Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, Day of Rest

Maybe not total rest, but rest from the remodeling. We both took today to do some catch-up things that have been falling by the wayside while we've pushed on the remodeling.

Tonight we "got out of Dodge" by driving 30 miles up into the woods to a favorite restaurant for their Friday night all-you-can-eat fish fry. As delicious as the fish always is we can never make it through the first ample helping. We were hoping (as always) to see moose on the drive, but a fox in two different locations comprised all the wildlife out and about tonight.

At the restaurant we ran into a couple we haven't talked with for a few years. They raised their two kids way the heck out in the boonies under "rustic" conditions in much the same way our daughter was raised. We were talking about the "kids" (now all grown and out on their own) and how they've all become strong, hard-working, know-what-they-want adults. We were wondering if being raised without all the amenities and material possessions contributed in some way to their individually strong personalities and ability to "make it" while choosing to walk the less traveled paths. Interesting concept.

No segue . . .

Our blueberry and raspberry crops are starting to wind down. I've been keeping track of how many quarts of each I've frozen this year and just now tallied them up.

We currently have 14 quarts of raspberries and 7-1/2 quarts of blueberries in the freezer. Dang, I thought we had more blueberries. Methinks we've been eating too many of them fresh (not possible) or . . .

. . . they have been finding their way into confections such as this pie I made this afternoon. I haven't kept track of the berries we've given away, but I probably should have as these may number more than I think. I'd surely have a much more accurate tally if I knew the total of all berries picked. Oh, well. Next year I'll do better on that score.

Suddenly I'm v-e-r-y tired and know a busy day is on the schedule for tomorrow so I'll wrap this up and call it a night.

Thinking of all of you on the East Coast and truly hoping Hurricane Irene veers out to sea causing little damage on land.


Erin said...

Sorry there's no chance of "little damage" here LOL she's going to be a doozy! So glad you had a nice evening out, you deserve it after all the work you've been putting in at the house. First outer bands of rain just started up here, ugh, here we go....! I'm headed to sleep since I have a feeling there won't be any tomorrow night here.

Sue said...

The berries look wonderful-all tucked in for winter. I'm sure envious of all your blueberries and hope I'm not such a dumba#$ next year and just cover them. LOL! I must have 10 notes scattered about for myself on that order.
Glad you got some WELL-DESERVED rest.
(my word verification is pshboozo--a hint??) LOL

Anonymous said...

So glad you got a break from the remodel...sometimes that's all it takes to look at it with fresh eyes and energy:).
I think you are right about being raised differently. My parents raised us on a small farm, before cable. We had to haul water, use an outhouse, etc. It made me a different person than most of my friends. I see things differently than most people I know.
The berries and that desert look delish! Don't know how you find the time with the remodel:)

Chicken Mama said...

Mom, I'm curious to find out who the couple was that you ran into . . . unless it's Nana & Papa . . . but I think you would have said that. Maybe D & MJ, back for a visit? I'll call later today! xox

The Apple Pie Gal said...

A nice break is exactly what's needed sometimes to get the body back in order! Good for you's!

Jane @ Hard Work Homestead said...

Yea for the break, and I really want those dividers you have in your freezers. So jealous.

Susan said...

I need some of that pie RIGHT NOW. How do you find time to bake in all that remodeling?

Marty said...

That pie looks incredible. How about another one in about 2 weeks!!!

Mama Pea said...

Erin - We've been watching the weather channel to try and tell how things are going by you. You're a better (wo)man than I am to stay so calm in the face of such weather.

Sue - We have maybe two more pickings of the blueberries. I put some in an envelope and sent them to you this afternoon. Hope they arrive in good shape. (Tee-hee!)

Word Verification "pshboozo?" What you callin' me??

Stephanie - We were just talking tonight with some friends (who lived in a tent while they built their house) about the fact that many people would curl up and die if they had to haul water, use an outhouse, etc. Don't you feel good knowing you could manage under those circumstances?

APG - The meal out sure was a treat, I know that!

Jane - Those dividers in the freezer make it SO much more usable! Love 'em.

Susan - Well, you can only make that pie with fresh blueberries so knowing the season is coming to an end, I just had to make it one more time this season!

Marty - Uh-oh. The fresh blueberries may be done by then. Sorry.

Sparkless said...

Glad to hear you got a break from the renovation. That pie looks yummy! I need to plant more blueberry bushes and some raspberry bushes. I want to pack my freezer with berries!

Leigh said...

Woo hoo, after 2 weeks, my computer's back online!

I've just had so much fun going back through your kitchen remodeling posts. I love getting glimpses of how pretty your kitchen is going to be and of how much progress you've made. And you're still managing to preserve berries! The rest is much deserved.

judy said...


Mama Pea said...

Sparkless - Once berries are established, they really give you a lot for your efforts. I'm not a good wild berry picker at all, so really appreciate having strawberries, blueberries and raspberries right in my own yard.

Leigh - YOUR remodeling job is the one that I find inspiring, well planned out and beautiful!

The perennial berries appear each year regardless of whether it be deemed a non-gardening year or not. I'd never be able to let them go unattended or harvested!

judy - I plan on canning a lot of the raspberries later this fall.

Yes, real tragedy regarding the deaths from Hurricane Irene. Hope the worst of it is over now.