Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tried To Get To It, But Didn't

Many of you have asked what is left to be done in the kitchen to have the remodeling completed. I wanted to take you on a pictorial tour with explanations (which would help me get it together also), but just couldn't get it done today.

I slept a little late because my OFF switch suddenly flipped to ON at 3:14 this morning, and I couldn't get back to sleep until almost 5. If I could have mustered up the energy, I should have gotten up then and gotten a running start on the day. Instead, I finally drifted back to sleep and didn't wake until 7:20. Arrrrgh, talk about feeling behind the whole day!

Spending most of the morning (what there was remaining of it) at my desk, and was (lo and behold!) able to find the bottom of the stacks of accumulated jetsam and flotsam . . . and the top of my desk which I hadn't seen for over two weeks.

Not great, but lots better than it was.

Then I did some financial work (situation wasn't as bad as I had thought . . . how did that happen?) and got ready to head out to town to run some long overdue errands.

Picked up Chicken Mama at her office in town at 4 and we went up to the farm together to get milk products which we both needed.

Back home to concoct pretend pizzas on tortillas (hey, we think they're good) for dinner. Did a gargantuan heap of dishes and now need to get ready for bed so I can get up at a decent time in the morning instead of being such a slug-a-bed.

I'm going to attack the start of the final (ha, wanna bet?) organization of the kitchen tomorrow. One of the first areas is the new shelf arrangement for my cookbooks. They've been living in our bedroom . . .

. . . for too long now and need to be subjected to a ruthless sorting out before going on their new shelves. Stand by for some possible give-a-ways of ones I decide I must part with. I have close to 200 of them (I know, I know) and it's been years since I've sat down and sorted them into ones I really can't live without and ones I rarely use anymore.

BUT, if it should maybe possibly be a breezy, sunny day (which is NOT forecast until next Monday --- yeesh!), I will throw open windows and paint kitchen cabinets and then go outside to polyurethane cabinet doors. One way or the other, it's gonna be a busy, productive day.


dr momi said...

Sleep well tonight!

Carolyn said...

Gonna share what your pretend pizzas are?

Oh, by the way, you REALLY need to check out my blog post today because I'm giving away a.....
COOKBOOK! And I only nag you to do this because it just looks like you NEED another cookbook in your bedroom!

Patty said...

Sleep well, Mama Pea! Can't wait for pictures.

Anonymous said...

How ever you spend it, I am sure you will get stuff done. You have more energy than most people I know lol. Looking forward to pictures:)

LindaCO said...

200?! Yowza.

Sparkless said...

You call 7:20am being a slug?!! I have tons of cook books and I don't even cook! LOL! I really need to get rid of most of them because now you can pretty much find any recipe online so you don't need a huge number of cook books cluttering up your house.
I hope it's a sunny breezy day tomorrow and you sleep wonderfully tonight to wake up refreshed in the morning.

Leigh said...

It always seems to be the end of a project that takes the longest. I can't even imagine being at that point, but I think I've figured out where I'm going to put my cookbooks. :)

judy said...

I hate that when it happens like now!!and I'd already been laying there since 2:00 am-so what am I gonna do to keep me awake till 6;00am-I have to call for Jerry's ride at exactly that time -4 days in advance or we might be put on stand by.My pretend pizza's are these big flat loaves I get at the bread -outlet [ a little different than most] bread isn't evan packaged yet----2 for $1.00-cut each in split-makes 4 pizzas plus topping of coarse-good night,or good morning

Mama Pea said...

dr momi - Hahaha! I spent most of the night dreaming about all that still needs to be done (in and out) before nasty weather hits! (What is it they say about no rest for the wicked??)

Carolyn Renee - I just put whatever pizza toppings we have/want on a tortilla and shove in the oven. It's my form of a convenience food! (I keep the tortillas frozen in the freezer.)

You don't know the restraint I used to keep from entering your give-a-way for the cookbook!

Patty - Pictures today, hopefully!

Stephanie - Haven't had my morning latte yet . . . hoping that will joggle my energy button today!

LindaCO - Yeah, I suppose I shouldn't have admitted that, eh?

Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - For sure, plenty of great recipes on line but there's nothing like holding a cookbook in your hands if you read them cover to cover as I do! :o]

Leigh - My shelves for my cookbooks doesn't "feel" quite right in my mind, but if I want to keep them in the kitchen, it's the only option. It will probably be just fine. I hope. I think. Maybe. ;o]

judy - You have SO much more on your mind than I do that I'm surprised you can get any really good sleep at all! All of us out here in blogland are amazed by all you do! Keep remembering our support being sent your way. Hugs.

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

They call it "thin crust' pizza and it is gourmet! Never put down a pizza my dear ;)

Mama Pea said...

Jane - Ha! The first time our daughter tasted my "thin crust gourmet" pizza, she said, "Well, that must be THE ULTIMATE in thin crust pizza." (I don't think she was impressed.) I know there are junky pizzas out there but ours (I'm including yours) made at home with lots of fresh veggies . . . I mean what can be wrong with that??

mtnchild said...

If I can roll out of bed by 7 I feel lucky! But I'm usually up until 11 or so. I have maybe 8 cookbooks and a few cooking magazines that I have no idea where they came from. My old standby is always the Better Homes and Garden red checked cover one from the 70's I think ... LOL.

If I find a recipe online that I like, I put it in the binder I have for household stuff - like soap recipes and dog cookies.

I'm really looking forward to pictures of the kitchen finally coming together, and I want to see one of you and PapaPea dancing in the big new space!

Erin said...

Hey, people think there is a "certain way" to make pizza - hogwash! Over in Greece, Italy, Morocco, etc you should see all the different varieties of pizza like pies and flatbreads, all authentic, all good, so knock yourself out! I wish you good weather this weekend so you can really knock out that kitchen!

Susan said...

Bring out the wet noodle - forty lashes. Kidding. Those pesky paperwork things. Why is it that no one pays the bills while you're toiling away? I had a total of 350 cookbooks some years ago - gave half away and still have 200. How did that happen? I have such a hard time parting with them. Glad things are moving along. Hope your "on" switch gets stuck on "off" tonight.

Mama Pea said...

Yvette - I have the same red checked BH&G cookbook you do!

Ha! A couple of people made the suggestion that we should have a dance on the new kitchen floor before hauling everything back in there!

Erin - A very gray day today but no rain. Not good for painting or polying but we managed to find things to keep us busy all day!

Susan - We all really need help, don't we? Someone to do the move ahead projects, someone to do the paperwork, someone to do the cooking and cleaning, someone to do the outside chores, etc., etc. What are the chances of that happening? Yeah, that's what I thought!