'd love to learn how to make true braided rugs. (Ah, time . . . wherefore art thou!)

P.S. Yours is one of the blogs I can't comment on . . . WAAAAAH!

Mooberry Farmwife - Thanks! You are such an ambitious lady! How do you do it with the house full of kiddlies which seems to me would be a full-time job in itself!

Tombstone Livestock - I guess it's up to us to keep trying to work out the problems Blogger is throwing at us ourselves!

Patty - Jane over at Hard Work Homestead made a rug (or maybe more!) like this using strips of t-shirt type material. I wonder if you could come up with enough t-shirts at our recycling store for a rug?

Carolyn Renee - I'd be glad to, m'dear! I've put a note on my monitor to remember to do that!

Sue - Doesn't take much talent at all, my friend, I promise. I can do things like that but ask me to do anything out of the ordinary on the computer and I immediately turn white and pass out.

Keeping my fingers crossed that Google Chrome does the trick!

Stephanie said...

My hand is feeling a bit the same with the rug I am working on. Yours is gorgeous! I haven't tried a rag rug yet but hope to:)

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Do you have problems at mine too, even though it's Wordpress? (or shall I take a hint??!)

Beautiful rug - I may have to start making those coil bowls I've planned for ages and ages...

Dirt Lover said...

Beautiful rug! Great idea for using up the old fabric that has just been sitting there. You inspire me!!
PS Hope your comment problems get figured out soon. Kinda like having duct tape on your mouth with lots to say.

Karen L. said...

Well no wonder there are no new posts on your quilt blog! Now I feel guilty for pestering you about that. Sheesh, it's not like you are sitting around watching TV and eating bonbons all day. (You aren't right?) So sorry for the pushing and shoving that I have been doing. Love the rug by the way. Does it not slip/slide on the floors or do you put one of those non-slip rug thingies under it? I was going to make one of these out of selvedges but when we moved 6 or 7 years ago, I lost my bag of them so need to start saving up again.

Mama Pea said...

Stephanie - I have a feeling your rug is going to have about the same texture and wearability as mine. I'm eager to see it finished. (Heck, I'm eager to see mine finished, too.)

Jen - No! I haven't had any problems with your comments . . . keeping fingers crossed.

I've seen the same technique as in the coiled bowls used to make a tote bag and that has always intrigued me.

Lori - Thank you so much! Ya, these Blogger problems are a pain in the butt for many! *&$%^#!

Karen L. - No, no, no, no apologies necessary. Okay, confession time. I am so afraid that if I start with posts on my quilting blog again, I won't be able to keep up with any consistency. And that has been what has stopped me. I know this is supposed to be the slow time of year and I know we've put the remodeling on hold for a couple of months but I just CANNOT find enough hours in the day to do what I feel I must do and then find time to give to my quilting. It's been a real dilemma because I feel so good when I quilt! Doesn't make much sense, does it? I am still struggling but hope to figure something out soon. I don't mind you teasing/pushing me ONE LITTLE BIT!

So far, I've only used the rug I already made on a plywood floor so no problem with it slipping there. I do have some store-bought rugs that I have put the non-skid rubber stuff on the back so I could do that if necessary.

Mama Pea said...

Tom Stewart - I might have to consider your idea.

I just a few minutes ago went to your comment section . . . and was able to comment. Arrrgh. Not arrrgh that I was able to comment, but arrrgh why can't I all the time? I suppose if I wasn't so computer-challenged I could figure this out . . . or maybe not.

Amy Dingmann said...

Oh goodness, I just realized what I can do with that giant vat of vintage fabric that's sitting in my basement. Thanks MamaPea! Your rugs look GREAT!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Your quilt blogs would sing with mostly pictures :)

Akannie said...

Beautiful beautiful rugs, Mama Pea !!

Remind me of one a cousin made for me eons was for my back door and was crocheted from plastic bread bags. It lasted about 15 years!!

I can't crochet yet--maybe this year I learn! ? !

Sharon said...

I love this! Our local thrift store has sheets for $1 or $2 and I've hesitated to buy them because I really don't need anymore projects in waiting. Now I have a reason! I would love too if you would do a tutorial on how you create your rag rugs. They are really beautiful!

Mama Pea said...

Mama Tea - Absolutely! You go, Girl! And don't forget to blog about your rugs, please!

Jen - They would have to be pictures of "old" things I've done 'cause I sure ain't managing to do anything new! :o(

Akannie - I remember hearing about those bread wrapper rugs years ago but never saw one. This rug requires only one basic crochet stitch, the single crochet (well, a chain stitch - which is even simpler - to start with) which you could learn in no time flat. Do give it a go, okay?

Sharon - For you and Carolyn Renee (or anybody else who is interested) I'll be glad to do a tutorial. Getting "free" fabric for this project makes it a MUST to do! You'd get a whole lotta mileage out of a sheet.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Oooooo..Ahhhhhh. It looks really good so far.

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Thank you! I've got a second round of the red on now and I like the way it's looking better than I did at first.

How are the one(s) you made holding up?

Cat Eye Cottage said...

I've been having the same problem with commenting on a few blogs. I love your rag rug! It's so homey.

Patty said...

My aunt also made one out of t-shirts. I am planning on doing just that. Going to look on Tuesday. I really like the look of yours though, with the calico type fabrics in it. It's more authentic looking. :)

Mama Pea said...

The Weekend Homesteader - I couldn't receive a greater compliment than someone saying something in my home is "homey!" Thank you.

This Blogger thing is driving me bonkers!

Patty - Please remember to put your rug project on your blog. Would love to see it.

Erin said...

ANOTHER rag rug, I still haven't gotten over the first, it was awesome! I have quite a stash starting to build up but am not looking forward to all the prep on it, are you tying them or sewing those strips to make a rag ball first? Looks like a lot of hard work for your fingers but the result is beautiful!

I also heard this morning that if you install and go to Google Chrome as a browser it will solve the blogger problems.... might be worth a try!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - I'm sewing the strips together with a 1/4" seam. I like that lots better than tying them. And I think it goes faster. I kinda like the prep work. Boring, maybe, but my mind can always find something to think about when doing boring things! Or I listen to an audio book.

Sue suggested installing Google Chrome also but I've had such awful bad terrible luck whenever I install anything new on my computer, it seems to make something else go haywire every time. So I'm a little scared at this point to try that.